On Byline Times:Brexit – Two time zones next for Ireland

The end of summer time is about to cause new divisions across Ireland as the UK opts out and the Republic of Ireland is expect to have to opt in to a new European Commission directive Pic Credit: Articular/ Freepik

I have done a story today on Byline Times on an issue that will further divide the communities in Ireland – proposed changes by the European Commission to cease putting the clocks forward and back every year. It is coming to a head just as the UK is close to leaving the European Union. You can read it here.

One thought on “On Byline Times:Brexit – Two time zones next for Ireland

  1. Well, no wonder we want to leave a “club” that appears to make life as difficult as possible for any country that decides it wishes to leave by throwing yet another spanner in the works at such a crucial time. In my opinion the EU just want to make things as awkward as possible so that it “scares” any other country from following suit.


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