On Byline Times: Gove’s failed university technical colleges cost taxpayers £800m

Michael Gove’s legacy:The now closed Black Country University Technical College in Walsall.Pic credit: BBC

Another day. Another taxpayer disaster for the Conservatives. This time it is the National Audit Office reporting on the full cost of Michael Gove’s failed vocational education initiative which cost taxpayers £800m and left a trail of brand new closed colleges. Read the horrendous details of this latest scandal on Byline Times here.

Michael Gove who admits his scheme has been a failure. pic credit:BBC

6 thoughts on “On Byline Times: Gove’s failed university technical colleges cost taxpayers £800m

  1. He should be fired immediately. If he was in private firm he be dismissed within the month

    What is wrong with British Voting Public. Come out and vote to remove these bigxts from parliament.

    Do not vote Labour, Conservative, Lib-Dems, Greens. Let’s vote any independent party person to create a hung parliament and fire all the MP from parliament who squabbled and wasted TAXPAYERS MONEY as they get paid lots money each time they sit at nights plus hotels plus taxi plus food…


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  2. Disgraceful waste of our money and even more will be wasted now a G.ELECTION as finally been called. had an email from BJ asking for a donation to help towards the costs of it. Well the toffs are not getting a penny when they have done nothing and still doing nothing to help the 50s ladies that have have been robbed of their pensions the amount of money they have wasted so far would have helped to pay us them instead of making us work an extra 6/7 years longer. Its ridiculous that AUSTERITY MEASURES obviously have never been in infflicted on goverment spending…. well keep begging Boris as you have kept my pension I have nothing spare to donate. and no doubt they will be loads of false promises made during the election campaigns I will be doing my home work/ research and thinking very carefully who I will be voting for as I dont want to waste my vote by not using it. I ask all the 50s ladies to think and use their votes wisely and try not to fall for the fake promises that all parties will no doubt make during their so called campaigns. at least Robin hood robbed the rich to pay the poor not the other way around rob the poor to waste millions / billions on projects that never were going to work. And the amount that was going to be spent on HSE 2 another vast waste in the making is very worrying indeed when that money should be spent on improving what we have already got if those funds are available and not going to be added to the national debt. I could go on but dont want to bore anyone. Will any of these parties make a pledge to listen to their people who put them in power I very much doubt it if Brexit is anything to go by…… so I will not be donating to any of them only my vote to who I decide is worth the X on the paper.


  3. All of the polititions are corrupt,all out to line there own nests,steal off pensioners,the sick and the needy, How do they get away with it,stop the world I want to get off,it’s gone mad

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  4. I am a 50’s woman who retired in December 2018 after doing a 5 year sentence for good behaviour, if I could have retired at 60, I would have worked 45 years in full time employment.
    I worked the extra 5 years which enabled the government to steal approximately £48,000 from me, now we are discovering that this conservative government is wasting hard earned tax payers money left right front and centre.
    50’s women stand up and be counted before and on the 12th December they are all a bunch of theifing liars the money the have wasted could have paid our pension’s over and over again.
    They are a disgrace and should be fired and forced to pay for their immeasurable arrogant behaviour.


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