Exclusive on Byline Times: MPs £8.4m second jobs and how Boris Johnson made a £1m in the last Parliament

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn at the state opening of Parliament. Boris Johnson made £1m including £800,000 from second jobs and speeches, Jeremy Corbyn nothing from a second income. Pic Credit: parliament.uk Jessica Taylor

Today I have published from a new database how much money MPs made from second jobs in the last Parliament with Boris Johnson top of the premier league of high earners. Read the full story in Byline Times here and see for yourself from a link to the database here. You can check your own MP.

11 thoughts on “Exclusive on Byline Times: MPs £8.4m second jobs and how Boris Johnson made a £1m in the last Parliament

  1. I wonder how many hours they put into their main job which they get very very well paid,if they earn that kind of money doing other things,unbelievable,and they rob us of a measly pension,unbelievable again…greedy people and selfish people…fat cats…

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  2. Excellent reporting as always David. I think that if MPs and the PM were to only earn the average wage during their time in parliament, with their works based pension based on that wage and have to give up second incomes, again for the duration of their public service, we would have a much more ethical and compassionate governing body who would be in positions of power to actually serve the citizens better, rather than using those positions to line their own pockets…..Just a thought!


  3. Moonlighting MPs – no surprise but as Prime Minister, BoJo earning £13,166 a month – a figure which he is said to have told friends is ‘not enough to live on’…….is surely a red rag to WASPI women who have had £0 to live on for the 6+ years that their state pensions have been postponed for!

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  4. theres no surprises with what these wastrels pocket plus theres expenses that they claim on top. Its outrageous. I have had 2 begging emails so far today from the Cons wanting me to donate to their fighting fund to help them get re elected as Boris will not pay me my hard worked for and earned pension I have donated to for the past 46 yrs. The tory toff as got the funds needed to contribute himself and his cronies to his own fighting fund. so they can dig deep into their bottomless pockets as will get nothing from me just like I am receiving from them Nothing….. 🤷‍♀️

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  5. Dear Andy Burnham,

    This article about Boris Johnson is repulsive and beggars belief. It proves without any doubt that he is in politics to achieve his own life time ambitions of being prime minster and leaving the EU. Below is an email I have sent to Andrew Western who is leader of Trafford Council . How can we expect a Prime Minister to care for people like us when they are only in it for themselves. Can you let me know if you know a way to someone who can get this talked about please.

    Dear Andrew Western There are lots of responses to Jeremy Corbin’s offer to women born in the 50’s. It is widely appreciated that at least labour are making an offer, but it is being seen as not a fair offer. Every day women are getting to an age where they are eligible for their pension through the transition period. It is the younger ones of the 1950’s that are suffering the most now as they didn’t know about the pension age changes till very late in the day just like a women born in the early 1950’s didn’t know and are having to go the full 6 years. I think Jeremy Corbin must revisit what their proposals are and say that he has listened to feed back and proposes to have group discussions with WASPI and Backto60 to have an agreement that everyone is able to do.

    Whilst I was in Hale on Saturday, I spoke to John Lamb. I have known him for many years , I worked in the press office at Trafford Council but I had to retire on ill health at 58, yes – I thought I was going to get my pension at 60 but to be told I had another 8 years to wait was crushing, I would have struggled on at work if I had known.

    I spoke to Cllr John Lamb about what old people do when they retire – to say he was rude is putting it mildly. I came away this the strong impression that the Tories are gagged and have been told not to talk about WASPI etc, and the whole topic is a no go area – which I already thought was the case because when I email Graham Brady he just buggers me off – pardon my language but he does.

    Below is some of the things I tried to talk to John Lamb about and he dismissed it all as ‘peoples choices’ what an arrogant response – you either work till you die or nothing – not much of a choice is it. Anyway please take the time to read this because it makes a mockery of all the information they go on about that they are going to do.



    I have huge concerns about what raising the pension age is going to do to this country.

    This is information sent out by Silver voices – the impact is going to be enormous and I can’t believe fat cat Tories think this is ok.

    “With an early General Election now very likely, we need to make sure that issues of direct concern to senior citizens are not lost in the Brexit melodrama. A report from the Centre for Social Justice a few months ago, proposing a rapid rise in the state pension age (SPA), has received little attention, but has the potential of creating huge unfairness for those approaching retirement. This think tank is very influential in terms of developing Conservative Party policy as it was founded, and is chaired by, Iain Duncan Smith and is credited with introducing the concept of Universal Credit.

    The SPA is already due to rise to 67 between 2026 and 2028 and to 68 between 2044 and 2046 (although the Government has supported proposals to bring this latter rise forward to 2037-39). Quite bad enough, but the so-called Centre for Social Justice is proposing to increase the SPA to 70 by 2028 and 75 by 2035! This would return state retirement policy to the era of our grandparents, when senior citizens, particularly those in manual occupations, were considered lucky to receive the state pension for a couple of years before they died. Although the DWP has stated that the Report is not official policy, they have not disassociated the Government from the recommendations.

    The Report ignores two vital developments: rises in life expectancy have stalled as a result of austerity; and working lives for many people still end by their early sixties whether they like it or not. The gap between actual retirement and the start of the state pension is widening and has to be filled by the benefits system.

    These proposals have the potential of creating a vast new WASPI generation (the 3.8 million women born in the 1950s who have suffered financial hardship as a result of the rises in the SPA for women, introduced with insufficient notice). This policy would immediately impact the millions of men and women born in the 1960s (up to 10 million people) with less than nine years notice. As the Tory peer and former pensions minister Baroness Ros Altmann has said, the proposals are “chilling and immoral”.

    What do Tories think old people do when they retire , I will start you off with what they do : The Tories go on about backing town centres and high streets with millions of pounds, well they don’t need to bother because when the main people are all working till they die there won’t be anyone there. When we go out in the day time to town centres it is mainly older people there doing their shopping, I have spoken to local shop owners and they have already found a huge decrease in customers as women are having to work longer and can’t afford to retire. Leisure centres, community centre and libraries are all showing a fall in numbers of older people using their facilities. Hotels at the seaside and places that tour buses take people to are all saying that they are struggling especially in school term time to fill the tours. Millions of grandparents look after their grandchildren and many look after older relations aswell – there are going to have to be tough financial choices to be made . Our local National Trust property (as is a lot of places of interest are like museums etc.,) is highly dependent on volunteers and has seen a drop in people applying as they have to work longer. Charity shops all have notices in their windows now asking for volunteers, they are really struggling now that women are not available. Millions of charities in this country reply on older people for raising funds and supporting their causes, the government rely on charities as it takes the burden off their funds and it costs them nothing. I am sure you will have some thoughts of what else is going to be severely impacted on. I was sickend by the Conservative party manifesto launch , there were hundreds of political career politicians there in their expensive outfits, being wined and dined, and claiming huge expenses, in my world my friends are relying on our local foods banks, clothing themselves in charity shops and selling their precious jewellery to get through Christmas. Work till you die, Boris Johnson has already given 60’s women two fingers but needs to tell people during this campaign if these are their proposals and let every single person working make a choice – have I got more chance of winning the lottery without a ticket ??????

    On Tue, Dec 3, 2019 at 12:41 PM Westminster Confidential wrote:

    > davidhencke posted: ” Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn at the state opening > of Parliament. Boris Johnson made £1m including £800,000 from second jobs > and speeches, Jeremy Corbyn nothing from a second income. Pic Credit: > parliament.uk Jessica Taylor Today I have published fr” >


    • Couldn’t be more right Angela,it is sickening what the government are earning,also with the offer from Labour,Theresa may will get £22000,and she didnt want to give us a penny ignored every letter that was posted from Backto60,so why should she get anything,probably will never be able to spend what she has in her bank ,


      • It is becoming more apparent that taking to the street in significant numbers to show just how many lives have been affected but the injustice done to us 1950s women seems to be the only way we may get listened too, keeping us being closed doors in lockdown only able to write on Twitter, Facebook etc isn’t getting any acknowledgement by Boris Johnson &co. Yes we need to stay safe and avoid the spread of this life threatening virus
        However we are struggling more than ever physically, mentally, financially which is also life threatening at over 60yrs old
        I think a mass protest in the future could be required to raise more awareness and ensure we are compassionately considered by our Prime Minister and the health secretary etc
        in the days ahead


  6. Absolutely Disgusting talk about rubbing salt into our wounds, he is just an arrogant prat and I hope all 50s women take these figures on board when deciding who to vote for Well said Angela and thank you once again David for your excellent reporting. Is there any update yet on our appeal?


  7. If the system allows someone to moonlight then they should be paid. How much they get paid is their own business not mine. I have no axe to grind – after earning as much as I could all my working life (and paying my NHI contributions for my pension in full) I always welcomed an increase in pay, or an opportunity to earn more. I believe in that system.

    What I don’t believe in is the blatant theft and fraud concerning my paid up pension contributions. I have been robbed. They have reneged on the contract by changing the SPA WITHOUT TELLIN ME AT ALL (yes I’m one of those unfortunates who was working overseas). The politicians concerned are thieves, liars, cheats and confidence tricksters.

    Wealthy ones too.


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