On Byline Times: Reflections on a watershed election and a progressive solution

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn at the last Queen’s Speech. Pic credit: Parliament.uk Jessica Taylor

As the dust begins to settle from last week’s election I have written an article for Byline Times on where politics should go after Labour’s defeat and Liberal Democrats failure to make a big impact. And also why Conservative victory is not as decisive as the Parliamentary arithmetic shows. You can read it here.

7 thoughts on “On Byline Times: Reflections on a watershed election and a progressive solution

  1. Labour lost because they blocked Brexit. That was seen as a betrayal of the working classes. Added to that, Corbyn was not seen as a strong, capable or decisive leader who could get things done. Watching Parliament tie itself in deliberately large knots has sent voters batty for 3 years! Oh and the spending promises were not believed or were thought to be too much. The offer to WASPI women came so late in the day it looked like a bribe and a half hearted attempt to solve the 1950/60s pension theft. Paying half the 1950s based on birth date not NI contributions, never made logical sense. or seemed fair to most. A missed opportunity to put forward a good pensions policy. Capping SPA at 66 was overshadowed as seemed like a good policy to me compared to most the others.


  2. Labour lost because they didn’t listen to 17.4 million people and didn’t do as asked by them. Corbyn did what he wanted to do and it as cost him and the Labour party big time. Hope this as been a lesson to all parties and they start listening to the men/ women on the street which is what these so called MPs are elected to do. Not sit on a fence dithering it is not PM material or good enough to run a bath and deffo not a country. It’s time to move on now what’s happend as happend we have boris for 5 yrs hopefully he will be ok. and we still have the appeal so theres still a chance of us getting our long hard worked for and overdue pensions we must keep fighting for them never give up or give in otherwise the thieving DWP have won.. merry christmas and a happy new year to all at back to 60 and all 50s Ladies.


    • This forum is about the restoration of stolen pension money that was initiated by the Tories in 1982 and not Brexit.Boris has already refused to give anything prior to the election.He will not change.Maybe Corbyn isn’t ideal but he offered something. By having the police attend his house to sort out a domestic disturbance at his house only a few weeks ago doesn’t make Johnson look fit to lead by civilised people in the outside world!


      • Get over it and move on… boris is leading for next 5 yrs who knows he may change his mind and do somthing to help us if you read my comment properly you would have read that I put on it about our appeal i am a 50s born woman who as already waited 4 years. and as another 2 to wait. I know exactly what this forum is all about. I suggest you read comments properly before you reply. Merry Christmas.


      • and another thing it wasn’t the torys who instigated the pensions rises it was the Labour party. and the torys and lib dems agreed to it in parliment.and when the torys got in they excelerated it faster than what was agreed ence the double whammy that half of us has got to wait longer/ live with including me going from 65 to 66.yrs. once again merry christmas.


  3. The theft from the ‘community chest’ was instigated in 1982. The instigators were the cause of the problem that arose due to the shortfall that has arisen since. All future governments simply camouflaged the obvious probable damage instead of arresting it. Instead, they passed their failing onto undeserving victims by totally failing to warn them of their increased retirement ages in a realistic manner.
    As for Boris, only the future will reveal. Due to his recent behaviour and repulsive snub to 50’s women, I consider it unwise to share your confidence.
    As a male who retired happily and comfortably several years ago at the age of 59, I have nothing to get over. I am simply supporting the 3.7million unfortunate women who have been grossly misled and undeservedly treated as a consequence of this ‘Maxwellian style theft’ from their payments and efforts.
    You have been surreptitiously robbed for a long time. I have not. It’s tough luck. You are the one who has to get over it!
    Merry christmas and fingers crossed for the appeal.


  4. Thank you David for your excellent coverage ,unbiased reporting and continued support.I wish you a safe Christmas and all 1950’s women a positive New Year.


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