On Byline Times: Refurbishment of the iconic Elizabeth Tower and Big Ben mismanaged by Parliament at huge cost to taxpayers

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

I have today put out a story on Byline Times some damning findings by the National Audit Office on the refurbishment of the Elizabeth Tower and the Big Ben bell and clock face. You can read it in full here.

The report is important because the government is committed to spending billions of pounds – a £4 billion estimate will go nowhere near the real cost – -refurbishing the Palace of Westminster over a decade.

This project was a tiddler compared to that – originally thought to cost £29 million -now 80 million. And if Parliament’s managers can’t properly manage that – what great mess awaits us over the next decade.

The report also reveals one extraordinary fact which shows that the Victorians were as bad at controlling taxpayer’s money and managing big projects as we are today.

The present building built after fire destroyed most of the old Parliament in 1834 was completed 18 years behind schedule and at three times the original cost.

Effectively the governments of Robert Peel and Lord Palmerson were no better at controlling budgets than those of David Cameron and Boris Johnson today. Plus ca change etc.

6 thoughts on “On Byline Times: Refurbishment of the iconic Elizabeth Tower and Big Ben mismanaged by Parliament at huge cost to taxpayers

  1. When it comes to wasting money
    When it comes to covering up
    mis – management
    When it comes to covering up deceit

    We all know we can rely on the government to be ahead of the game.

    I’m a 50’s born woman I can’t be paid my state pension as millions of others can’t.
    However money is banded about like confetti at the moment.

    This stay home protect the NHS save lives caring government.

    Fall short on everything PPE for the poor devils having to deal with this. Testing that is so important is only now being ramped up. Elderly people in care homes left to die with staff being given little to nothing. The shielded few sent letters by the government to shield then sent letters and forms with DNR attached. The 60+ with underlying health issues i.e. diabetes no state pensions sent to work on front line.

    What a priority is Big Ben, it’s a clock it’s a land mark. Yes by all means when we are flush with money in this Country sort it out, but restrict how much you spend. If the bill is increasing then spread the cost over 5 years. If it takes longer to repair it takes longer use some common sense.

    We have people, human beings with no jobs, using food banks, finances are devastated, benefit claims at all time high but moreover we have mega amounts of people suffering and dying.

    Will this government get it’s own house in order. Let’s get the important stuff sorted first people’s lives. Material things are not essentials, they can always be replaced ….people can’t.

    We all make mistakes none of us are perfect. However the government’s records of disaster after disaster beggars belief. Poor management, malpractices time and time again.
    The misery caused to the most vulnerable all on their watch.

    The problem the government have is one of arrogance it’s their way or no way . You challenge them they become aggressive and child like. Keir Starmer said only the other day about a pattern forming here over Covid 19. The pattern has been there in everything they put their hand to.

    We the public put you in office, we the public expect the government to respect the needs of all.

    I cannot be totally negative of all Conservatives, one person within this has stood out. The Chancellor Rishi seems to be in a league of his own a human being who’s able to understand the needs of the people in this Country. He speaks to you without patronising he accepts challenges without attitude.

    Let’s hope Big Ben chimes again in the not to distant future. With an end to the misery fear and in equalities we have within this Country. We are all one and no one is any better than any one else.

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  3. Its always the poor that pay. I am one ofcthe women who has had 6 years added to her pension.disabled 2016 and unabled to claim benegit because as a Royal Navy widow from 2007 i get half my husbands navy pension. Gov hate anyone yo live past 6


  4. This is not a story David, it’s how government at all levels work. Can I suggest that the building be raised to the ground and the land sold to some Russian Oligarch who is friendly with Alexander Boris Johnson and the proceeds go to creating a virtual parliament online. Is the building really needed in the modern world.
    When a teenager I was rather puzzled how the Victorians carried out grandiose projects, while the people went around in rags and lived in appalling conditions, no sense of humanity to our fellow humans. Now, somehow I feel as if I am in a time machine going back to the Victorian Era.


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