My views on the US election on The Greatest Music of All Time podcast

This is a podcast I was invited to do today for Tom Cridland on the Greatest Music of All Time podcast site. I am expecting Joe Biden to win despite Trump’s flaying all over the place. I also talked to one of the Democrat insiders about the present impasse and situation.

A Joe Biden win is likely to be bad for both Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings as they are seen by the Democrats to be too aligned to Donald Trump and his advisers. I was told Biden’s advisers are still not very happy about Johnson’s description of Barack Obama being a Kenyan at the time Obama’s birthright was being falsely questioned by the American far right.

I am told that Biden is likely to want to be closer to France and Germany than the UK – as Britain is no longer a member of the EU and therefore is not the gateway for US influence in Europe. He is not keen on rushing through a UK/US trade deal either.

So there will be consequences for the UK and we could end up being more isolated rather than a world leader. Interesting times ahead.

3 thoughts on “My views on the US election on The Greatest Music of All Time podcast

  1. Just one observation, I think we have to realise that Trump is a symptom not the cause of the US problem. In some ways Trump channelled the underlying problem to his advantage, but instead of attempting to address it he used it to build his personal base. He built links to the Evangical right with the help of Pence, of course the gun lobby seen him as a natural supporter, he linked up with the Anti Abortion Lobby, possibly why he achieved a higher percentage of Latino voter. In the 2016 election he used the phrase “Make America Great Again”, a rather odd sentence, it was equivelant to standing in Rome in 117CE and saying “lets make Rome great again”. The USA is still the greatest and wealthiest nation on the planet, but he knew it was going through the usual cyclical phase and he knew it would swing upwards again. He addressed immigration issues, by the famous build a wall speech and the underlying fear of many Americans that the country was losing its identity and within x number of years the USA would resemble Brazil.
    To conclude Trump played on the fears and weakness of the USA and he also formed strong alliances with the Gun Lobby, Christian Evangical’s & Anti Abortionists, I suspect without Covid he might have been seeing a few more States going Red. But the man was not a problem solver he played upon peoples fears and anxieties. Another 4 years and China will overtake the USA, all Empires decline and fall,


  2. I have just listened to this Podcast of you chatting with Tom and thoroughly enjoyed it. As far as the relationship Johnson will have with Biden when he becomes President was always going to be ‘fragile’ at best. Johnson is going to need to kiss some serious a*** with the Democrats if this country isn’t going to be left at the bottom of the pile. I don’t know why Johnson allied himself so closely with Trump in the first place, especially to the point when he made those comments about Obama. It makes you wonder, given that everybody knew the US Election was happening ages ago and it was only ever going to be a two horse race. It’s like the old saying ‘be nice to everybody, because you might meet them again on the way down’. Johnson is going to need all the friends he can muster in the future. Having a US President who isn’t too bothered about giving you the time of day could well be a situation that could last until our own next General Election in four years time. What damage will be done in the meantime and what state will this country be in by then?


  3. The UK as a world leader??- we haven’t been that for decades. We’re now a lame duck without a quack!!
    Fairly evident that Johnson won’t be around for much longer and good riddance to Tump and his protégé.


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