Bye Bye Europe, Hello China, India and the Pacific

Elizabeth Truss; ” Empress of the Pacific”

” Let the Queen of England collect a great fleet, let her stow away all her treasure, bullion, gold plate, and precious arms; be accompanied by all her court and chief people, and transfer the seat of her empire from London to Delhi. ”

This is a quote from Tancred, a novel by former Tory Prime minister Benjamin Disraeli, written in 1847. In it he also said; ““England is no longer a mere European power; she is the metropolis of a great maritime empire . . . she is really more an Asiatic power than a European one”.

I suspect that the world view of Disraeli, who later made Queen Victoria Empress of India, might now be similar to the world view of Boris Johnson and Elizabeth Truss, the international trade secretary and the new Empress of the Pacific.

Of course neither are going to do anything as crude as reconquering India nor are they going to emulate Tancred, Prince of Galilee, the Norman who led the first successful crusade in the Middle East in the 12th century.

But what they are doing by planning to join the Asia Pacific free trade pact and create – with the offer to 5.2 million people in Hong Kong to come to the United Kingdom – potentially the biggest migration of people for centuries that is going to change the nature of this country for good.

Since at the same time it will far more difficult for Europeans to settle here the UK will become in Disraeli’s words ” more an Asiatic power than a European one.” It will be backed up by pressure from countries like India, Malaysia and Vietnam for the UK to concede more immigration into the country as part of any future trade deals.

Foreign student numbers from China and India are booming

What is interesting is that it has already started. The moment the UK voted in 2016 to leave the EU the young started voting with their feet – with students from EU countries no longer so keen to come while applications from China and India started soaring. Figures released this week by a London property company show it even had an effect on the capital’s rental market as wealthy overseas students were happy to rent or even own new flats. And this is all before the ink was dry on the withdrawal agreement which came into force on January 1. The biggest rise is China -over 20 per cent in one year with India recording a 15 per cent increase.

That huge jump on the graph is the number of students from China while the EU students flatlined.

One reason for this surge also appears to be ex President Trump and his ” America First” policy which has deterred Asians from going to the US.

Andrew Weir, CEO of LCP, the London property company, comments “The UK’s safe haven status, diverse and liberal culture has attracted overseas students who would have previously studied in the US. The US has not seen growth rates above 5% since 2017, this contrasts with a 15% growth rate in the UK in 2019/20.”

“Despite fears Brexit may impact the UK and London’s status as a global city, the number of first year overseas students from the Asia region now vastly outnumbers the total number of students from all EU countries combined.

“There has been a recent surge in students from India enrolling into UK higher education establishments, almost doubling in 2019/20 compared with the previous academic year. A new generation of overseas students view the UK as a desirable place in which to reside and study.”

Falling numbers of German and Irish students

Indeed the number of students from Germany coming to the UK is now falling as are the number of students from the Republic of Ireland our nearest neighbour. Cyprus and Greece are also falling slightly. This has been balanced by a rise in the number of students from Portugal – always a low number – and Romania. You can read in more detail on this website which not only gives a bigger picture but also a breakdown for each university. Of course since then there has been the pandemic, but if there is a fall, it will only be short term. It is quite clear what the trend is. And when students come others will try to follow.

There is a supreme irony in all this. Many people who voted for Brexit were also against mass immigration – remember Nigel Farage and the warning of millions of Turks getting free movement to come to the UK. Well we may not get millions of Turks – in fact there was not much danger of that anyway as it takes years to join the EU. But we are going to get a major reset in the composition of people who make up the UK population. I actually welcome more diversity and Asian and Chinese people have a great record as entrepreneurs. But I wonder whether people thought when they voted for Brexit that Britain was on the way to become an Anglo-Asiatic nation.


11 thoughts on “Bye Bye Europe, Hello China, India and the Pacific

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    • I doubt if this will ever come to light again, and now with the pandemic they have the perfect excuse to to avoid paying a penny.


      • I have also been thinking along the same lines. I signed the latest Back to 60 Petition as I have always done so in the past. I have and always will support Back to 60 as champions of the 50’s Women. However, I would have liked, since last September, to have heard from them. I believe you are right, this Government will grab at any excuse to delay, hinder in any way or outright prevent 50’s Women in obtaining the justice they seek. This Pandemic is the latest reason, although right from the start they have been spending money hand over fist. I would dearly love to hear from Back to 60 as to the current state of play with the 50’s Womens campaign.
        Perhaps David could facilitate this. Thank you David for your continued support.


  2. Well, here I am in Birkenhead writing to note that in the same novel Disraeli said:

    “London is a modern Babylon; Paris has aped imperial Rome, and may share its catastrophe. But what do the sages say to DAMASCUS?…it still exists and still flourishes; is full of life, wealth and enjoyment. Here is a city that has quaffed the magical elixir and secured the philosopher’s stone, that is always young and always rich. As yet, the disciples of progress have not been able exactly to match this instance of Damascus, but it is said that they have great faith in the future of BIRKENHEAD.” (Tancred, Benjamin Disraeli)


  3. Before the flood of Asiatic people’s reach these shores maybe one should inform them of the lives of those who have reached our shores. When they arrive what are they going to do, who is housing them who is teaching them English and what schools are they going to attend or which doctors can they enrol? Then do they realise that the white working classes will invite them into their homes! Do they realise the dark world of drugs and prostitution and it might be safer to live in the Middle East.
    What puzzles me is why an Indian government who always bring up colonial oppression of the British want to send their people to the former oppressors homeland, Then this applies to China who suffered greatly with a drugs problem relating mainly to the British exporting drugs to China and led to two wars.
    Advice stay away or get out before this country fragmentates and people flee the cities as they are been overrun by crime and drugs.


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