MP reignites Back to 60’s demand for “full restitution” for 3.8m 50s born women

Ian Byrne MP

A Labour MP has tabled a fresh Parliamentary motion backing the case for women born in the 1950s to have repaid all the money they lost by the six year delay in receiving their pension. For some people this could be as high as £50,000.

Ian Byrne, Labour MP for Liverpool, West Derby, tabled the new motion this morning reigniting the issue which the government want dead and buried after the campaign group Back to 60 lost in the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court refused to hear the case.

The full test of the motion is:

“That this House welcomes the positive interventions from so many hon. Members from across the House on behalf of women born in the 1950s who have lost their pensions; and pays tribute to constituents and campaigners in their ongoing fight for justice; recalls that women born in the 1950s were subject to discriminatory employment and pension laws; recognises that this included being excluded from some pensions schemes; recognises that this had the negative effect for them of losing the opportunity to have the same level of pension as their partner or spouse; further recognises that this has had the consequence of women in this position never being able to have equal pensions to men; further notes that this has negatively and profoundly impacted on them including increased poverty, deteriorating health and homelessness; notes that at least 3.8 million women have been impacted by the loss of their pensions from the age of 60 in three separate age hikes; and calls on the Government to enact a temporary special measure as permitted by international law to provide full restitution to women born in the 1950s who have lost their pensions from the age of 60 because of the impact of the rise in retirement age. “

50s women unjustly treated

While Parliamentary motions are rarely debated publication of this motion acts as a noticeboard to other MPs and ministers that there is a still a very strong feeling in Westminster that the women have been unjustly treated.

It is significant that the motion tells the government that there is a mechanism in Parliament that they can use to implement the change – known as the special temporary measure- which would lead to the women being paid quickly.

It comes at the time when through ill health and Covid 19 some 204,000 women have already died before they get their pensions.

It is also significant as it shows that there are MPs in Parliament who think that the state pension inequality for women all party parliamentary group does not go far enough in redressing the issue. This group, chaired by Labour MP Andrew Gwynne and Tory MP Peter Aldous, has submitted proposals to Robert Behrens, the Parliamentary Ombudsman, asking for him to offer a minimum of £10,000 compensation to the women. This proposal backed by WASPI has two drawbacks. First the Ombudsman has to agree and given his report only found partial maladministration between 1995 and 2010 he may decide not to agree such a high sum. And he has no power to force the government to accept his recommendations beyond shaming them.

John McDonnell MP

This new motion is backed by 15 MPs including John McDonnell, the former shadow chancellor, and Jeremy Corbyn, the former Labour leader. It is perhaps rather ironic that if Labour had won the last general election compensation might have already agreed as John McDonnell promised a £58 billion pay out to correct the injustice.

Other MPs backing the move include Jim Shannon, the DUP social care and health spokesman, and Labour MPs, Kim Johnson, Beth Winter, Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Zarah Sultana, Ian Mearns, Kate Osborne. Nadia Whittome, Grahame Morris, and Jon Trickett.

Jon Trickett has linked his support to his local Waspi group, showing that they favour full restitution.

The motion also has the support of Wera Hobhouse, Lib Dem spokesperson for Justice and women and equalities, and independent MP Claudia Webb.

Andrew Gwynne MP, joint chair of the state pension inequality for women APPG

UPDATE: Andrew Gwynne, Labour MP and joint chair of the APPG state pension inequality for women, told BackTo 60, he had no objection to MPs from his group signing Ian Byrne’s motion.

He said” I see no conflict between it and the APPG’s submission to the PHSO.”

Nine more MPs have signed the motion including five SNP MPs, Chris Stephens, Glasgow South West; Allan Dorans, Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock and Deidre Brock, Edinburgh North and Leith, Amy Callaghan, East Dumbartonshire and Chris Law, Dundee West. The other three MPs are Labour and SDLP – Dan Carden, Liverpool Walton; Ian Lavery, Wansbeck and Aspana Begum, Poplar and Limehouse, Barry Sheerman, Huddersfield; Sir George Howarth, Knowsley, and Hannah Claire, Belfast South.

In another development the Pensions Reform Alliance and Waspi have said they do not want 50swomen to get full restitution. Members of the Alliance put out misleading information that this Parliamentary motion would somehow influence Robert Behrens, the Parliamentary Ombudsman, from recommending compensation for the 3.8 million women. This is complete nonsense as it would not impinge on anything the Parliamentary Ombudsman would recommend and MPs are entitled to express their opinions.

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54 thoughts on “MP reignites Back to 60’s demand for “full restitution” for 3.8m 50s born women

  1. Hi I can’t wait for the next election to get out this Gov, some of who promised to help us but has shown no care since they won. Disgusting. My entire family and well wishers, young and old are with me.

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  2. It has taken a long time for our claims to be taken seriously! At last some MP’s are backing our claim for compensation for the lack of notice that our pensions would not be paid at 60 and would be paid at 66.
    My own MP (West Norfolk) Liz Truss would not here of our plight and ignored emails on the subject from myself and other “WASPI women.As the Ombudsman has recognised this wrong doing perhaps the current Government will take this seriously at last!!


    • Louise hi ..yes same as mine Richard Gale..oh yes Sir Richard ..he couldn’t care less..I dont think he likes me very much ..His replies are not very exciting..something like ‘ I will support the decision the decision thats made He’s ‘as much use as a chocolate teapot ‘😡


  3. What a blinded Labour are doing just to get back in . They already ruined the country and the Tories have got to pick up the mess. It was Margaret thatcher that had sorted the discrimination and she was a Tory . The whole government should be responsible for the mess including every government that are in Labour Tories or whoever. This is playing politics not about pensions


    • The Tories have got to pick up tbe mess, oh yes and what a a bloody job they are doing,!!! lying through their teeth, spending billions on PPE that we didn’t get and if we did it was unservicable, giving rules that they didn’t keep theirselves, travelling the Country whilst positive with Covid, Partying whilst the Country in lockdown need I go on, well yes I will when do they earn their Salaries 142K PM and 82K MP WHY do they think THEY’RE above the law oh and WHO is going to pick up their bloody mess ???

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  4. If the Labour Party had made it clear at previous General Elections, that they would give full restitution of the stolen State Pensions of 50s born women, the majority of 3.8 million women affected WOULD HAVE VOTED LABOUR.  Not only that, but whole families have been affected by this state theft, and those families WOULD HAVE VOTED LABOUR. We could have had Jeremy Corbyn as our Prime Minister. Women are used by the Government as their permanent doormat. We are despised by the MEN in power, and the women in power are so insecure they have to play the MEN’s game – there is no sisterhood between the women in power and women in general, for that reason. Being a woman in this country is to be less than a 2nd class citizen.  Its the reason the MEDIA ignore such a massive issue. They do not see us, we do not matter. Our own Government, our own Media – none of them care about women. Disgusting. I am not holding my breath over this, but I DO thank the genuinely concerned MEN who are trying to fix the problem. They will be outnumbered by the MEN who see us as cash cows, easy to mug and rob, and of no other value to our own country Helen Cron


  5. Please push this as hard as you can. I am 64 years old, have paid 45 years of contributions, I still have to pay for another 3 years and I will still not get 100% state pension.
    My husband is 60 and has already qualified for full state pension- how can this be right.


    • Looks like this is going to be a really Long Dream. 63 in a couple of weeks. Never had any notification about changing the retirement age.maybe I was asleep when that happened 😴 my husband is 68 and takes me to work 4 days a week (had to reduce my working hours due to my ill health) I am physically tired when I get home. I have retirement date of February 2026.
      I don’t have a government pension to retire with.
      And to make things worse from April I get to pay for my perscription again I have a doctor who point blankly refuses to put everything on one perscription, meaning I have 4 separate perscription a month that’s just over £40 .
      I don’t actually see any running to help us.
      Except Waspi women ❤


  6. Will this ever be resolved? I think the hope is to drag it out as long as possible and we will all be dead , problem solved. After working and worrying for another 6 years, we probably will be.!! Absolute disgrace.

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  7. I have been one of a number of people campaigning for Ombudsman reform for many years. 80% of his work is Health Service related. The legislation which created his office is the Parliamentary Commissioners Act 1967. The legislation is 55 years old and woefully out of date. I don’t think he will select a figure for a blanket sum in compensation. The level of compensation will depend on many things including the age of the person affected and how long the individual has been affected. Add to this the fact he has no power to impose any penalty or compensation the issue is back to the politicians I am afraid. When the Ombudsman legislation was first proposed in the mid 1960’s, one MP, Quentin Hogg, described it as ‘A swiz”. It still is and your readers can find out more by viewing the website PHSOthetruestory or reading the book, published in June 202O called “What’s the point of the Ombudsman”. That should help make things clear


  8. I like many other 50’s women don’t hold out much hope for a positive result! In my opinion I think it would have been fairer if the government had met the 50’s women only, half way and paid our pension at age 63. That way it would be less expensive for Government, the women already in receipt wouldn’t be as affected and us waiting the full 6yrs would only have to wait 3yrs. This proposal would be more achievable than full restitution which isn’t going to happen.


  9. I can’t wait till this is resolved. I’m 66 this year. No savings now, living in a pittance, Universal credit. The Tories said they’d look into it, before the last election. Of course they had no intention to, just leave 60’s women struggling, until their 66th birthday. While encouraging men to take early retirement. The next election cannot come quickly enough.


  10. all who are waiting for the next election be careful what you vote for because it was Labour who upped the pension age for women in the first place the other parties agreed with them and voted in Parliament for it. which is why we have had NO help or support from any of them just kicked in the teeth continually. it will be great if anybody in Parliament listen to this latest motion and somthing is done to help us but I will not build my hopes up just for them to be shattered again. it has been a long 6 year wait and feel sorry for the women who are going through this now and in the future. but I can’t see an end to this inequality anytime soon..


    • Agree with you Janet, personally feel we will never get any compensation, just so sad that several of my friends have passed away after working for years and never made their pension .


  11. Thank You David I really hope there is a General Election and this (the most) corrupt government ever are ousted out. I hope then that all the 1950s Ladies, their families and friends put Labour in, although a lot of people think Sir Keir is weak I think he is a man of honour and will do all he can to help us. I don’t know how anyone with a conscience could vote for this lot, corruption, broken promises, making rules and breaking them from the very top. Then £500,000 for Truss to get to Australia, private jets to Wales from London and from Scotland to a boozy doo after COPT, when are we all going to wake up and smell the coffee. Then there is the business of the Sue Gray report & the Met, the delaying tactics to publish the report and everyone knows they have lied and only gave in as they were found out. I pray with all my heart that the latest developments in your report go some way to bringing us justice, how can they say there is no money to pay what we are rightfully owed after all the money they have squandered on themselves and phoney contracts.


  12. The increase in age for us 50s women has been, is 6 long years, yet others only had or will have a increase of two years even that isn’t fair ! I hope and pray this year we will get some compensation. Astonishing, shocking amounts of money has been found and used for other things yet no money to compensate us . The older generation need to get out and protest more now we are free to do so. Pensions will keep increasing and we will lose free prescriptions soon too . Fuel poverty isn’t a new concern since the economic crises these past two years, it’s been a reality for us every winter, food, or fuel to keep us warm . No wonder so many end up in hospital in the winter months with pneumonia etc. We need some kind consideration , respect and support to survive.
    Thanks for supporting our cause you are a great advocate and it’s greatly appreciated
    Take care all !


  13. David Robert Hencke – Pension Reform Alliance have never said we are against women getting full restitution-we have merely said we do not want to support a new EDM/process whilst the APPG and the Ombudsman are looking at the compensation case, positively. We do not believe, for the sake of so many women, that this should be potentially jeopardised by a new ‘challenge’, which should wait until after the Ombudsman’s decision.
    I think it is important to make this distinction.
    Thank you .


    • Thanks for your comment. I have to point out that two of the groups that form a large part of your alliance Waspi and Waspi 2018 have made it clear that they don’t want full restitution for the women. You can see that from the comment from Jennifer. Both must form a large part of your alliance. Frankly I don’t see why there shouldn’t be pressure on the government on two fronts. The danger about saying you don’t want all the money back is that Guy Opperman, the pensions minister, who doesn’t want to give you any money at all will twist this it to say – the women don’t want the money anyway.


      • It’s not a case of Waspi Ltd or Waspi 2018 wanting or not wanting full restitution. It’s a case of having an aim that they feel is realistic given the current Government and its huge majority. Even Labour’s offer in 2019 was only costing £58bn, less than a third of the cost of full restitution. It was also made on the back of Corbyn and McDonnell thinking that BT60 was going to win in court. Now BT60 has lost two court cases with all 5 Judges agreeing with the decision and the Supreme Court has turned down any further appeal. Rachel Reeves even laughed when asked about the Waspi situation. There is no way a Tory Government will bring forward a debate on a TSM to spend £181bn and I really doubt any future Labour Government would consider it either.

        The PHSO route offers the best chance of gaining some compensation and whilst an EDM will probably not interfere with the PHSO investigation, it could lead the Government to ignore any recommendations for compensation if it realises that nothing would be enough.

        The timing of this EDM smacks of sour grapes from BT60 because their suggestion wasn’t taken on board by the APPG. There can be no other reason for resurrecting a previous EDM tabled back in 2019 at this moment in time.


      • I don’t think the government need the excuse of the EDM not to pay anything. The government doesn’t have to accept the recommendation of the Parliamentary Ombudsman. In fact they have taken two steps already to limit the scope of the Ombudsman by ruling out any legislation to strengthen the office. They are planning to further limit the power of the Ombudsman to deal with NHS complaints by amending the law so in certain circumstances the Ombudsman will have to go to the courts to get approval before he can even take up a complaint.


      • Thanks David. For clarity, Pension Reform Alliance are not part of WASPI or Waspi campaign 2018 though some of our members will also be members of other groups.
        Pension Reform Alliance (PRA) do not claim to speak for WASPI nor WASPI campaign 2018 but are happy to help share information (with permission) with them and across the groups.
        If referring to PRA activity in your articles in the future, we would be really grateful if you could check detail with us first as of course our members would like full restitution but the ombudsman’s current task mustn’t be ‘distracted’ by an EDM which many MPs are not allowed to sign anyway and which we’ve been advised, will not effect any change. PRA are not against any EDM, we’ve just decided that we won’t be promoting this new one, right now, in our group.


      • Yes I agree as the PHSO can only recommend compensation but cannot enforce it. As with other PHSO cases, the Government may simply pay compensation to the 6 test cases being investigated and everyone else may simply be told to complain if they think they’ve been treated in the same way.

        Knowing this I’m sure then that you must agree that this EDM has zero chance of achieving anything by asking for full restitution via a TSM mechanism that’s always been available to use by Government Ministers.

        Why use it then other than to be divisive? Why not work with what’s there just now and pursue it later if nothing transpires?


      • Thank you David,waspi women do not speak for me I fully support back to 60 full restitution!! Me being a50s born woman never once did I receive a letter stating my pension age would go up from 60 to 65 and then again from 65 to 66 I’m now living with a incurable chronic lung disease & asthma & arthritis if I had retired wen I was 60 as I should have done I would at least had some quality of life back then working longer is affecting peoples quality of life in retirement & many 50s born women died before receiving a penny of their state pension so I’m backing back to 60 for full restitution anything less is an insult to 50s women and As a hard working class woman it’s Labour for me 100%


  14. Government Ministers have always been aware that they could use a TSM and some have already done so in years gone past. It’s not some special CEDAW thing.

    The main point is that ONLY Government Ministers can bring forward a TSM for debate and I’m sure we all realise that this will never happen under a Tory Government.

    No Waspi group favours full restitution so it’s wrong to deduce that Jon Trickett thinks they do. It’s more than likely that he hasn’t understood what the EDM is requesting.


    • Hi Jennifer. I think you presume too much about Jon Trickett. I know him personally and I can tell you he is quite intelligent enough to know what he is signing and what the motion says.


      • Hi David. I shall take your word for it that he understand what he is signing but if that is the case then he doesn’t understand the Waspi aim which is not for full restitution.

        Something is obviously lost somewhere but I’m sure that his local Waspi group will put him right and clear up any misunderstanding.


  15. Well let’s get Labour in at the next election because the conservatives don’t give a toss about anybody or anything unless it’s to line there own pockets or there pals. How can anyone trust a bunch of people who sprout out lie after lie. Promise everything and give nothing

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  16. David Hencke
    Thank you for the ongoing support you are giving to the 1950s born Women
    I would like to ask a question if I may ?
    Will this include the early born 1950s Women who had very little notice that they would not be retiring at 60 as previously advised .I will use my case as a reference
    I was born in December 52.I found out I was going to have to work 2y.9m years extra to collect my Pension from a colleague at work ,just 3years before my expected 60th retirement date . Very little notice was given and I was totally unprepared . This resulted on my Pension being assessed on a much lower rate ,now £137a week because my new Retirement Date fell just before April 6th 2016 opposed to £179 a week had my Retirement date fallen just after April.6th 2016 .Of course it also means a much reduced monetary increase based on percentages ..So the
    the monetary difference between the lower and higher Pensions rate widens every year .Leaving those on the Lower Rate falling further and further behind.
    From.what I have read the campaigns for Justice are for the Women who lost up to 6 years Pension and not the earlier born 1950s Women who had to wait years on a much reduced Pension rate retiring just before April.6th 2016 and who will.gradually become even worse off as the years go by
    Thank you so much David
    These changes are not about Equality


    • I reached SPA in July 2016. I don’t get £179pw but just get £137pw like you. The reason for that is because I’ve been contracted out. If you’ve been contracted out then you wouldn’t get the higher rate either. Don’t think everyone gets the higher rate as it’s simply not true. Those that reached SPA before April 2016 often have much higher pensions as they got serps on top of the basic amount.


  17. Hi David ,just to mention ,Men exactly the same age as me born in 1952 are assessed on the New Higher Rate for the rest of their lives ,.Totally unfair !


    • I had to wait until I was 65 though whereas a woman born the same day as me got hers at age 63. Totally unfair and I didn’t get the higher rate as contracted out!


  18. I think you’re confusing whether certain pension groups “wanted it” or not with “never had full restitution as a term of reference” but wanted “fair transitional” arrangements. That doesn’t mean we didn’t “want” it. In the absence of any offer at all how can you say people don’t want it. Of course the Pension groups want whatever they can get, but the only group who definitely asked for full restitution was the one involved in the court case. PRA have also previously fully supported all groups including helping to raise funds for the Backto60 Court case and publicity. PRA supports any group who are fighting for 1950s women to get redress for the despicable way they have been treated. Differing terms of reference don’t equate to turning down any reasonable offer including full restitution.


  19. EDM906 is a gift to ALL #50sWomen from a caring MP .@IanByrneMP who is endeavouring to bring everyone together for the best outcome for ALL concerned.

    🚨 We heard yesterday that Andrew Gwynne MP, Co-Chair, APPG sees no conflict between #EDM906 and the APPG’s Submission to the PHSO. That he is happy for any MP in the APPG who wants to sign, and can sign it, to do so to show their support. Thus a formal request has been submitted to the APPG for backto60com to enjoy the extensive privileges extended to other groups, by the APPG, over many years, to 🚨

    👉 Everyone, always ⚖

    In 2016, the Work & Pensions Select Committee Chair, Rt Hon Frank Field MP, identified #50sWomen as being “grotesquely disadvantaged” by the swift, sudden, stealth deferrals of the state pension and called for urgent remediation.

    Latterly, on the steps of the Supreme Court #50sWomen were Refused a Hearing, however, the Ruling called for Parliament to remedy the matter.

    The contention between the government and Judiciary regards Judicial Reviews being the backdrop to the Supreme Court’s Refusal.

    Had backto60com been granted the Hearing, it would have undoubtedly succeeded in its mission on behalf of 3.8m #50sWomen.

    We hosted a My Space event yesterday to illuminate Early Day Motion 906 which was tabled, inspiringly, by Ian Byrnes MP at backto60com’s request.

    The Motion calls for Full Restitution for ALL #50sWomen via the ratified UN Convention #CEDAW and an Erskine May proof #TemporarySpecialMeasure which does not change Primary Legislation.

    The UK’s International Law Obligations out of CEDAW require the UK Government to comply with CEDAW’s Articles and General Recommendations ie where historical Discrimination is found, Full Restitution is applicable – as in the case of #50sWomen.

    Concurrently, backto60com is calling for a ‘Women’s Bill of Rights’ out of the UN Convention CEDAW which embraces the above strategic focus.

    Trade Unions are supporting this history making initiative. Never again must any woman or girl be denied her Human Rights which are Women’s Rights.

    As David Hencke has pointed out on his blog, the Motion does not impinge on the PHSO’s Maladministration Investigation, in any way.

    In fact, it is indirectly beneficial to the outcome of the PHSO’s Investigation.

    👉 Here’s how it is beneficial.

    The APPG has just called for “Level 6′ or more” compensation for the #Maladministration suffered by #50sWomen following the PHSO’s Report unfairly calling for less and for fewer victims.

    Constrastingly, the Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, Dame Meg Hillier, has called for “Departments that make errors (eg DWP) through #maladministration have a duty to put those it wronged back in the position they should have been, without the error.

    Thus the APPG for #50sWomen is empowered by Dame Meg Hillier’s ‘Shameful Shambles’ Report to call for wronged #50sWomen to be put back in the position they should have been, without the error.

    The PHSO’s modus operandi plus Dame Meg Hillier’s above call for Full Restitution where #Maladministration by a government department is found (eg DWP and #50sWomen) amplifies the APPG’s ability to call on the goverment to accommodate both the PHSO’s eventual recommendation and, indeed, call to ADD to the compensation, namely, Full Restitution.

    Thus, there is no reason, whatsoever, for all #50sWomen not to get behind #EDM906 whilst the PHSO’s Investigation continues.

    BackTo60com has called for the £58bn placed on the table in 2019 ahead of the General Election to now be placed in Labour’s upcoming Manifesto and Grey Book.

    Indeed for Parliament to finally meet the ‘Debt of Honour’ owed to #50sWomen ‘who always do the right thing’.

    #EDM906 is a gift to ALL #50sWomen from a caring MP who is endeavouring to bring everyone together for the best outcome for ALL concerned.

    Everyone, always.

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    • The maladministration found by the PHSO amounts to a delay of 28 months in receiving a personal letter. If the PHSO returned us to the same position as if the maladministration had not happened then 50s’ women would still not have their pension. Maladministration did not cause the loss of the pension, legislation did. It’s really time that people understood this.

      As to Labour putting the £58bn back on the table, this wouldn’t amount to full restitution either. Many of us got only a few hundred from that offer.

      I’m afraid there simply is no gift from this EDM other than once again false hope. The Supreme Court turned down the appeal and no-one can claim to know what the outcome would have been had it gone ahead.

      50s’ women are quite frankly fed up with false promises and no accountability for all the £250,000 plus that was raised via the donations of many of us who could ill afford it and then were blocked and thrown out of your campaign simply for asking for clarity. I hope one day it’s all investigated.

      Simple fact is that 50s’ women would love to have all our pension money back but after 6 and more years of campaigning it’s simply not going to happen.

      It’s notable that one MP has withdrawn his support for the EDM. Perhaps he’s now realised he was misled about its content.


      • actually it is not notable He is a SNP shadow spokesman and shadow spokesmen and women and front bench spokesmen and women government front benchers do not normally sign EDMs.


      • If that’s the case then he simply would not have signed it in the first place. He’s not likely to sign it and then say, “oh wait a minute I forgot I’m a Shadow Spokesman and can’t.”


      • I’m sure if you look David, you will find that every one of the SNP signatories is indeed an SNP Shadow Spokesperson. I doubt Drew Hendry withdrew his signature for that reason.


  20. I’m tired and living with a chronic lung condition& asthma & Arthritis everyday is a struggle born 1956 I turn 66 this year 6yrs sir us 50s women have struggled so far how difficult can it be to pay every 50s woman their pensions we paid the money you all know we paid and me like so many many more have struggling beyond belief many lost everything
    isn’t it about time this government put this right sooner rather than later some of us don’t have all the time in the world we just want our pensions what we’re owed (wouldn’t you)thank you for reading this God bless all those 50 s women who have died before they received their pensions and unfortunately many more will too so you see they don’t have
    Time that’s what upsets me more their stories everyone worse than the last proud hard working robbed 1950 penalised for being a 50s woman I thank everyone involved bless you all for everything but I’ll never forget

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  21. JIM…Its all such a muddle..I’m sure they have done this on purpose ,so that we are unable to make comparisons ! There is just no equality.What they give you in one hand they take back in another..They,ve cheated on us again with the scrapping of the triple lock ..the increase £3.41a week in my case doesn’t change anything ..Rishi Sunak was bragging today about how much extra the Pensioners will be getting .. He wants to try living on it !We should all rack up debts and let the Government write it off !Like they have with fraudelent Companies ..I could go on and on …sorry x


  22. Louise hi ..yes same as mine Richard Gale..oh yes Sir Richard ..he couldn’t care less..I dont think he likes me very much ..His replies are not very exciting..something like ‘ I will support the decision the decision thats made He’s ‘as much use as a chocolate teapot ‘😡


  23. I was born in 1957 and the impact that this pension scandal has had on me is horrendous. I have lost my home, my dignity ( l have to ask my husband for money ) my health, l have broken teeth and desperately need new glasses and much more. I think that the longer it is left more of us will die waiting, it’s just an appalling thing to have done to women when we have already suffered SO much inequality in our working and home life already. Shame on the government for treating women like this! It needs to be addressed.


  24. I am still working part time no private pension as never able to earn enough with money to spare to pay into one ! What I don’t understand is they want to keep us working , taking a position away from younger women who should and need to be working ! It seems they would rather keep some of them on benefits and work us to death !! My husband and I have worked all our lives in the belief we would retire at the same time , he is five years older than me , and then spend deserved quality time together but due to our Governments, us like many others may never be able do that now. Feel we were totally deceived and still are being, sadly I doubt politics will ever change in this country .. good at giving it to others but forget there own people .. oh except near election time of course … think they all have there own agendas and us 50s ladies are not in it ! My thanks to all those who continue to fight for us , we all appreciate it .


  25. It’s not just 1950s women who have suffered. I was born in 1962, I should be retired now but have to work another 6 years still. I will lose out on £67,000 pension that I paid NI for. I haven’t taken breaks to have children and worked since the age of 16. I couldn’t afford a private pension until I was 35, so it isn’t enough to survive from without working.


    • The 50s women are fighting for all women Joanna, the point is we weren’t given any notice whatsoever & want what we have lost through leaving our jobs when we thought our pension was about due. Many have lost their homes or even died waiting. Back to 60 want the women SP age returned to 60 for everyone not just the 50s women. I was born in 1954 & worked from 16 & didn’t receive my SP till 6 weeks before my 66th Birthday. My husband also died aged 60 so he didn’t receive a penny of his SP either, the whole thing stinks.


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