Are the police and social workers unwittingly aiding child sex exploitation gangs by denying their existence?

Alexis Jay, chair of the inquiry

Yet another disturbing report from the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse highlights a national failure to tackle gangs sexually exploiting vulnerable children.

The findings of this investigation led me to me to pose the question in the headline. The report’ s conclusion is damning: “Children are sexually exploited by networks in all parts of England and Wales in the most degrading and destructive ways. Each of these acts is a crime. This investigation has revealed extensive failures by local authorities and police forces to keep pace with the pernicious and changing problem of the sexual exploitation of children by networks.”

The question is why. The report took evidence from six diverse areas in England and Wales – Durham, Swansea, Warwickshire, St Helens, Tower Hamlets and Bristol.

What was particularly alarming is that in two – the London borough of Tower Hamlets and Swansea – there was a denial of the existence of any gangs at all. I would really be surprised that such organised gangs did not operate in the borough or elsewhere.

Indeed the report cites two instances where complaints were not taken forward.

“In Swansea, there was a police investigation into serious sexual assault against CS-A25 which led to the arrest of two males but no further action was taken due to evidential difficulties.
• In Tower Hamlets, in the case of CS-A22, the child made disclosures of assault and rape but these allegations did not lead to prosecution. Although a number of named potential perpetrators were added to a crime report and suspects database, the report was closed. Some information was passed to the local force but there is no evidence of any arrests.”

Perpetrators finding new way to exploit children

The report says: “Parental neglect, substance misuse, domestic violence or mental health issues may increase the vulnerability of children to sexual exploitation. Around half of the case study children were in care and more than a third had complex disabilities or neurodevelopmental disorders.
“It is widely recognised that alcohol, drugs and actual or threatened violence against the child, their friends and family are often used as a means to groom and coerce children.
Perpetrators are finding new ways, including through mobile phones and other devices, social media and dating apps, to groom and abuse ever younger children.”

It goes on: “Research suggested that many complainants report dissatisfaction with the responses
of local authority staff and police officers to the sexual exploitation they faced and these themes were reflected in some of the experiences of the case study children. Some felt unprotected by care home staff failing to intervene when they knew or suspected that the children were being sexually exploited. Others were frustrated that those who had sexually exploited them were not held accountable through the criminal justice system.”

The report also highlights a worrying lack of data on who the exploiters are which has led people to blame South Asian males behind the gangs because of some high profile cases.

Poor data collection on the ethnicity of perpetrators

The report says: “Some of the high-profile child sexual exploitation prosecutions have involved groups of South Asian males. There has been heated and often polarised debate about whether there is any link between ethnicity and group-based child sexual exploitation. Poor data collection on the ethnicity of perpetrators or victims fuels that debate and makes it difficult to identify whether there is any such link. It also hampers the ability of police and other services to provide culturally sensitive responses, interventions and support.”

The report recommends that the law should be strengthened so that when two or more people found guilty of sexual exploitation they should get an aggravated sentence.. It also wants both English and Welsh guidance strengthened and tool kit to handle sexual exploitation should be updated and strengthened.

Professor Alexis Jay, who chaired the inquiry, said: “The sexual exploitation of children by networks is not a rare phenomenon confined to a small number of areas with high-profile criminal cases.

“We found extensive failures by local authorities and police forces in the ways in which they tackled this sexual abuse.”

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8 thoughts on “Are the police and social workers unwittingly aiding child sex exploitation gangs by denying their existence?

  1. There’s nothing ‘unwitting’ about it! These people ARE the abuse gangs. They also make a lot of money from it/ illegally taxing perps and renting out children to be abused. People with that kind of inclination are going to seek out that kind of employment. Same with any other activity…if you enjoy writing, you become a writer…or at least try! Same with artists, racing car drivers and any other activity that people enjoy. I am speaking from personal experience here and they silence us by having us tortured and sometimes interned for life in mental prisons. Still the outstanding threat if I talk about any of it….


  2. #Denial of #Facts Always Leads to Negative Outcomes. Authorities that Choose to Overlook Actions / Accusations of Any #Explotation due to ‘Sensitive’ / ‘Cultural Issues are merely Electing to Allow Victims to Suffer Further. This is #Negligence but sadly does, in my experience occur to often


    • Bit thick of IICSA to point out concealment of CSA. Look what they have done e.g. the real Solanki two tape evidence about Leon and the ‘little boy. Let’s not also forget their paint job over the Dolphin Square parties evidence. How’s about the audio tape and the MPS surveillance of the new MP in the IICSA adduced without debate the documents from Operation Hydrant. Finally for brevity look at the ‘airtime’ IICSA gave to Commander Roper’s alternative pronouncements despite other evidence her MPS hold on tomes.


      • and when the purpose is to blackmail these people into compliance……who do you think the government really is? those whose names you are never allowed to know….


  3. Like the EGH pictures Jake? An IS man told me they usually kept stuff like those to use when pressure was needed e.g. when they wanted a particular MP vote a particular way. But the Leon pics ‘had to be destroyed’ because they were ‘so incriminating’. Still no great loss to the services as I am sure they have many bottom draw items to fallback on.


    • yep! open secret for many years now to those of us who can be bothered to do some actual research…but how do you fight that kind of evil/ restore some level of democracy without taking up legs? it’s illegal to say the other appendage now….
      What you talking about is one high level example. I know it’s rife through all the ‘services’ up and down the cuntry…I have no knowledge on the big wigs, i dnt even know any of their names….but targeted for over twenty years now, i have no life… journalist is even interested and if i do talk about i get melanie shaw’d for life, death i spreferable to be taken alive again…like so many of us! So many of us have been silenced that way or through death…you don’t really know until something happens to you!

      can you even say why ‘ex’ in username here?


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