Backto60 takes The Great Pension Robbery to the Edinburgh fringe

Backto60 brought their campaign for full restitution to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe over the Bank Holiday weekend with the help of two Scottish women actors and comedians.

For half an hour at Edinburgh’s St Andrews Square Sandra McNeely and Julie Coombe, who are well known on Scottish TV, tell the tough story of the fight for 3.8 million 50s born women to get full restitution for their lost pensions when successive governments increased the pension age from 60 to 66 with all the facts, interspersed with songs, poetry and jokes.

The no holds bar performance castigated everyone from George Osborne, the former Chancellor to Guy Opperman, the current pensions minister, and of course, Boris Johnson. It gave a really good synopsis of injustice facing this group of women ending with the sad fact that during the half hour performance two more women would have died without ever receiving their pension.

Sandra McNeely has appeared in the TV series, Taggart, Happy Hollidays, Scot Squad, and the drama Ashes available on Amazon Prime.

Julie Coombe has appeared on TV in Hope Springs and on stage recently in Lena! and Hormonal Housewives.

Both are very supportive of the Backto60 campaign and gave pro bono performances with the aim of spreading the word to festival fringe audiences. You can watch the video above.

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8 thoughts on “Backto60 takes The Great Pension Robbery to the Edinburgh fringe

      • I believe you. You keep those articles coming David and I daresay some people will pay you money in the mistaken belief it will help a failed campaign for full restitution. Does anyone seriously think this or any other government are going to give a cash handout of £200 billion to 1950s women? In the meantime I’m happy for edgy comedians to knock the government but let’s not kid ourselves about the futility of the Back to 60 campaign.

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    • You are so stupid and thick to understand what this campaign means to women. Perhaps you should go back to school and learn a few of life’s lesson’s. Now go and do one.

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  1. Brilliant (apart from the pantomime “boos”). Unlike some of the people who make comments on this page, the actors are obviously educated, well-informed and know something about history (as well as being very funny). Wish they would do this performance on mainstream TV. Surely, Backto60 and Waspi have the same objective – keeping this issue in the spotlight.

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  2. Like myself, it really is very disgraceful that those of us born in the 50’s have been denied the state pension with very little notice to prepare, or in many cases no notice at all. There are many women all over the country in their 60’s who cannot find work at all, leaving many of us living on income support. It is shocking treatment for those of us who have worked all our lives, paying into the system for decades. We need justice, pay us the appropriate compensation. We cannot wait any longer. PLEASE, PLEASE give us justice. Pay up now.


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