Phone Hacking Trial: Cheryl Carter would never have involved her son in criminal conspiracy, jury told – Martin Hickman

The innocence of Rebekah Brooks’ pa, Cheryl Carter and her son, by her lawyer Trevor Burke

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Cheryl CarterDay 113: Cheryl Carter, Rebekah Brooks’ PA, would never have involved her own son in a criminal conspiracy to hide evidence of phone hacking from police, her lawyer told the Old Bailey today.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Brooks: I will “break the legs” of anyone poaching my PA, draft autobiography reveals – Martin Hickman

Amazing! A sneak preview of Rebekah Brooks’ autobiography is read in court praising Cheryl Carter for her 16 years service and meticulous memory while Brooks has told the court Cheryl was scatty and she once confused MI5 with MFI in talking to Rupert Murdoch.

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Brooks and CarterDay 78, Part 2:   Rebekah Brooks joked that she would “ break the legs ” of anyone poaching her long-serving PA Cheryl Carter, the hacking trial heard today.

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Phone Hacking Trial: ‘Errors’ in account given to police by Brooks’s PA, trial hears – Martin Hickman

Rebekah Brooks’ PA seems to have told quite different stories to the police over the crucial removal of her boss’s notebooks just before the News of the World closed!

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Brooks and Carter Day 77:  Rebekah Brooks’s PA today admitted errors in her account to police about the removal of seven boxes of notebooks central to a charge of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice against her and her former boss.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Brooks’ PA, Urgent archive request was to retrieve beauty clippings – Martin Hickman

Rebekah Brooks PA’s defence about the sudden removal of all her boss’s notebooks is interesting. It is all about taking out her beauty column notes to make more space for Rebekah’s archive!

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Cheryl Carter Day 76:   Rebekah Brooks’s PA was urgently trying to contact a News International archivist on the day the News of the World’s closure was announced because she wanted to withdraw boxes containing clippings about her career in the beauty industry, the hacking trial heard today.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Brooks’ 70-year-old mother takes to the witness stand – Martin Hickman

Now we have Rebekah’s 70 year old mum rallying to her daughter’s defence!

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Brooks and WeirDay 68:  Rebekah Brooks’s 70-year-old mother took the witness stand at the Old Bailey today to give evidence for her daughter.

Called by Mrs Brooks’s legal team, Deborah Weir said that her daughter’s PA Cheryl Carter had not arrived with any boxes when she visited the Brooks’s home in the Cotswolds at the height of the phone hacking scandal.

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