Suspicious deaths of the elderly in hospital: An appeal for people to contact me


Appeal for people to come forward over suspicious elderly relatives deaths in hospital

For the past four years I have been a member of the Gosport War Memorial Hospital Independent Panel that concluded that at least 456 elderly people had their lives shortened as ” a direct result of the pattern of prescribing and administering opioids that had become the norm at the hospital.”

Since publication of the report the events at Gosport are now the subject of an independent police inquiry so I cannot take up any cases involving Gosport.

However since the report’s publication a number of people have contacted me on  my website with allegations of a similar nature in other parts of the country,

As a result I have started investigations into these and would welcome other people –  relatives of  former patients, NHS staff  or lawyers representing them- to contact me in confidence as I am actively looking at this issue.

The aim will be to publicise and investigate  these fresh allegations to find out what happened to their relatives  and seek explanations from the various  hospitals who were responsible for their treatment.

You can get in touch with me by clicking on the contact me heading on my website or through I  look forward to hearing from you.




NHS: Investigation into historic unexpected deaths of elderly patients at Gosport War Memorial Hospital

Entrance to Gosport  War Memorial Hospital Picture credit:BBC

Entrance to Gosport War Memorial Hospital Picture credit:BBC

Today I have been appointed to serve on an independent panel to review all the documentary evidence into historic unexpected deaths of elderly patients at Gosport War Memorial Hospital in Hampshire.

The panel will be chaired by Bishop James Jones, the former Bishop of Liverpool,  who chaired the Hillsborough Inquiry into the deaths of  Liverpool football fans.

The inquiry will try to obtain all the facts behind the deaths of patients at this hospital stretching back for a large number of years.

The aim is to address the concerns of families who lost loved ones and are very unhappy about the way they were treated by the authorities.

While the investigation is under way for the next three years I have been asked to keep a vow of silence about its findings until they are made public.

This is because my prime duty is to the families who believe they have been seriously let down and I intend to devote my energies as an investigative journalist to get as near to the truth as possible.

So you will find nothing on this blog about the investigation. Any journalist hoping for leaks on information this inquiry is uncovering is also going to be very disappointed. There will be an official website outlining the scope and nature of the investigation and who sits on the panel. The link is

But the only people who should know the findings in advance will be the families themselves.