Phone Hacking Trial: Edmondson extended Mulcaire’s contract, after initially stopping payments – Martin Hickman

This is extraordinary given the earlier story that Edmondson had said he had wanted to end the arrangement with Glenn Mulcaire and now is happy paying him. See also Peter Jukes for the documents released showing the payments and Edmondson’s dismissal letter.

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EdmondsonDay 18 (Part 2):   The News of the World’s news editor, Ian Edmondson, extended its £100,000-year-contract with the private detective Glenn Mulcaire after initially ordering the payments to be stopped, the hacking trial heard yesterday.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Ian Edmondson halted payments to Glenn Mulcaire a year before he was arrested, Old Bailey hears – Martin Hickman

This story reveals that Ian Edmondson, the News of the World news editor,accused alongside Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson, of conspiring to hack phone messages, moved to cancel a £2,000 a week retainer to phone hacker, Glenn Mulcaire, as part of a cost saving exercise. The decision was taken 18 months before Mulcaire was arrested. An intervention by his defence lawyer makes it clear that he will be highlighting his attempts to sack Mulcaire to defend himself against the charges.

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????????????????Day 18: News of the World news editor Ian Edmondson halted payments to the paper’s phone hacker Glenn Mulcaire a year before he was arrested, the hacking trial heard today. Mr Edmondson is on trial at the Old Bailey accused of conspiring with Mulcaire and other former colleagues to intercept voicemail messages between 2000 and 2006.

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