Phone Hacking Trial: Conspiracy charges hinge on evidence against Charlie Brooks, Judge suggests – Martin Hickman

The judge puts Charlie Brooks at centre of conspiracy verdict. Was he trying to hide evidence from police because he didn’t want The Guardian to reveal his addiction to lesbian DVDs and lose a book contract or was it part of the conspiracy to hide phone hacking evidence?

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Rebekah and Charlie BrooksDay 118, Part 2: The charge of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice against Rebekah Brooks, News International former chief executive, and Mark Hanna, the newspaper group’s head of security, hinges on the evidence against her husband Charlie, the judge suggested today.

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Phone Hacking Trial: News International security chief kept pornography “stash” from police – Martin Hickman

Revealed by the defence; The hiding of the bags is all about keeping Charlie Brooks ‘ lesbian DVDs away from prying police eyes and not embarrassing Rebekah. Nothing about phone hacking!

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Mark HannaDay 82, Part 1:   A security chief for Rupert Murdoch’s British newspaper group agreed to keep from the police a stash of pornography belonging to the husband of former chief executive Rebekah Brooks, the phone hacking trial heard today.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Charlie Brooks “too sloppy” to notice hidden bags had not been returned – Martin Hickman

Too drunk to realise his bags with lesbian DVDs had not arrived- Charlie Brooks explanation after sharing six bottles of plonk

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Rebekah BrooksDay 80, Part 2:   Charlie Brooks was “too sloppy” after drinking red wine to notice that the bags he had hidden from police had not been returned to him as planned, the Old Bailey heard today.

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Phone Hacking Trial: Charlie Brooks hid porn DVDs to avoid “Jacqui Smith moment”, court hears – Martin Hickman

So now we know why the prosecution released details of Charlie Brooks’ collection of lesbian porn DVDs- they are part of his defence case!

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Charlie Brooks Day 80:  Charlie Brooks told the phone hacking trial today that he hid his bags from police because he was worried that the discovery of his pornography collection could lead to a “Jacqui Smith moment.”

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Phone Hacking Trial: Brooks had no knowledge of husband’s stashed bags – Martin Hickman

Extraordinary Rebekah Brooks says she knew nothing about Charlie Brooks stashed bags containing lesbian porn DVDs and a newsletter about pedigree pigs

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Rebekah and Charlie Brooks Day 62, Part 2:  Rebekah Brooks had no knowledge of an attempt by her husband Charlie to hide his bags at the time she was arrested, the Old Bailey heard today.

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Lesbian DVDs, a conker, tights, a pig newsletter and a Wimbledon Royal programme- secrets of Charlie Brooks bag

Pedigree Kune Kune pigs and a litter. pic credit: dalehouse

Pedigree Kune Kune pigs and a litter. pic credit: dalehouse

The Crown Prosecution Service have released today the contents found in the brown briefcase owned by Charlie Brooks  examined by the Met police.

The full content list can be read on Peter Jukes blog  whom I am indebted for quick publication tonight.

 Followers will remember this was the bag recovered by a cleaner and handed over to the police. It was also the subject of allegations by the prosecution that it was part of a conspiracy to try to get rid of evidence once his wife, Rebekah Brooks, alleged code name Black Hawk for security reasons, had been arrested.

 The police have already released a video taken from the 24 hour security cameras at Chelsea Harbour, the London home of the Brooks family. Today they added some pictures.

 Altogether there are seven DVDs- ranging from titles like Bride of Sin to Instant Lesbian and Lesbian Psychodramas. Other contents include the Kunekune Pig Society newsletter,a pair of Falke Shelina 12 tights and more mundane items like pens,a conker, homeopathic medicine and chequebooks from top banker William Hoare & Co.

 The court was also told yesterday that Mr Books  may have threatened to sue the manager of Chelsea Harbour for handing over the bag to the police after he couldn’t retrieve it from the porters lodge.