This site is to become the centre  for all my journalistic activity since I left my job as Westminster Correspondent on the Guardian on 30 June 2009.

It aims to link together my past work -principally for The Guardian and Guardian Unlimited with my new work for newspapers, magazines, TV, Blogs and media consultancy.

I am currently working for Raw Cut Tv as head of current affairs on commissioning a number of programmes covering a wide field from scandals in football to local government corruption and political stories covering Whitehall and Westminster.

 I write regularly for  the left of centre magazine Tribune where I have been appointed their Westminster Correspondent.

Previous articles have appeared in the Guardian  and there is a longer version of a recent critical article on the Parliamentary lobby system  published in The Guardian in the British Journalism Review.(

I  have a recent article on MPs expenses in the IPPR Journal on MPs expenses ( outlining how Parliament came to be in this sorry state and suggesting some ways forward.

I have also written a number of stories for the Sundays in the national press,since leaving the Guardian, notably the Mail on Sunday and the Sunday Telegraph.

Latest are:(

I also write on Whitehall matters for Public Servant. Two recent articles appeared on the web covering public spending cuts and a gag on ministers issuing strong comments about National Audit Office and House of Commons Public Accounts Committee reports. ( and (

My media consultancy in the last six months included advising the National Audit Office on making their reports more newsworthy. I have also given  a talk to Parli Training on Lobbying the Tories and being on a panel at last year’s Civil Service Live national conference.

Finally with Francis Beckett I am the co-author of two books,The Blairs and Their Court, renamed The Survivor: Tony Blair in Peace and War , and Marching to the Fault Line, a history of the 1984 miners’ strike. Both are available on Amazon.

The site also links to bloggers of all political persuasions and has direct media links to the Guardian, BBC, Telegraph and Tribune websites.

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