Nice Try, Guido. Or Not Really.

Stone and Clegg campaigning together outside Newcastle police station

An extraordinary attempt was made  just before Christmas to kill off a story of mine to spare the blushes of a rather hapless Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate  caught out for living a dual life in cyberspace.

Greg Stone is now toast and has had to stand down as Liberal Democrat candidate for Newcastle-upon Tyne East and Wallsend as a result but the shennaghins surrounding the attempt to make sure this did not get into print is worth recalling.

Guido Fawkes tried to come to the rescue of  Greg Stone aka Inamicus by using one of the oldest tricks of ye olde print media -a spoiler before the tale could be published by a rival.

 Taking advantage of the internet’s speed over print he published a  blog defending Stone for making  some pretty nasty and rude comments about female MPs-both Labour and Tory – by releasing details of the tale and saying that calling someone a ” sour faced bitch” was ” tame”. Accompanying the tale was a copy of document which stood up the allegations and had been sent to the Liberal Democrats following a request from Nick Clegg’s office. Can’t think how Guido got it.

Guido proceeded to spin the tale by blaming Stone’s opponent, incumbent Labour MP and chief whip, Nick Brown claiming it was part of a Labour smear campaign and that the MPs researchers had been touting it around left wing journos.

While some spoilers repel, others attract. The Guido spoiler enhanced the chances of the tale being published – not in the leftie press but in the Sunday Telegraph. So I thank him for increasing my income.

But there were some bizarre side effects. Guido himself claimed not to know the real identity of Inamicus  which was  rather disingenuous – given Greg Stone’s regular references to him on Twitter.

Nor do either them get the main point.  If Greg Stone wants to be an MP he should not use Guido Fawkes to make crude and lewd comments about his future colleagues under an assumed name. And none of this fits with Stone’s other claim to be Mr Transparancy on his official council website.  Stone continued his double standards afterwards- issuing an apology in the official print media while not hinting at any apology in the blogosphere.

Finally lets take this early morning exchange between Greg and Guido showing how close they are. Read it for yourself.
@guidofawkes where’s my space agency hat tip?! 2:57 AM Dec 11th  
From Guido to Greg – 11 December 2009 3:34 AM
@greg4mp consider yourself hat-tipped. Thought you were an anonymous source… 3:34 AM

8 thoughts on “Nice Try, Guido. Or Not Really.

  1. Thousands of people comment on my blog using pseudonyms, I don’t know their real identities. I didn’t know that “Inamicus” was Greg Stone. Obviously I did guess the identity of “Greg4MP”. How is that disingenuous?

    Bit surprised at the angle you are taking there. Glad to have increased your income. You owe me a drink…


  2. David,

    I note you are careful not to deny the suggestion that the document was touted to you by sources close to Nick Brown.

    You are factually incorrect in stating I have made no apology on the blogosphere. I also take issue with the implication of your “bankrolled” insinuation; it is a common expression in the blogosphere for one to “tip one’s hat” to another for reposting an item or lead from somebody else.

    I have owned up to making a mistake, apologised, and resigned. Will you now have the integrity to withdraw your remarks and issue me with an apology?


  3. greg
    I am happy to accept your explanation that your ” hat tipping ” tweet was not a request for loadsamoney from Guido.
    As to apologies in the blogosphere at the time of the first Guido post there was not the remotest sign of apology. Indeed some of your ” crass and juvenile” comments ( as you now say on Liberal Democrat Voice) were dismissed as mere political banter. You know and I know that you had already issued an apology for a print article backed and I suspect instigated by Nick Clegg’s office.
    The blogosphere apology came this week well after the article.


  4. I had apologised several times in print; it seems a little strange for a veteran print journalist to deem that inadmissible because I hadn’t posted it on a blog. It also seems a little strange for a veteran lobby correspondent who must presumably have been anonymously briefed by MPs in far stronger terms than I used to suddenly take such an interest in my comments, but you know and I know who put you up to it.

    Unfortunately banter is sometimes juvenile and as noted I regret any offence caused by my stupid remarks. By the same token, you should have the grace to not only “accept my explanation” but to apologise and withdraw your defamatory “bankrolled” comment.


  5. Greg
    Just to show good grace I have changed the last bit. But I did not read it as defamatory- a connection with Guido Fawkes is surely rather similar to supporting John Wilkes in the eighteenth century.


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