Back to the Future: David joins Exaronews Fleet Street’s first investigative news website

From today I have started to put some of my investigations on a new City financed website, Exaronews.

For the first time in my long 40-year-old career I have started to work off Fleet Street in New Fetter lane and my local is El Vinos, where old hacks never die.

Fleet Street today more regarded as a heritage tourist stop where people reminisce about print and hot metal  will now become the venue for  a new cyberspace revolution-the rebirth of detailed investigative journalism on the web. The wheel is turning full circle with a site entirely dedicated to investigative journalism and detailed analysis of government,Whitehall, politics,foreign news and City investigations..

If you register for exaronews you will start getting,free of charge, stories from me examining Whitehall,  ( how £13bn of taxpayers money was qualified)local government  (the government’s plans for the Audit Commision)and the present dispute between the BBC and the National Audit Office. But there will be much more to come. Eventually there will be a charge -not all investigative journalism can be free!

Watch this space and enjoy government, politicians, senior civil servants and City people being brought to account by forensic examination of their policies.The link is

4 thoughts on “Back to the Future: David joins Exaronews Fleet Street’s first investigative news website

  1. Hi David

    Sounds great – I really hope it goes well. I had been wondering what the future of investigative journalism would be…


  2. Agree with Fran (Hi Fran !). Very cheering to hear that someone with your reputation has found an outlet…let me know if you need someone with a science/statistics background to help on stories. Good luck with it all !


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