Berkhamsted goes live – community TV launched

View of Berkhamsted's Grand Union Canal- Dee TV's HQ is alongside it. Pic courtesy

Today (Sun) sees the launch of Dee TV – a community web TV station- covering Dacorum – that for those who don’t know their Roman history- is Berkhamsted, Tring and Hemel Hempstead plus a host of Chiltern villages in Hertfordshire.

 It has been set up as a private initiative by mum and daughter, Lindy  and Mischke Weinreb, two of the more colourful people in the town, with local web and graphic designer, Alistair McDowall. Expect it to be an interactive TV station reporting on local events. Its initial site has lots of short films on it-  a couple from local schools, interviews with local artists and musicians and a report of a local rock concert on The Moor at Hemel. It also provides a lot of coverage for local charities.

 I have no personal interest in the site  – but am really pleased to see  more community activity and journalism in the area. So far it  is feel good rather than controversial but there’s room for everything. You can see for yourself at

9 thoughts on “Berkhamsted goes live – community TV launched

  1. David – Just to complete the colour mix Bryan (husband for those that do not know) is a member of the Labour Party …. I hope this will confirm to everyone that this is a TOTALLY non political channel – it is about community OUR COMMUNITY – so tell us what you want to see please.


    • Yes, of course, it’s non political..except that with Lindy and family – it is almost every political hue available- you can even add green for conservation- with the exception of course of any far right or semi-racist party that shouldn’t exist in Berkhamsted or anywhere else.


  2. Wonderful collection of local events for the wider Dacorum public to view and enjoy….and for the participants to tell their friends about!

    I would like to wish everyone involved with the DeeTV launch all the very best for a prosperous future…… Sky’s the limit?

    Also, thank you for posting a wonderful short video of the ‘Dacorum Communities Together Mela Festival 2011’ amongst the collection.

    Suqlain Mahmood, Hemel Hempstead.


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