Richmond child sex abuse file ” No further action required”

Richmond Council:  Another cover up exposedPic courtesy: http://www.officespaceinlondon.lnet.

Richmond Council: Another cover up exposed Pic courtesy: http://www.officespaceinlondon.lnet.

The latest damning disclosure about both the police and Richmond Council’s handling of the  child abuse scandal  at Elm Guest House and Grafton Close children’s home adds to growing disquiet that both the council and the police were not up to the job.

An article by me and Mark Conrad in exaro news ( see ) and in the Sunday People ( see  reveals yet another example of the authorities turning a blind eye.

Since the incident goes close to any potential trial I am restrained for legal reasons to go into too much detail or identify the file. However a copy of the entry has been sent to me.

The alarming thing is that this happened TWO years after the event and a year after the raid on Elm Guest House in Barnes and yet it appears neither the police – who requested the interview – or the council – took any other action to investigate. Just as they did not pursue the people involved after they raided the guest house in 1982 apart from prosecuting Mr Kasir, then the owner.

What is also very disturbing is the role of Louis Minster, the director of social services now living abroad, who twice requested a copy of this file with the complaints about sexual abuse. Once was when the boy involved was not even in council care. Why? No answer is forthcoming from Mr Minster who claimed earlier he had no knowledge of the  Elm Guest House scandal until it appeared on Exaro News website and in the Sunday People. Really, Mr Minster?

Equally distressing is that our source who requested  the file is ” not surprised” that the record shows the council and police did nothing. How bad is that?

This incident took place in the year Conservative minority rule ended at Richmond and the Liberal SDP Alliance took control. Until the whole story comes out there is now a stain on the record of the original police investigation and the Tories and Liberals in charge of Richmond Council at the time.

5 thoughts on “Richmond child sex abuse file ” No further action required”

  1. At some point it will become obvious that there are no investigations to jeopardise and no trials to prejudice. Then all the evidence can be places online for the world to see.


  2. have a look at why halifax Safeguarding Unit refuse to take any action against the man who traded kids from the home he ran, to paedo rings, despite him being accused of indecent exposure while on sex offenders register


  3. I am a Male Survivor of in the so called care of social services and I was abused in Grafton and elm House and the police are doing the best they can trying to help other boys who where abuse in the home. and if anyone has been abused in care boys-Girls when you are ready tell a good Friend or the Police as they are caring and supporting everyone who has been abused even if it was years ago. I am no longer a victim I am a SURVIVOR now


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