The mad world of Louis Minster- the man who denies he is there

For those following the Richmond child sexual abuse scandal a most extraordinary phone conversation has just taken place between my colleague Mark Conrad for Exaro News and Louis Minster, director of social services at the time.

Mr Minster was in charge of the council’s social services council at the time it is alleged boys from Grafton Close children’s home were taken to Elm Guest House in Barnes and sexually abused by VIPs, including the late Sir Cyril Smith in the early 1980s. He was the boss of John Stingemore, the head of the home, who has already been arrested by the Met police as part of Operation Fernbridge

Mr Minster is in a bit of the trouble. The 81-year-old ex director now living in retirement in Malta first claimed he had never had heard of the scandal when first approached by Exaro. Then it emerged he was briefed by Terry Earland, head of children’s services and now Richmond’s own files showed he twice unusually pulled the file of  a 14-year-old boy in care who had knowledge of child abuse at the time. Yet he knows nothing.

Naturally we would want to ask him about these discrepancies. So when rung up in Malta he pretends he isn’t there and he isn’t Louis Minster. When rumbled he doesn’t want to answer any questions. Listen to the amazing interview at Exaro News ( ).

Perhaps it is about time he was questioned by the Met Police. Then he won’t be able to dodge these questions and pretend he is someone else.

6 thoughts on “The mad world of Louis Minster- the man who denies he is there

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  2. I had a strange phone conversation a week ago – the MPS don’t want me to ‘look like a fool’ or did they mean nutter, liar or both. They may even feel sorry for me as they know what I went through at the LBRuT. Perhaps I am now too cynical a person to think that good intentions were meant. What I would like is for somebody independent to look at mine and others efforts, ie the paperwork, to expose the abuse of vulnerables @ Richmond. I am sure regular contributors to Davids site can help. If you can perhaps David will facilitate.


    • @former TU rep i am very sorry to hear of your experiences ..i think all those who suffered abuse need at least answers and justice.
      i find myself in a strange area here..due to my connections with that part of london and oddly enough that same point in time..even though i was only visiting friends then.
      recently i came across recent policy with el brutey..again connected to children and concerns about child safety..i am not suggesting anything in it..other than it being deeply ironic..
      i do so hope that evidence comes to light and those who need answers and support will have their time…its a scandal and tragedy..


  3. david it always surprises me that people in positions of authority consider that they ”didnt do anything wrong’ when it is plain for all to see just how wrong it is…do they suffer from from ‘moral blindness’ ?


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