Brian Coleman Convicted: A Tory bully and now a thug

Brian Coleman: convicted of assault. No moreexpense account lunches

Brian Coleman: convicted of assault. No more expense account lunches

On the day the purple spots of UKIP started to pop up across the English shires, one former prominent Conservative councillor got even more than just a  drubbing at the polls.

Brian Coleman, former mayor of Barnet, former chair of the London Assembly and chair of the London fire brigade, pleaded guilty to assaulting a  woman cafe owner who tried to  film him breaking his own parking regulations.

Rather than acknowledge that he was breaking the law and the hypocrisy of what he was doing, Coleman resorted to violence that might be associated with a common street brawler. He hit her and grabbed her breast in his attempt to snatch her Iphone..

The representative of the party of law and order ended up with a £1400 fine and restitution for injuries to Helen Michael. For all the gory details of the hearing and the remarkable silence from his fellow Tory councillors in Barnet, read the detailed  and tremendous account by Mrs Angry,   on her very popular  Broken Barnet blog ( ).

Frankly after Mr Coleman’s attack on decent firefighters in London, his botched privatisation of the London  fire service through AssetCo and his rude attacks on other Barnet citizens, including a desperate single mum, justice was done.

I am sure it is only a matter of time before Chris Grayling, the justice secretary, feels moved to disown his behaviour. Or perhaps not . it is too embarrassing for  Tory words.

7 thoughts on “Brian Coleman Convicted: A Tory bully and now a thug

  1. Sorry David, I am a stickler for accuracy. It was breast, singular not plural, the left one. I also don’t think that Brian was aiming for Helen’s breast but for the phone which she was probably clutching to her, it is too hard to properly interpret the staccato cctv.

    That apart it was ungentlemanly conduct and we are entitled to expect a higher standard of behaviour in our councillors, including when they are not on official business.


  2. Mr Mustard: this was not just ‘an error’, or ungentlemanly conduct, this was an aggressive assault on a woman, and not something that might have blown over after a correction. I think it is up to Helen to say whether or not he was aiming for her phone, or it was a deliberately aimed attempt to grab her there. The effects of such an attack should not be underplayed, especially if it is perpetrated by a man on a woman.


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  4. A thoroughly nasty piece of work, whose deserved demise brought a little ray of sunshine into the lives of those who have had to deal with the fellow over the years.


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