Brave Article, Very Brave Lady.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is a particularly honest and decent journalist who is prepared to take up causes and issues others might ignore. I am reproducing her article today on the exposure of Stuart Hall via The Needle blog because it is also providing an invaluable archive of child abuse over the last 30 years.Those who are following the Richmond child abuse scandal will find the articles well worth studying as they illustrate the depth of successive cover ups of this issue today and in the past.


I think The Independent were brave to publish this article and the lady who wrote the original correspondence which launched the investigation into Stuart Hall was very brave indeed. Please read the entire article.

While most of the media are portraying the crimes Stuart Hall has pleaded guilty to as inappropriate kissing and groping this article betrays the lie to all that and indicates possible collusion with others in the establishment.

I have been waiting anxiously for this moment, the moment when Stuart Hall would either be found guilty or innocent of the sexual abuse of young girls.

Last year I became personally involved in this saga, and that involvement led to the investigation by Lancashire Police which ended with Hall’s confession. His victims must have feared that with his power and money he would fight their allegations and win. He did initially deny all charges and made statements about his “innocence”…

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2 thoughts on “Brave Article, Very Brave Lady.

  1. The problem is that her original article has been changed. The reference to the abuse being done with an MP, now a peer has been changed to just “mates”.



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