Andy Burnham becomes first shadow cabinet minister to back child sex abuse inquiry

Andy Burnham: backing an inquiry pic credit:Wikipedia

Andy Burnham: backing an inquiry pic credit:Wikipedia

Andy Burnham, the shadow health secretary, has become the first member of Ed Miliband’s shadow Cabinet to back an over arching inquiry into child sexual abuse.

Over the weekend he was joined by Hilary Benn, the shadow communities secretary and Emily Thornberry, shadow attorney general. With others this brings the number of MPs backing the inquiry  to 118. Impetus for the inquiry has been heightened following the latest sickening disclosures about Jimmy Savile’s predatory behaviour from Broadmoor secure hospital to other 27 other NHS trusts.

Andy Burnham made his views very clear when he was challenging Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, over the publication of the Savile investigations in Parliament yesterday as well as confirming to Tim Loughton, one of the Mps and former children’s minister, that he was supporting his letter to Theresa May, the home secretary, calling for the inquiry. There is a  full report by my colleague Alex Varley-Winter on the Exaro website with an up to date list of names.

There next question is whether more of the Shadow Cabinet will back the idea.



7 thoughts on “Andy Burnham becomes first shadow cabinet minister to back child sex abuse inquiry

  1. All governments are paid to be the voice for the people to be our voices for justice it is amazing that the 650 MPs have not DEMANDED an inquiry into child abuse but then most MPs are old boys and must have been aware of P.I.E. and the paedophiles but then it is only the plebs children being abused and as in the 1950s child abuse it will all die down sooner then later. Shame the children will always have to suffer in every way just to please them that rule a rotton corrupt country. The silent witnesses here lies the truth.


  2. Andy Burham first shadow Minister to sign up – what about the three government ministers (Prescott/Armstrong and Blunkett) who received letters from me in 2002 (kept the lot and their replies) that detailed the abuse at the Elm Guest House and in which I named the abuse Minister? Are they signing up to an enquiry? Let them dare. Oh I forgot I can also include a current shadow minister whose staff told me that she could not take the Solanki tape forward – has she also signed up? Waiting for Tuesday? NO the real fall out will be the naming, shaming and scrutiny of people who did nothing.


  3. There shouldn’t be people signing up, it should be done automatically! How disgusting that so many have so much to hide.


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