Police forced by DPP to interview Leon Brittan as Lords back MPs for child sex abuse inquiry

Leon Brittan: Pic courtesy of the Guardia\n.

Leon Brittan: Pic courtesy of the Guardian.

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, forced the Metropolitan Police Service to review how it had investigated the allegation against Leon (now Lord) Brittan that he raped a 19-year-old student in the summer of 1967 before he became an MP.

The full story  is on the Exaro website after my colleague Mark Conrad talked to the alleged victim called ” Jane”.

Saunders demanded to know from the Met why it had closed the case without even questioning him.

As a result, detectives interviewed Brittan under caution by appointment in the first half of June at his solicitors’ offices. Brittan issued a statement today saying the allegations are without foundation.

The latest disclosures come as the Home Secretary is to make a statement to Parliament about setting up an inquiry. Details will become clear exactly what inquiry it will be this afternoon.

Meanwhile as Exaro also reports that 11 peers have joined the 145 MPs  led by Zac Goldsmith calling for an overarching Hillsborough style inquiry They include Former High Court judge Baroness Butler-Sloss and the Bishop of Durham .

All this marks an extraordinary difference over one week when ministers wanted to brush the issue under the carpet or make sure nothing would happen on this issue for years to come.

I suspect the thought that MPs still discredited over the expenses disclosures were now going to be tarred with covering up alleged paedophiles with VIP connections was too much for the government. They would not want it to become a burning issue in the run up to an election when they will  be seeking people’s votes.


4 thoughts on “Police forced by DPP to interview Leon Brittan as Lords back MPs for child sex abuse inquiry

  1. I have been reading about decades of CSA cover ups for the last year. This is such a revolting subject , the vast majority of people have put their heads in the sand for centuries. Don’t talk about it, then it doesn’t exist. Well it does and thousands and thousands of defenceless kids’ childhoods have been stolen from them and its something which they can never ever get back. Most have been so traumatised, they have taken what has happened to them to their graves. For the first time in history CSA survivors have really found their voices. Exaro have journalists that have gone where other journalists have feared to tread. The scale of these cover ups are mind blowing. Lots of MPs have found their voices, more journalists come on board and people that really care about kids. Over 76,000 have already signed Tom Watson’s petition and hundreds are signing every minute. People that have stood up to be counted to protect defenceless traumatised kids and CSA survivors who have had their childhoods ruined, have made this government sit up and take notice. Well now PM is the time for children to be put FIRST, before paedophiles and I hope you join the long queue to sign Tom Watson’s petition and I hope you do that today.


  2. Reblogged this on SMILING CARCASS'S TWO-PENNETH and commented:
    All I can say is this post is almost a month old, and we’ve heard little. The bastard’s got away with it- as they almost certainly all will save perhaps a few sacrifices to sate the people’s ire. And sate it almost certainly shall be as they move on to the next ‘Jeremy style’ scandal.


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