Child Sex Abuse Inquiry: An all party victory for MPs and abuse victims

No one would have thought a week ago that Theresa May, the home secretary, would have announced today an overarching inquiry into child sexual abuse.

The odds were stacked against it for the last two years as David Cameron kept insisting that police investigations had to go first before there could be any inquiry.

Today it all changed. and it was discovered that it was perfectly possible to have both an all embracing independent inquiry and complete the current police investigations at the same time.

The reason why this changed is a combination of persistent journalism, determined abuse victims and their campaigners and a group of very, very determined MPs who put  pressure on the Prime Minister and the Home secretary to act.

The biggest victors today are the child abuse victims – whose stories have been ignored, their suffering played down, and their search for justice thwarted for decades.

Now they will have – even if it takes a couple of years to complete – the promise of a tough, vigilant independent panel that will explore all avenues from  the failure to detect these scandals to how  victims can get proper help to cope with their  damaged lives. If it uses its power to abstract information from the security services and special branch we may well get to the bottom of why prominent people were protected and were safe for decades to practice their vile pursuits..

Rumours suggest that Theresa May  wants to appoint a powerful woman to run the inquiry  which would  send a powerful signal to male dominated Whitehall and Parliament that it means business.

Credit must be paid to hundreds of Twitter followers of Exaro and myself who raised questions with MPs – a powerful use of  new media to change minds and bring attention directly to the people involved./ Without Twitter it would have been much slower and more difficult to achieve the goal.

Tribute must be paid to some tireless MP campaigners – to Zac Goldsmith for the idea of all party approach, to Tom Watson for his gutsy raising of difficult questions and championing abuse victims, to Simon Danczuk for his persistence in pursuing the paedophile Sir Cyril Smith and to the heroic former children’s minister, Tim Loughton, for his organising skills and determination to seek justice and a new system of child protection that could change the climate in this country. Tessa Munt’s skills in honing the letter to the home secretary was crucial in pushing through the case.

For once I would say  the good side of Parliament has triumphed in representing the views of an outraged public who are still reeling from the exposure of loved household celebrities as paedophiles and wanted to see things changed.

Also I hope when journalism has suffered grievous damage from the phone hacking scandal  it has shown that there are investigative journalists – all my colleagues at Exaro – who are prepared to spend  time, energy and fortitude to try and expose accurately and carefully a national scandal and then campaign to get something done. I wish more journalists would do it.




14 thoughts on “Child Sex Abuse Inquiry: An all party victory for MPs and abuse victims

  1. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    Don’t celebrate too soon, David!
    I think it is vital to keep up the pressure because the politicians involved in this matter will do everything in their considerable power to stifle this inquiry and stymie those involved in it. Wherever any report or response to questioning seems vague or dismissive, someone needs to be asking questions and demanding exact answers.
    This is a time for vigilance.


  2. Not sure that the NSPCC is the best organisation to be involved though given who their fundraisers have been both Saville and Harris..


  3. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    This is extremely hopeful, but MIke’s right in his comment over at Vox Political: the politicians and establishment will do all they can to block serious change or exposure. It’s a time for vigilance, as much as celebration.


  4. I honestly don’t believe that most people and many journalist are not truly aware of what their up against in the truth being revealed ! They should have a word with Christine Keeler & Mandy Rice Davies about the Establishment.


  5. I am certainly not happy that the CEO of the NSPCC has been chosen for the job of a “review” of the situation.
    Firstly, it should be a full public inquiry not a review.
    Secondly, the CEO gets paid a huge amount of money which puts him in the highest earners bracket – a place were the rich meet the rich – and can be *ahem*, persuaded easily?!?!


  6. Reblogged this on Jay's Journal and commented:
    This could all fall to pieces yet – maybe a couple of arrests made and then everything going on as normal. Not normal for their victims though!


  7. On the Record; Buried the hatchet with Exaro and David.
    Re. Butler Sloss I am still scratching my arse on that one. Sorry I meant head.


  8. Got a call an MP today. What did I think of Home Secretary’s inquiry? Was it good, etc?
    My reply: Wait and see when you and your fellow MP’s try to get into Mi5’s basement.


  9. And here is one for the Rulers of the World. You think you are in control. Well a SS friends tells me they have been sniffing around a Ministers private office recently. Even told me about the Angelina Jolie picture on the his desk…you know the one with the personal message!


  10. I was delighted when I was sent a letter from Emily Thornberry MP in support of an overarching inquiry. Exaro News on Twitter campaigned on behalf of victims and I’ve followed their lead. Great Day for us.


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