Mark Reckless MP:My letter to PM on whips and child abuse inquiry

This is a fascinating letter in the context of the child abuse inquiry and the growing scandal surrounding the sexual behaviour of MPs in Westminster and what information is known about them that is held by government and opposition whips.. The example he cites had nothing to do with sexual abuse but involved the ” cash for questions ” scandal that led to the resignation of Neil Hamilton and Tim Smith. There is an irony here giving I am investigating child sexual abuse in that I broke the story about David Willetts’ letter in the Guardian at the time and he had to resign. I did not know that it led to a decision to shred everything after the story was published. This letter makes compelling reading in the present context and raises many pertinent questions which is why I have reblogged this article.

Mark Reckless | UKIP


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2 thoughts on “Mark Reckless MP:My letter to PM on whips and child abuse inquiry

  1. Quite enlightening! I watched PMQ’s (always through gritted teeth) and witnessed Cameron’s response to this MP (rather dismissive, sneering, patronising, ‘if you can be more clear I’ll try to answer your question’)
    Now let’s see if Mr Cameron can be ‘ quite clear about this’ now


  2. Hi David , Thanks for this . I am aware that my disgust & disrespect for most politicians makes some wary of even contacting me . Mark Reckless MP appears to look like a different pineapple in the rotten bucket of apples. I read with interest his letter to the PM and followed him up via his website. I enjoyed what I read & wish him well in his endeavours. I think the next few days in Parliament shall change a few peoples lives including some MP’s & members of the House of Lords.


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