Child sex abuse:The audio file that names an ex Tory Cabinet minister

An audio  recording that names a former Tory Cabinet minister in connection with alleged child sex abuse is expected to be heard by MPs shortly.

This latest dramatic development is reported fully on Exaro’s website is of an interview with a customs officer who witnessed seeing the minister on a seized videotape at Dover,

The video is political dynamite. Customs and Excise seized it, along with other “indecent or obscene” films and videos of children, from Russell Tricker, a businessman, as he attempted to bring the material into the UK from Amsterdam.

Senior managers took over the case at the time, and are understood to have passed the video cassette to the Security Service, MI5. Tricker was released, and no further action was taken.

The fact that MPs want to hear this should mean that the police will have take this latest claim seriously as they will have to decide whether to hand over the tape to the new child abuse inquiry, summon the customs officer to give evidence to Parliament  or press the police to follow up this incident properly.

Yet another fast moving development in a story that is not going to go away.


7 thoughts on “Child sex abuse:The audio file that names an ex Tory Cabinet minister

  1. Hi David
    I notice that you say this audio recording is expected to be heard by MPs shortly. The Exaro website however states that at least two MPs have already received it.
    Could you clarify please which statement is the correct one?
    Most grateful


  2. What to do next???? F**k sake, another meeting, really do they not know the laws the their machine have created, it fairly simple, man abuses children he’s questioned, if enough evidence supports claim he’s charged (i assume he’s photographic and video evidence is evidence still), then he’s given time to build his defence and then he get a trial, this should then be followed by a verdict (in this case guilty given the evidence) and a few weeks after that sentencing.

    Please tell me, what it is they need to decide on??


  3. I would be interested in what happened as Russell Tricker was a problem as far back as 1976 . He was my choirmaster when I was 13 he tried to groom me over a period of 6 months into having naked photographs taken . I was shown all sorts of pictures and promised monetary reward. Subsequently I left the choir but heard that other boys suffered his attentions.


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