A damning indictment of the DPP and its failure to prosecute Cyril Smith

My  Exaro colleagues Nick Fielding and Tim Wood deserve a big commendation for doggedly pursuing the Crown prosecution Service to force them to release a damning report revealing how the authorities missed their opportunity to prosecute  paedophile MP Cyril Smith while he was alive.

After using the Freedom of Information Act the CPS has finally  a year later released a police report showing the Rochdale authorities knew what Sir Cyril was up to – but  the Director of Public Prosecutions declined to prosecute,.

The police superintendent in charge of the investigation in 1970 wrote;

“It seems impossible to excuse his conduct. Over a considerable period of time, whilst sheltering beneath a veneer of respectability, he has used his unique position to indulge in a sordid series of indecent episodes with young boys towards whom he had a special responsibility.”

No action was taken, and the paedophile MP was free to continue sexually and physically abusing boys for many more years. The full report is on the Exaro website.

One can only say if they had acted a lot of people would have been spared suffering such predatory sordid practices and could have gone on to have had fulfilling lives and enjoyed the innocence of the rest of their childhood. The authorities have a lot to answer.

9 thoughts on “A damning indictment of the DPP and its failure to prosecute Cyril Smith

  1. The authorities have a lot to answer …………. Yes, they should have the guts to explain to every CSA survivor of Cyril Smith, whose childhood was stolen, who were robbed of their innocence, who have had to live with the nightmares of what happened to them for the rest of their lives, why a predatory paedophile was more important than they were.


  2. Hear hear, David, especially the last paragraph. It’s shocking how he was allowed to get away with it all his life – and scary how many others may have done too. I’m reading these revelations every day and wondering now what kind of a world did I grow up in? It’s like someone has pulled a rug on everything you thought you knew.


  3. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    The Crown Prosecution Service has, like the Serious Farce Office, also appeared in Private Eye over the years for its failure to prosecute the guilty despite ample evidence. Will the publication of any report make them clean up their act and start ‘poncing’ on those who prey on the young and vulnerable? We live in hope.


  4. It is not surprising that this senior police officer and the DPP did nothing as those involved would have been warned off by the secret service who are doing their best to supress what is both a national and international disgrace even now. When and if the truth comes out there will be outrage at the organised nature of these heinous crimes. The private lives of politicians and other influential people has always been used as a point of leverage or to give it its proper name blackmail. The party whips of all sides have used the black book system to bring MPs into line and there is a suggestion that info regarding CSA has been used which would make for complicity in crimes if it has gone unreported. There must be a lot of politicians dreading that Theresa May finds a chair for the delayed enquiry into CSA. She, with the insider knowledge she must have, is probably glad of the objections to the first two choices meaning she can delay its progress until she leaves office.
    North Yorkshire Police are another force that will be put more in the spotlight when it becomes more publicly known of how they failed to act when alerted by the Canadian authorities about an international conspiracy to commit CSA. This allegedlly involved Savile and Jaconelli a local business man and Tory councillor in Scarborough. Just the tip of the iceberg. What about West Yorkshire Police and the Friday morning meetings in Savile’s flat in Leeds.


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