The net begins to close on the Westminster paedophile ring

As the child  sex abuse inquiry starts to take soundings from survivors a very serious development has happened for those who hoped to keep the Westminster paedophile ring dead and buried forever.

A brave survivor who has never talked to the police decided to take his courage in his hands and talk to the Met about his horrendous experiences in Dolphin Square where sexual abuse of young boys is alleged to have been combined with sadistic practices.

The survivor who has been given the name ” Nick” to protect his identity. The full story by my colleagues on Exaro was published last weekend in both the Sunday People. You can both read it in full and hear an interview with  him by editor Mark Watts  and my colleague Mark Conrad on the Exaro website.

Suffice to say they have been rumours of dark events at Dolphin Square, used for years as London flats for MPs of all parties but no one has ever testified to the police on what they alleged had happened to them.

He told Exaro that officers “are very serious” about investigating his allegations that two former Conservative MPs – including an ex-cabinet minister – and other VIPs sexually abused him as a boy at Dolphin Square and other locations.

Nick told of how the two well-known politicians raped and physically beat him after he was forced to drink alcohol. He recalled that he was taken to Dolphin Square around 10 times, from the age 11, over a period of two to three years either side of 1980.

Interestingly he also recognised the address that used to be Elm Guest House in Barnes – where the criminal investigation Operation Fernbridge began- as he place where other boys were dropped off – even though he was never abused there. This suggests there is a connection between the notorious guest house and Dolphin Square.

He is not the only person who has made allegations to Exaro about Dolphin Square but there are also other boys who must still be alive today who may also know  what happened to them there.

Given that there is now an inquiry with a remit to look at how well police investigations are conducted it is to be hoped that this time the Met will be given the time and resources to thoroughly investigate the matter. Just as Theresa May, the home secretary, has described the child abuse inquiry as a ” once in a generation ” opportunity to lay this matters to rest it is to be hoped that senior people in the Met will take their cue from her and decide they have a ” once in a generation ” opportunity to investigate  and clear up a matter that has been the subject of Westminster rumour and speculation for decades.

26 thoughts on “The net begins to close on the Westminster paedophile ring

  1. I hope you have sent the info to David Mellor who criticised the Dolphin Square allegations in particular on Andrew Marr the Sunday after Normal Tebbit admitted the cover up with disastrous consequences


    • David Mellor who along with William Hague publicly attacked the brave gentleman Stephen Mesham when he spoke about his abuse at the north wales children’s home … then of course Lord Mcalpine pretended he had been the victim knowing it was his relative who lived in north wales and that Mr Mesham had merely said it was not Lord Mcalpine from the photograph . They failed to then show him the photograph of the man who had abused him so he could get some long needed closure … i would love this to be rectified .


      • Well said. The NW Police need questioned about that. They would have known which McAlpine was which. Did they do that deliberately?


  2. Appreciate your work to keep this in the public eye. The default position for these sexual abuse enquiries has always been to institutionally suppress them, as those of working with survivors have known for too many years.


  3. Thank God and thank you David and Exaro and all the wonderful survivors & campaigners for not letting this fade away or get covered up again as it has done all these decades. This time truth will out.


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  5. This should never be glossed over – this should always be in the highlights with the hope that others will come forward as well.
    The enquiry is being put off again and again, it needs to be headed properly and started asap!


  6. Reblogged this on Jay's Journal and commented:
    This should never be glossed over – this should always be in the highlights with the hope that others will come forward as well.
    The enquiry is being put off again and again, it needs to be headed properly and started asap!


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  8. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    ‘Nick’s’ testimony that he was violently abused and raped by former Conservative MPs in Dolphin Square reminds me of the allegations made back in the 1990s by Spiked. This was when it was still a left-wing print journal, attempting to set itself up as a rival to Private Eye. This alleged that a number of Tory MPs, included a named Black Conservative politician, had been using the place for gay orgies. It remains to be seen if the MPs named by them are innocent. This new evidence strongly indicates that the parliamentary paedophile ring has existed for years, with the connivance of the authorities. Let’s hope that this helps to close it down and gaol those responsible for the horrific abuse of the young and the helpless.


  9. firstly I cant get to the exaronews page re this. brings up the URL in my browser but nothing but a white page…
    secondly am wondering if there are enough jail places available .sounds to me like its not just a couple or so but a good few.


    • Exaro has been overloaded with the number of people getting on the site. You are right there is already a problem in jails because so many abusers who got away with it are being referred and are quite elderly now.


      • aye and you have to wonder at the numbers of “stars” from one field or another, who are being found not guilty. OK i can see that some greedy people could possibly try to jump on this massive bandwagon who were never involved anyway but try to accuse someone well known so they could get massive amounts of compo,its been done so many times in the past by adults. (i had so n so’s baby, i had sex in such n such an hotel with so n so) but smoke without fire? must have been something that led to their arrest. think of the court costs involved in taking them to trial.


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  12. Well done to everyone involved in keeping this issue alive. Ex-amount of respect to Exaro News!

    I am utterly astounded by the Great British public’s Apathy towards this issue.


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