Naysayers at bay:The damning child sex abuse figures that should make them think again

Simon Bailey, chief constable of Norfolk, who is co-ordinating the Operation Hydrant figures Ic credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Simon Bailey, chief constable of Norfolk, who is co-ordinating the Operation Hydrant figures
Pic credit: Norfolk Constabulary

The disclosure by Operation Hydrant – the national co-ordination hub set up by the police to bring together all allegations of  historical child sexual abuse – this week  of a huge number of paedophile suspects should give any naysayer a shock.The figures are released on the National Police Chiefs’ Council website here should give massive cause for concern. There is a separate breakdown for Scotland here.

Basically they show that there are 1433  male suspects of which 216 are deceased Some 666 suspects related to institutions, and 261  are classified as people of public prominence.

Some 506 are classified as unidentified and 357 institutions have been identified within the scope of the operation.

The breakdown of the prominent people is 135  from the world of TV, film or radio,76 are listed as politicians –(it should be noted that these include local-level politicians, not just national figures); 43 are from the music industry and  7 are from the world of sport

Some 357 different institutions have been identified. These include:154 schools,75 children’s homes,40 religious institutions, 14 medical establishments,11 classified as being institutions in communities – youth clubs, community centres etc.,9 Prisons or Young Offenders Institutions, 9 sports venues and  28 other institutions (i.e. military, guest houses) In addition, 17 institutions are classified as ‘unknown’.

These figures come as a surprise even to journalists working on Exaro as they are higher than we  even thought.. But to anyone who has been campaigning to suggest that the almost every claim is based on ” false memory syndrome” or made up to claim compensation this should be a wake up call. Are they really going to say that all these people across the UK have made up these claims? This is just not credible.

Obviously the fact they are suspects means the cases are not yet proven but the perpetrators should stand trial if the police can gather enough evidence.

And when you think that probably each and every suspect has assaulted or molested often scores or more survivors – these are not after all long term relationships – the problem is severe. No wonder former CSA panel member, Graham Wilmer, of the Lantern Project, has told Sky News ” This is just the tip of the iceberg.”

These figures however are not just shocking- they raise questions about what sort of society the United Kingdom is now.

How come professional bodies from the police, social services, the NHS never suspected this was going on or possibly covered it up? How come the media both TV and print never discovered the scale of this at the time? What is going on now that we don’t know about?

It also raises questions about what sort of society we live in where it appears to be OK for minority to prey on children in this vile way? It raises questions for all religious orders – especially the Roman Catholic church where the issue of celibacy could be contributing factor to this problem.. From what I  know there is not  a religious order where they are not allegations of  child sexual abuse whether it is the Anglican Church, Jehovah’s Witnesses , the Methodists and the Mormons.

We also cannot wait EIGHT years for the Goddard Inquiry to decide what new arrangements are required for protecting children in the future.In case there is any doubt about what a horrific experience child sexual abuse is – read the judgement of the Supreme Court this week which lifted the ban on the publication of a book by James Rhodes, the pianist.

Classical pianist James Rhodes. Pic Credit:

Classical pianist James Rhodes.
Pic Credit:

This is an extract (Warning Strong Language) from the book read out in court:

“Abuse. What a word. Rape is better. Abuse is when you tell a traffic warden to fuck off. It isn’t abuse when a 40 year old man forces his cock inside a six-year-old boy’s ass. That doesn’t even come close to abuse. That is aggressive rape. It leads to multiple surgeries, scars (inside and out), tics, OCD, depression, suicidal ideation, vigorous self-harm, alcoholism, drug addiction, the most fucked-up of sexual hang-ups, gender confusion (‘you look like a girl, are you sure you’re not a little girl?’), sexuality confusion, paranoia, mistrust, compulsive lying, eating disorders, PTSD, DID (the shinier name for multiple personality disorder) and so on and on and on.

I went, literally overnight, from a dancing, spinning, gigglingly alive kid who was enjoying the safety and adventure of a new school, to a walled-off, cement shoed, lights-out automaton. It was immediate and shocking, like happily walking down a sunny path and suddenly having a trapdoor open and dump you into a freezing cold lake.

You want to know how to rip the child out of a child? Fuck him.

Fuck him repeatedly. Hit him. Hold him down and shove things inside him. Tell him things about himself that can only be true in the youngest of minds before logic and reason are fully formed and they will take hold of him and become an integral, unquestioned part of his being.”

Need I say more.

19 thoughts on “Naysayers at bay:The damning child sex abuse figures that should make them think again

  1. I am convinced we will not have wait for 8 year before the Goddard Inquiry publishes significant reports on specific subjects or on making interim recommendations meriting attention by Government Parliament and the particular bodies.

    One obvious reason why it will all take time is the inevitable process of the judicial system where high profiler cases take time to organise and may well become the subject of legal argument and appear especially when it comes to charges relating to cover up and conspiracy.

    The big question is will Goddard recommend major changes re Government Parliament and other bodies which will be effecting and lasting. The best example is whistleblowing looked at in depth government department by government department and where everyone knows the career ends.


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  3. Is this a hangover of the stiff upper lip mentality where emotions are suppressed but work there way out by those with power in abusive, controlling ways.. As therapists we have been working with these issues for ever, but sadly they have been diverted and suppressed from the light of day by the very institutions that house some of the past and current accused, police, church, politicians etc. .
    It is a sad indicement that the quotes from James Rhodes experience are too familiar. Some of these abusive relationships are long term and the damage is indescribable. All involved need help, but those in positions of power are less likely to ask for it !


  4. “Why can’t the past be private?”

    “I feel torn on pianist James Rhodes’ victory at the Supreme Court yesterday. On one hand, the lifting of the legal injunction preventing him from publishing his child-abuse memoir is a great strike for freedom of speech. But on the other hand — another child abuse memoir? Really?

    …Rhodes’ book will become part of today’s tsunami of misery memoirs, taking its place next to book after book about the beastly things that are done to children. From WH Smith to your local library, you can’t swing a tote bag these days without hitting a tome on child abuse, evil mums, wicked priests, dastardly dads and other memoir monsters.”

    Brendan O’Neill, sensitively leaching the milk of human kindness at The Spectator


  5. I see Brendan O Bullsh*t was trying to spin all this and say Rhodes should have kept quiet.
    The people on his Speccie blog were calling him out on that
    Btw also thanks for mentions the bogus FMS strategy that gets used it also has links to pharmaceutical companies too
    Which needs looking into


  6. As one professional social worker I’ve been raising this since 1990 more or less continuously. I have spent countless hours at meetings with police, journalists, professionals and politicians. The extent of organised crime against children was not just suspected it was well evidenced. Journalists like Eileen Fairweather, Angus Stickler and Nick Davies worked incessantly to get survivor and whistleblower accounts into the media. We did know the scale. It was terrifying and very isolating as no-one wanted to know and anyone raising it was labelled hysterical and obsessional. We also received many direct threats to our personal safety and these continue to this day. Our courageous, strong voices went completely unheard and were met with one cover-up after another. To a large extent we are still are unheard as we continue to be labelled and dismissed and our historic knowledge ignored and uninvestigated. There are many survivors and whistleblowers who have been fighting this battle a very long time. Please do not underestimate that fact and give us some acknowledgement as we become older, watch the current unravelling of events and remain not one bit surprised.


    • You and those who’ve travelled the long and mucky road along with you deserve our acknowledgment and all our gratitude for your persistent refusal to be silent. You’ve also earned admiration and amazement for that extraordinary display of forbearance in your encounter with Matthew Parris.


  7. David – I would be surprised if you were truly as naive as you portray yourself to be, claiming to be “surprised by the numbers”. Considering the numbers of persons employed in these professions since…how far back shall we go – 1970, 1960, 1950, 1940 – ?…the numbers fall well short of the postulated 3% of the population expected to experience a predominantly pedophilic “orientation”. And if some estimates for the percentage of persons who have experienced some kind of unwanted sexual experience at some point in their childhood – as high as 1 in 3 for females and 1 in 4 for males – are taken at face value then cleary the vast majority of victimized persons have still never filed a complaint or even, I’d expect, never confided their experience to anyone else. Very likely, for a vast range of highly personal reasons, they never will. But as for the entertainment industry specifically, did you not read Andrew O’Hagan’s revelations regarding historic abusers at the BBC?


  8. David – something you might find of interest, personally. I recently stumbled across a series of postings on REDDIT, dated a few years back. They purport to be by a young man who was a victim from age 6 to 10, of one of the most horrendous American cases of the exploitation of children for pornography & prostitution in recent times. The FBI euphemism for this case is “The Dalmatian case”. (I won’t decode that any further, as I don’t wish to send creeps to these postings, but your police contacts should be able to decode it for you). This young man claims to have made peace with his experiences and even to have forgiven his primary abuser. He expresses much anger about people who insist that this isn’t possible, (making peace with his abuse experiences), and a deep hatred for Dr Phil and the people who publicly confess their victimization on that program. Very intriguing!


  9. I really hope that scum will get publicly shamed and punished. They didn’t have a problem with ruining lives and raping minors, they shouldnt have an issue with consequences.


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