Pathetic: The Child Sex Abuse Inquiry’s slow response to stopping vital documents being destroyed

New Zealand dame Justice Lowell Goddard : tardy action over documents pic credit:

New Zealand dame Justice Lowell Goddard : tardy action over documents pic credit:

It was revealed yesterday by the Goddard Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse that it has only just got round to writing letters to the Cabinet Secretary, police, NHS, religious leaders and local government asking them not to destroy documents which could hinder their investigations.

The fine words from Lowell Goddard  requesting this and lists of categories  which must not be destroyed can be seen here. No one can complain about the scope of the letters. It is just that they should have been written months ago.

The home secretary,Theresa May made it clear months ago when questioned by MPs that she expected this to be done. But obviously those in charge preferred to take a more leisurely approach and spent the time trying to recruit at least 20 more lawyers instead.

Any sensible person  would have made sure that the letters went out immediately the first panel was set up. It should have been the first act of the secretariat to safeguard documents to prevent them going into shredders to save Whitehall and town hall storage costs. And I am told that at least two members of the old panel requested this be done at early meetings.

In this inquiry this is particularly important. Investigations by Exaro have already discovered that vital documents in inquiries go missing. And the inquiry by Peter Wanless  and Richard Whittam failed to discover key documents including the dossier sent by the late Geoffrey Dickens MP on paedophiles to the late  Leon Brittan, the home secretary. And that raised questions about the retention of documents as long ago as November last year.

So it is particularly galling to see how long it has taken the inquiry to act. There is a lot of stake here – VIP paedophiles will be desperate not to be found out and want to cover their tracks. By taking such a long time in such a high profile inquiry they have been given every opportunity to do that by this delay.

14 thoughts on “Pathetic: The Child Sex Abuse Inquiry’s slow response to stopping vital documents being destroyed

  1. Nothing surprising here then after all do they want the embarrassment that their ilk are capable of such atrocities, one wonders if this will ever see justice prevail, I think not.


    • Exactly; and while the public get in a pother over Janner’s expenses it is business as usual for all the others. Why rock a boat that works for those on-board? Sickening.


  2. This very worrying. I urged Secretary of State Michael Gove to take this action when I made contact in January 2014 and the Home Secretary made several statements on the need to secure documentation during subsequent months


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  4. Did this reminder/instruction fall within the area of responsibility of the Chair of the Inquiry or was it Counsel to the Inquiry who omitted to draw attention to this at an earlier time in the proceedings?


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