Revealed: How The Metropolitan Police Covered-Up For Rupert Murdoch’s News International – Joe Public

This is an extremely important revelation by Bellingcat and Byline given that the Met Police have had at last to hand over huge numbers of documents to the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel which is investigating his death. It suggests a wider conspiracy by the Met Police involving more people.
It is also good news that this is one of the first projects that has been ” crowd funded” by Byline showing the need for journalists to be given time and resources to investigate very serious scandals that are in the public interest.

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Mazher-Mahmood-010A Bellingcat and Byline investigation can for the first time reveal Scotland Yard had intelligence Mazher Mahmood was corrupting police officers as far back as the summer of 2000.

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2 thoughts on “Revealed: How The Metropolitan Police Covered-Up For Rupert Murdoch’s News International – Joe Public

  1. Catford police station now there’s a book and a half on that place
    A bomb blast blowing off an officers hand
    Then a paedophile member of PIE being questioned there several times including the abuse of a six year old boy in Brighton which shocked the nation and was on front pages of newspapers for months and challenged the then home secretary Leon Brittan to outlaw PIE

    Then Britain’s notorious sadist paedophile Warwick Spinks had to appear at Catford police station as terms of his bail
    Until he skipped the country that is


  2. walsall police and bloxwich police have alot to answer to because when i went to them about my children been mistreated in the walsall foster system i was fobbed off but know walsall social workers have admitted everything


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