50s pensioners: Time for you to put the boot into your local councillor at May’s elections


Waspi Pensioners :Time to use your vote wisely Pic credit: BBC


The 3.9 million 50s pensioners have a great opportunity to get their views across at the local elections to be held on Thursday May 3.  Elections will be held in all 32 London boroughs, 34 metropolitan boroughs, 68 district/borough councils and 17 unitary authorities.  There are also elections for mayors in the London boroughs of Hackney, Lewisham, Newham, Tower Hamlets and just outside London in Watford.

Local elections are of course about local matters. However the performance of political parties at local elections is always judged by the media as a snapshot of national voting intentions. Also the attitude of local councillors towards the plight of women denied their pensions for up to six years could well be symptomatic of their attitude towards other injustice issues.

You can do this by first getting on top the House of Commons library constituency estimates of the 3.9 million people affected here

Go to the end of the summary and download the constituency estimates ( You will need Excel on your computer).Then look up your constituency and the total number of people affected. You will find it is thousands in your constituency.

Next go onto  the  Wikipedia link at the end of the report and see if your council has elections. Then go on to the council’s site and chase up your ward councillors.

Challenge them to  put pressure on their MP to get government policy changed so you will get your money. If they refuse vote for the nearest challenger who will.

So where are the key places where 3.9 million women can make their votes count. Here are some good examples with all the links  set out for you.

In London where all the seats are up for grabs, the most obvious place to register a protest vote is Barnet. There are 18,200 women affected in the borough and the council is narrowly Conservative who oppose any change or concessions to the women.

The ruling Conservative group has a majority of one (32 Conservative, 30 Labour and one Liberal Democrat) in 2014. You can check the result for the ward you live here. 

Another is the London borough of Hillingdon where there are 16,100 women affected and it is represented by two high profile MPs, Boris Johnson, the foreign secretary, and John McDonnell, Labour’s shadow chancellor. The current council has 42 Conservatives and 23 Labour. You can get a ward breakdown here.

And for a different slant the Royal London borough of Kingston has 12,000 women affected (though some are in Richmond) and a council with 28 Conservatives, 18 Liberal Democrats and 2 Labour councillors – a Conservative majority of eight. You can check your ward here.

Some of you may find yourself in Richmond as  Tory Zac Goldsmith’s Richmond Park constituency straddles both boroughs.

Conservatives have a bigger majority in Wandsworth with 41 seats topping Labour’s 19 and there are 11,900 women affected living there. You can find your ward here.

A longer shot is the London Borough of Bexley which has 45 Conservative,15 Labour and three UKIP councillors. But it has 15,200 women affected. A run down on your local ward councillors is here.

.Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire is currently not under any party control. It has 25 Labour councillors, 18 Conservatives, 13 Liberal Democrats and one UKIP councillor. One third of the council is up for election. There are 14,400 women affected in the borough. So it will provide an ideal opportunity to put all the parties on the spot. You can check your ward here.

Calderdale also has a third of the council up for election. The council which covers Halifax and the surrounding area has 12,900 women affected. The council is also not under any party control. The council has 23 Labour members, 21 Conservatives , 5 Liberal Democrats and two Independents. You can find your ward here.

The full list of councils where elections are being held is here.

They include big cities like Manchester, Birmingham, Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle upon Tyne as well as smaller places like Hastings, Gosport, Portsmouth, South Lakeland, Maidstone, Huntingdon and West Lancashire.


14 thoughts on “50s pensioners: Time for you to put the boot into your local councillor at May’s elections

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  2. Thank you for your support with BackTo60.com, with 45 years of contributions I really am knackered, but that isn’t enough for the tories whose current pension policy would mean that I would have to work until I’m 66 to get my pension making a total of 51 years contributions.


  3. You won’t need excel if yuo use Free Open Source Software (FOSS) so don’t let the article put you off. Most FOSS office suites and word processor packages can show on screen or print any excel (or other M$ proprietary package) document so just go with it.


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  5. What is going on at DWP having been told that 35 years worth on NI contribution entitle me to a State Pension, last week I was told I need to earn enough to pay another 5 years on a zero hours contract. 32 years as an NHS
    Staff Nurse I have certainly paid my contributions – deteriorating physical/ mental health has taken its toll – We paid in with the knowledge of getting our pensions at 60- opting out of SERPS only to have even more deducted from estimated pension.
    As for COPE it means nothing as informed by an IFA – it’s a figure being bandied around.
    Do the current Government call this a fair and just way to treat women born in the 1950s
    How do we trust that we can carry on working to give ourselves a decent standard of living when we will be totally disadvantaged and destitute.


  6. From the Birmingham Labour manifesto:

    “We will continue to support the 37,000 WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality) women in Birmingham by lobbying the Government to make fair transitional state pension arrangements for all women across the city born on or after 6th April 1951, who have unfairly borne the burden of the increase to the State Pension Age with a lack of appropriate notification.”


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  8. 1960’s women affected the same way , I’m 58 this year and already worked 42 years , was told could retire at 60 , now it’s moved to 66 yrs 4 months . No notice whatsoever .


  9. Emailed my MP a while ago to ask what his views were on the subject but never did get a reply. The wonderful John Mann only seems interested in anything that gives him personal recognition.
    I took it from his non feedback that it’s not something he cares about.
    Will never vote for any MP that can’t answer a question from one of his constituents


  10. I’ve paid contributions for 46 years it’s unfair to work until I get my pension at 66 thank you for all your hard work and support backto60.com


  11. Newcastle city council support the 1950s women, a labour stronghold who refuse the 1950s women a bus pass. Now someone please work this out even when the 1950s women have proposed to pay towards the bus pass. Newcastle city council still refuse to help us.


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