Happy Christmas and thank you

The first Damascene rose donated by the Bulgarians flowers in Golden Square

Wishing everyone a happy Christmas and a great New Year.

Special thanks to the growing number of people who have followed this blog including the #50s women whose cause to get back their pensions this blog supports. I hope you are successful next year.

The picture here is symbolic of the need for people to come together rather than grow apart. It is a picture of a Damascene Rose planted by Bulgarians in a London square as a thank you to our nation. They have come to work in Britain and contribute to our community and wanted to show the friendship between our countries. In these days where hate and division appear to be on the rise, it is a welcome antidote to the prevailing trend. It is also fitting for this time of year . It is part of the Christmas message of goodwill and peace to all people.

10 thoughts on “Happy Christmas and thank you

  1. How lovely, Happy Christmas to you David we are ever grateful.
    I am posting link today images from #BATTLEBUS to get our pension back.
    You are seen on the upper deck👍🏿🎄
    All the best from ‘The Clippy’
    Prosperous New Year, we sure have earned it.


    • Thank you. It has been a rather busy year but I am partiuclarly pleased for the #50swomen. Some other things have been more problematic but that often goes with the territory. Havea happy Christmas yourself and a good New Year.

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  2. Dear David. I just wanted to thank you personally for all the great work you have done this year. I hope you have it within you to carry on, as we need more proper journalists like you, prepared to tackle real issues of national importance, rather than hiding behind a press pass and just taking the pay check. More power to your elbow my good friend, I wish you all the best for Xmas, and another outstanding year in 2019, at the cutting edge of great journalistic endeavor.
    Keep up the good work Dave, I’m proud of you.


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