Thank you for your support and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas background with golden gift. Pic credit: Marco Verch Professional Photographer via Creative Commons

This is to say thank you to my readers who have followed and supported my blog over the last year.

Since I asked for donations in September I have received well over £1900 from supporters which has been very heartening for me. It is great to know my work is appreciated and I am absolutely delighted to get such support from so many readers. Thank you again.

I will be continuing my forensic work on this blog next year and you can also follow my stories on @BylineTimes which is well worth a subscription as the website and the paper have brilliant writers and investigative journalism that you don’t see in mainstream media.

Never more has there been a need for investigative journalism to keep this government under scrutiny and also to follow up what is happening behind the scenes in Whitehall, the National Health Service and some very serious individual cases where people are being shabbily treated by the state, the NHS and private industry. And to investigate thoroughly it needs persistence as these institutions prefer you to go away. I will be writing a review of the last year after Christmas.

In the meantime despite the pandemic have a lovely Christmas and here’s hope for a much better New Year.

Please continue to support my blog and my investigative work.


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Happy Christmas and thank you

The first Damascene rose donated by the Bulgarians flowers in Golden Square

Wishing everyone a happy Christmas and a great New Year.

Special thanks to the growing number of people who have followed this blog including the #50s women whose cause to get back their pensions this blog supports. I hope you are successful next year.

The picture here is symbolic of the need for people to come together rather than grow apart. It is a picture of a Damascene Rose planted by Bulgarians in a London square as a thank you to our nation. They have come to work in Britain and contribute to our community and wanted to show the friendship between our countries. In these days where hate and division appear to be on the rise, it is a welcome antidote to the prevailing trend. It is also fitting for this time of year . It is part of the Christmas message of goodwill and peace to all people.

More Revelations after Christmas

A seasonal Xmas Picture: courtesy http;//

It is time for a Christmas break. Thanks to all followers  and viewers who have read this blog over the past year.

Normal service will resume after Christmas with fresh investigations in the pipeline  including one on a leading Labour councillor. There may also be further revelations about the life  and wealth of Francis Maude as the government in the season of good cheer ratchets up its campaign to increase pension contributions from teachers, civil servants, firefighters,probation officers, health workers and local government staff while cutting their benefits.

Francis Maude is  the first national figure subject to an armchair audit on this blog – part of the open society which he and David Cameron say they are keen to promote.

Also expect some suprising and fascinating revelations about Whitehall.

In the meantime have a good festive break while you can afford it.