Bonuses for Universal Credit bosses as record benefit errors and fraud revealed at the Department for Work and Pensions

The annual report that reveals the damning failures of the ministry to keep a grip on benefit and error fraud and the high pay and pensions of the people running the Universal Credit programme

Benefit error and fraud has reached record levels at the Department for Work and Pensions and it is going to get worse, according to its own figures released in its annual report for the last financial year.

 For the 30th year running the National Audit Office has qualified the ministry’s £86.6 billion benefit accounts because it considers them to be inaccurate

The most damning section of the report is on Universal Credit – whose current and previous directors – have just received bonus payments up to £15,000 each for their work.

The full story is on byline here.

15 thoughts on “Bonuses for Universal Credit bosses as record benefit errors and fraud revealed at the Department for Work and Pensions

  1. You area superstar David! Raising awareness for all these important issues (Back to 60, very importantly) which really affect those who are at the bottom of the pile being abused and neglected, marginalised and looked over by those in power, who should know better!! Many thanks and all power to you!


  2. That is such a disgrace when so many people are in poverty driven to food banks , stealing, homelessness and suicide this also affects the old, and vunerable people in our society causing stress ,worry, and mental health problems even Rob old people of t v licences and dare to rob the women born in 50&60s of Their right to a pension why should the rich get richer why should fat cats reap the rewards why should they live it up at our expense it’s a total sham and they should be ashamed to accept it how can they sleep at night with a clear conscience when we are struggling to cope or survive they are just simply Dick Turpin of this century


  3. Brilliant yet again David your like my jack Russel with your tanacity you never stop!!!
    What about running a competition for the most appropriate name for the Department of Work and Pensions.
    I will start it off The Department of waste and Pilfering or even the Department of Wanton Persecution.
    I’m sure we can all think of many names for them one thing is for sure. If you were running any business you wouldn’t want the DWP anywhere near it. They make Tyranic rulers look like pussycats.
    I’ve yet to hear of something they get right. What angers me most is their blatant arrogance they never put their hands in the air and say Sorry we messed up. Not once do they show any remorse or humanity to anyone needing the welfare state. They are with out doubt callous and evil with no respect for those that need their support.
    What goes around…..
    How many more cock ups must the DWP make at the cost of people’s lives before someone stops this escalating devastation.
    The Government and it’s parties have shamed this Country to the core and the rot has to be treated. This Country deserves better than this.


  4. Many thanks David, you are like a wee Terrier dog, you just won’t let go, and we are very fortunate to have you on our side. Thank You


  5. all the mistakes have and the DWP are still making is disgraceful. and who is paying for them us having to work till 66 to get our pensions while their pots are bursting no working till 66 for them this is scandalous and some bodys head should be on the block for this mess it will be an even bigger one if we win the JR. I do hope we do.. many thanks for this David.
    It should be brought into the public eye the shambles that the DWP is……


  6. The news today of the fraud and the fact that the victims of this fraud have to pay back their loans is an absolute disgrace. The concept of Universal Credit was doomed from the start and the Tory governent has ignored all warnings of it’s unsuitability to the extent that it is and has never been fit for purpose.


  7. Not another blunder ! Who decided to change it in The first place was it the same people Who took our Pensions. Do not give them any bonus !!!

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  8. paid 46 years of National insurance payments and the government are making me work until I’m 66 years old, before I can receive a state pension. The cut off is 35 years too, they don’t take into account the extra years I have contributed. Majority of my working life the Government told me I would receive a state pension at 60 years old. Why wasn’t my National Insurance payments invested into the state pension? I’ve never had equal opportunities and have worked hard all my life, when I lost my job last year told I would not receive any Universal credit payment, jobseekers allowance! The Government are punishing those who are law abiding citizens and seem to reward those who are idle or corrupt.


  9. Shocking and disgusting behavior as usual. G-men stole my identity over 13 years ago and have been fraudulently claiming benefits in my name ever since…..i do wonder how many other ‘ghost’ claims on the system? How would anybody know? and why no journalist investigating/ reporting on that? tip of the iceberg here as usual….


  10. This group of women played by the rules worked all their lives cared for young old and now their grandchildren,saving the government vast amounts of money. Disadvantaged as women in a male oriented society back in the day no equal opportunity they accepted their place in the society they were born into. Surely it was little to ask that they received their pension that they paid into for approximately 55 years of their lives? If I knew that I was going to be robbed I would definitely have chosen a different path. Choice has now been taken away from so many vulnerable (divorced,ill) women who quite often die before receiving their pension. Thank you so much for fighting our cause.


  11. The damage the failure of the ‘Universal Credit’ system has caused is unquantifiable.
    Many people have been caught up in serious debt whilst their Universal Credit is being dealt with.
    How can a £15.000 bonus be justifiable, as a reward for failure of a system.The Govt has really lost touch with what is actually happening, how is disgusting is it that a potential Prime Minister does not not know the amount attributed to the present minimum wage. Yet again the talented journalist that is David Hencke, continues with honesty and integrity to keep us informed truthfully.
    David is there once again for those not as articulate and capable of fighting their own corner !


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