Trick or Treat? On Byline Times: Will Halloween be the date for the next General Election

Dominic Cummings: Boris Johnson’s right hand man . Pic credit: Sky News

Halloween or October 31 may be more of a dramatic day this year than just the date set for a ” no deal ” Brexit.

It could also be the day of the next general election – if the ruthless approach by Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson’s chief executive to get Brexit done is a top priority.

I have no inside information but logic points to this possibility now the political scene in Whitehall has changed beyond all recognition with the election of Boris Johnson as PM and surrounding himself with a Vote Leave government.

With a majority of one it is quite clear that Johnson cannot continue as PM until 2022 and hope to get anything through Parliament. But he needs to choose a general election date with considerable care. Too early and he risks a more resurgent Remain Parliament since the Liberal Democrats ,SNP and Labour will campaign against a “ No deal” and move to revoke Article 50. Too late and he could face a backlash if “Project Fear” turns into “Project Reality” and the experience of Brexit goes sour on the British people.

My full analysis is in Byline Times here.

2 thoughts on “Trick or Treat? On Byline Times: Will Halloween be the date for the next General Election

  1. Whatever strategy Boris is working to its pretty evident he’s gearing himself for an election. He’s throwing money at everything and anything looking like a fairy godfather, working hard to make himself look like the saviour of the country. All this to get out votes, well Boris a piece of advice were not idiots, none of us are bought with words we need some concrete actions.

    The Brexit fiasco has highlighted many things, yes people voted out but they were also led up the garden path with promises. The EU needed to change one size does not fit all, if they were more compromising this would never have happened. As a country so much damage has been done and our health care impacted on to state of desperation. Qualified Doctors, nurses, dentists have left this country in droves going back home because they feared what would happen to them re brexit. What have we gained so far ….sod all, infighting in government, millions spent going round and round in circles. Services diminished to breaking point and moreover people of this country struggling like he’ll to live because everyone in government is so rapped up in brexit.

    What Boris needs to spend some time and money on is sorting out the blatant mis management of all DWP processes they have more holes than a string vest. I’m sick to death of hearing cock up after cock up, massive payments needed to resolve the mess.

    What these people in power don’t understand because they live in a different world to those of us in the real world. The grafters on minimum wage, those struggling to live, waiting at food banks for their next meal. Those with disabilities fighting to get benefit following assessments that have no common sense approach at all. Those women born in the 50’s struggling to exist but having to work. We need action on the things that are paramount to our survival.

    Boris, prioritise you want votes then earn them sort these messes out.
    If Amber Rudd can’t get a handle on what her Dept is doing wrong then Boris investigate it yourself. The media reports of mis management are daily, judicial reviews lodged from various quarters it’s not hard to find the problems.



  2. The next few months shall be interesting, Boris knows he is as much a prisoner of the Cabal as his predecessor. My belief about Johnson can be summed up by the Biblical story of the temptations of Christ, when the Devil offered Jesus the Kingdoms of this world he refused, but when the Cabal offered Boris the Kingdom he could not get down on his knees quick enough to obey them. In a strange way, Boris is less of his own man than his predecessor, he owes the Cabal everything and he will carry out their commands,
    The biggest problem for Boris lies with the Monarch, she does have a part to play in our unwritten Constitution. She could ask the opposition leader to form a government, remember we have had minority governments in the past. Or if he turns it down, there is a possibility of a national government being formed which I suspect will extend Article 50 or call a second referendum .
    Whatever does happen I expect the reign of Boris to be short, never believed in the vote winner nonsense put out by Rees Mogg. Boris is the interim leader and the fall guy for the Brexit shambles. I used to know a Boris type, at university, extremely intelligent, but like Boris would make us cringe with embarrassment when he had what my mother used to say “just a slip of the tongue”. Boris can be summed up in the words of Lee Harvey Oswald “I am only the patsy”, ask Jacob Rees Mogg.


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