On Byline Times: Boris Johnson’s plan for 100 new Brexit Peers hits the Lords buffers

Lord Fowler, the Lord speaker Pic credit: Parliament.uk

Boris Johnson has shot himself in the foot over plans to flood the House of Lords with up to 100 No Deal Brexit supporting peers and simultaneously planning to prorogue Parliament.

The scheme announced over the Bank Holiday weekend has already run into serious trouble in the Lords.

In an article in Byline Times I explain how the PM has now annoyed the Lord Speaker Lord Fowler as well as John Bercow, the Commons Speaker- and how his plan will run into the ground through House of Lords procedures and a competing peerage list from Theresa May. See here

2 thoughts on “On Byline Times: Boris Johnson’s plan for 100 new Brexit Peers hits the Lords buffers

  1. Having spent over 50 years either in politics or these days as an observer it saddens me to see our Parliamentary Democracy treated with so much disrespect, not by the Far Left, but by a group who by definition in any other country would be seen as group of Far Right extremists, The PM closing down Parliament because it would not deliver what he wants, a government minster asleep on the benches of Parliament. A senior civil servant frogmarched out of Downing Street by a man who has never been elected or appointed by anyone but the PM.
    What’s all about? Well forget trade deals, democracy and money for the NHS, Brexit came about as some influential people fear the EU tax directive and its affect on them, The rest is a smokescreen, certainly the Sovereignty issue is a sick joke, as those said Sovereignty should be returned to the people really meant themseves


  2. I’m at a loss as I’m sure millions of other people are as to what the hell is going on.
    I watched parliament today and quite honestly I thought it was a fiasco, Boris seemed to get his record stuck and I lost the count on the amount of times he didn’t answer questions and kept mentioning how many more police would be out there protecting us. We all need protecting from the garbage were plagued with every day with the infighting within government.

    I’m one of the older people of this country who start with basics. Dignity, respect for others and humility.

    I’ve watched conservative MP’s lounging about during parliament meetings as if they were watching children’s TV whilst lounging on the sofa. I’ve seen our prime minister with his foot on a table as if he was trying to demonstrate how relaxed he was as if it was a chat at the local. Then to top it all Boris used the word shit in todays parliament debate and I’m sorry this total respect for the job you are doing is deplorable.

    The vote was to leave and that’s what we must do with Boris pushing quite rightly for the October 31st deadline. However my concerns are why won’t the conservatives show the papers on yellow hammer. The people of this country deserve to know what a no deal will mean. It’s their lives that will be impacted on, it shouldn’t be a secret document only privy to the elite. If medicines, borders, ports food etc are impacted upon we need to know and we need to know what infrastructure is in place to cover it.

    The conservatives also need to make clear the things they have instigated to enable us to leave the EU with a deal as yet all I have seen is posturing and nothing tangible.

    I’m disgusted with the lack of respect for the people of this Country we don’t deserve this. You all forget the positions you are put in, you are to there to represent the people and I’m ashamed to say we must be the laughing stock of the whole world.

    May I also suggest Boris you get rid of Dominic Cummings … He has been the ring master of this circus. Anyone coming out with abusive comments, having members of staff (not his I might add) frog marched out of their job needs to be looked at closely. I understand he is an advisor? His advice to date has turned our Country upside down. How 100 new Brexit peers will help I have no idea because if we continue using his advice we will end up with no government no House of Lords and a Country on its knees.

    As a party you are fractured beyond repair, our Country is fractured by Brexit but the people of this country all want an end to this arrogance, dis respect, lies and infighting. Get on with what your supposed to be doing so we can start to build upon the carnage you’ve all managed to leave us with.



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