On Byline Times: The reactionary world of Therese Coffey, the new £154,000 a year secretary of state for work and pensions

Therese Coffey in relaxed mood: Pic Credit: Daily Mail reproduced on Twitter

Boris Johnson has appointed one of the most hard line and divisive women to replace Amber Rudd as secretary for state for work and pensions. The new secretary of state’s voting record reveals a tranche of reactionary views likely to be offensive to gays, women, pensioners and non smokers.   She would also like millions of Europeans who live in the UK to have no right to stay here.

 Cigar smoking Therese Coffey, MP for Suffolk, Coastal, would like to lift the ban on smoking in public places, bring back limitless betting odds on addictive gambling machines and is an opponent of gay marriage. Her voting record is recorded on Theyworkforyou.com

The full story is on Byline Times here.

30 thoughts on “On Byline Times: The reactionary world of Therese Coffey, the new £154,000 a year secretary of state for work and pensions

  1. I have come to the conclusion that the Tories should change their name to the “Mad Hatters Tea Party, I wondered how one MP ever got on a candidates shortlist, then doing a background check on the person I discovered links to Boris in his distant past.
    To be honest, when I seen the cigar smoking Minister at the DWP, I thought someone had mixed up the photo’s with one of the characters on Channel 4’s Benefit Street. I was discussing with a friend sometime ago that candidates for political parties should face some psychiatric evaluation as I am beginning to think that there is a conspiracy to destroy the Tory Party, not by electoral defeat but by making the late Screaming Lord Sutch Monster Raving Looney Party more aligned to the Modern world than the present Tory Party. Whatever happened to the people of the calibre of Whitelaw, Pym, Prior, Walker, etc . If this is the calibre of the modern Tory then in the words of Private Frazer of Dad’s Army “were doomed”

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    • When your pension has been stuffed, nothing can prepare you for the trauma of having to look at the bottom shelf of the wine counter in Morrisons. After trying something which had the bouquet of a sherbet dib-dab and the refreshing minerality of water, I was dozing off to sleep, when I thought I heard a TV announcer say that some American bloke was trying to buy Greenland. This week, I was flicking through the
      regurgitated news channels and couldn’t find any news. The only other thing on the Telly was the Parliament City Varieties Music Hall. I thought I’ll have a look at David Hencke’s blog as he usually has something interesting to say. I had to look at the
      wine label again. I could have sworn David said a cigar-smoking, supporter of the bedroom tax (who voted against changing the law to prevent landlords letting property that was unfit for human habitation) had been appointed Secretary of State for Work and Pensions? Someone who does not believe that people who are long-term disabled need higher benefits…? What next: David Cameron apologising for the referendum?


  2. I just want to cry, every day, what is happening to our wonderful country. We will be destroyed completely, if this awful government are not stopped.


    • We have to keep up the fight…….. Don’t give up. Speak to your local Parliamentarians, your local MP, see them face to face in the Surgeries. Tell them your story, and why women born in the 50’s who are suffering in health, physical and mental from not being flushed down the toilet like we don’t have any value, because we have reached over the age of 60. After contributing to work force most of lives and contributing with taxes and towards our Pensions this is unjust, unfair and unacceptable!

      We have to keep up the fight for the rights, dignity and respect for all women born in the 50’s to receive our Pensions at the age of 60 as we have done in the past and not for excuses to be made regarding lack of public funding when millions of pounds of our hard earned money, which is taken off in tax and distributed for EXAMPLE in ‘overseas’ aid.


  3. Do you think that this is bad news for our 50s
    Ladies receiving our compensation or do you
    think we will receive payment?
    Thanks again for all your hard work.


  4. Just when you think it can’t get any worse. Theresa Coffey’s new post puts the final nail in the Conservative coffin for me. I don’t want a head of DWP to be divisive and hard line and voting for the Conservatives would give us that. The DWP deal with people’s lives, the ones that desperately need support need a champion not a reactionary.

    The Great Britain the women of the 50’s knew has been hit by a storm greater than nature could ever throw at us. Our great Country is sadly a shell as the heart has been knocked out of it.

    Like so many I am truly disgusted at the behaviour in government and when there is an election I am sure the people will pay the main parties back for what they have brought upon us all, fools we are not.

    The judgement on our review is not far away now. We all deserve what’s rightfully ours we followed the rules we paid our dues. It was the government who were to blame for our pension fiasco and not us. Law is Law (Boris), we abide by it and you will to. We will get our pensions because as long as we have breath in our bodies we won’t give up.

    Boris you have seen the wrath of the government you’ve yet to see the wrath of the people of this Country. Your playing the game but not at the cost of our people’s lives. People who have worked damned hard all their lives who want to live and enjoy their lives not exist dreading every day.

    You may think your Donald Trump but your not. Grow up stop playing bloody mind games. Tell this country the truth, release the yellow hammer documents and other such documents so we can all see what we are walking into.

    Finally do something for the good of this once great Country and not for your own ego. You have hatched a plan to make yourself look like a super hero forcing everything through making out its for the people. Do you think we’re idiots, we can see your bending every rule in the book to make out your a martyr.

    The 50’s women are a proportion of the wrongs done on this Country and it must be stopped and it will be. The people will deal you all one mighty shock at the end of this.



    • I dont like this letter….I bloody love it!
      I`m one of those hard done to ladies, I`m almost 66 , I work 5 laborious jobs, despite Sjogrens syndrome, Arthritis and AF , the last five years have been more than a struggle, its been at times unbearable. I wrote to my MP and was told she was not going to sign any petitions for this cause, after all she whined “where woud the money come from?”
      Personally I hope the money comes directly from her pay packet lets see if Ms Victoria Atkins can survive on fresh air. the government and its agents the DWP need to understand what it feels like to be old and exhausted and hungry. Maggie Mackay


    • Love your comment. I am told the result of our Review is due Thursday at 10am. Keep fighting. Justice must be done no matter what. I am shaking with rage at this fiasco. I never thought I would be 64 broke and living with my 91 year old mother as a carer. Please don’t give up everyone. Whatever the result we will prevail. I can’t think any other way.


      • Like Julie, I too am 64, broke, sharing caring for 94 year old mother. I am sincerely hoping the result of the review is Thursday at 10.00 a.m. Worked, paid my dues, obeyed the rules! For what?


    • Hi Dee – That’s why I’m glad that we in Scotland are lucky enough to be able to vote SNP and I can’t wait for IndyRef2 to come around 🙂


      • I too live in Scotland and wouldn’t vote for either SNP or another independent referendum as we can only fight this cause if we are altogether in the United Kingdom. If we were separate we wouldn’t have a hope in hell of winning this so we must all stick together and not bring any other politics into this as I’m sure we all have different opinions. This is the fight for our pensions not anything else.


  5. Therese Coffey needs to get her act together and listen to women born in the 50’s regarding our pensions we need our money back and we need the state pension age back to where it belongs women retire at 60 not 66. Where has are hard earned money gone. We need one of us ladies born in the 50’s to be running the DWP not someone who thinks its their right to rob us of our money!!!!


  6. We mustn’t despair because we must remember we all have a vital vote. The DWP deals with many things including Pensions and benefits. These are a necessary part of life for those needing support. I will not be voting for the Conservatives as this new appointment of Theresa Coffey proves how calculated and in human their party are. People needing support need a department to offer that support and guidance. I certainly dont want a radical hardliner who is both divisive and calculated. Where is the compassion in that?

    Please keep strong as were a few weeks away from our outcome. We will win because as long as we have a breath in our body we will fight. Truth is on our side and the truth will out.

    We have all seen for ourselves the mockery made of our once great country. The people we rely on and give our votes to have brought the Country to
    this, a joke across the world.

    Boris you may have power and you have witnessed the wrath of government. You have not yet seen the wrath of the people. You are there to serve the people of this country. It’s not a mind game to boost your ego and make you look a super hero to all those who want out of the EU.

    It’s way past all that were all sick to death of Brexit and sick to death of the main party in fighting. Documents such as yellow hammer need to be in the public domain and should have been made public years ago. We need to know what a no deal will mean. It’s us poor sods needing medicines, operations, etc because we rely on NHS services not bloody private health care like you lot. If there’s nothing to worry about then put your cards on the table and tell the truth.

    Boris whilst you model yourself on Donald Trump please don’t think it impresses any one of us. People are entitled to have their say and do not have to agree with you. The consequence of disagreeing is being sacked or silenced. That is not dimocracy…. nor freedom of speech.

    We want a prime minister and a party in office that actually cares for the people of this country and wants to build the Country back to a place to be proud of.

    We have an election looming and every last one of us knows the hand we have been dealt. We will win our pension rights and we will remember who put us through this nightmare in the first place.



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  8. I despair what chance do we have of winning our case now with this woman. I hope there is still a chance and we get what is rightfully ours.


  9. Amazing £154,000 per year and Ladbrookes paying for her little outings. They’re all a bunch of money grabbing parasites who don’t know how the other half live.


  10. I despair when a high paying position is given to someone so unsuitable. She earns £145,000 a year. I doubt I have earned that much after a lifetime of working. What empathy is she going to have to people who have to choose whether they will eat or heat their home this winter. It sounds like she is going to set us back a few years regarding evolution. She won’t be happy until we are all dying from cancer having to eat our food next to a cigar smoker. Not that we will ever be able to afford to go to a restaurant ever again. And a holiday, think again. The normal ordinary worker, basically the majority of people at the bottom who make the people at the top look so good, will work til they die. We will never have the money or time to enjoy any part of our lives. Where is the nearest food bank?


  11. Well yet another startling week in politics, who would have thought the spitting image puppets could ever be playing in parliament, who needs Coronation street or Eastenders!!!

    I believe the courts open 1st October so our outcome is very near. Watching the supreme court ruling today over Boris (hulk) Johnson’s antics, I cannot believe anyone could judge any other than the 50’s women claims are proved, factual and true. Therefore what other result could there be than our case being upheld by the courts.

    We’ve known for years parliament and MP’s manipulate the truth. When in power they put mates or those that do the most crawling into the highest paid positions.

    Therese Coffee takes over as the head of the DWP. She will manage benefits and pensions for those of us who are not from a privileged background. Those that have worked all their lives to exist not live a life of luxury. Why would a party with an ounce of common sense put a person into that position who is devisive and hard
    Iine. This same woman’s rescue dog pictured with an electronic shock collar on it. The position given to her says it’s all and the answer is clear to all, compassion will not be on their agenda. The poor sods needing the most help will need to jump through all manner of hoops to get a pitance.

    So we move to Labour now wanting our votes as they’re going to give us a 4 day week on the same salary you get in a 5 day. Have they all lost their marbles, by the time the government pay back all the in justice’s going through court we will need to up a normal week to 8 days.

    The lib dems, they’re going to support us back to 50’s women saying they will seek to give us £15k each in compensation. Sorry that equates to £48 per week for every woman who has lost £168 per week over the extra 6 years they’ve had to work. We want our pensions from the age 60 backdated plus we want compensation for the misery caused from losing homes, jobs and the stress the DWP have caused us all.

    Finally Boris (hulk) Johnson as a women who has been around the clock a bit, you are no super human. You may think as a cartoon character you are likened to the hulk but that is only a reflection of the green shades you will be demonstrating over the next few weeks. You also said you want to be king of the world, well sorry your best mate Donald has taken that job.

    Boris you need to learn some fundamentals. You may have lived a privileged life but we haven’t, your dishonesty , your inability to realise the people of this country deserve to be treated with respect and honesty. May I suggest if you wish to treat the queen, who has dedicated her life to this Country in the manner you have it gives all of us little hope to ever trust a word that comes out of your mouth. You to will be wanting votes in an election but you know we have had enough of the games. Labour took us into a major recession and now the Conservatives are leading us over a cliff. The people off this Country will show you all when there is an election just what we think, your adviser will have no control over that outcome.

    Brexit has been a nightmare but we have to leave as the vote was made. You as the Prime minister need to be honest and open about what you have in place should there be a no deal. It’s the people of this Country who will suffer if medicines and medical supplies cannot get through ports. Boris you are ok you will just get booked privately the poor sods using NHS won’t have a hope in hell. People would rather know warts and all what is going to happen in a no deal scenario.

    As a government your expertise in organising anything has been abysmal. For such intellectuals with thousands of qualifications between you all, what the hell is happening to common sense.

    We all have our judicial review result soon and I have them many things crossed I am constantly falling over. The results in supreme court today give me hope as the truth will out and all us poor ladies deserve some quality in our final years.

    Oh and Thank you to the ladies replying to my rants. Believe it or not, prior to our fight I never ever in my life got involved in any blogs. I’m not sure if it’s our age as when you get into the ages of 60 you realise time and life is invaluable. Unfairness, lies and deceit truly wind you up as you see things through different eyes



    • Well said Dee none of us could have put it any better. There is not one politician I trust.
      Like you said they all want our votes we’ll they better pay up.


  12. The 50’s women were brought up in an era to respect their belongings, as once damaged it would not be replaced. We were brought up to use good manners and politeness as you treat others the way you would wish to be treated yourself. You were told honesty was the best policy as you alone face the consequences of your own actions. You were taught to abide by the law, what was right and what was wrong. Heaven help you if you crossed those lines. Back then we didn’t have human rights we couldn’t ring Helpline or other agencies if our lives were harsh. If you messed up you paid the price.

    I say this because I am and I am sure a lot of you are beyond disgusted at what I am seeing and hearing within our government. People so highly educated the basics of life, respect, honesty and compassion seem to have been lost. What kind of a Country is this becoming, I can’t recognise who we are anymore. We have people threatening others because they don’t like their opinion. We are listening to words like traitor, chicken, coward and more disgusting words being used in parliament than you would hear down a pub. What example is being given to our young people, what Morales are you demonstrating to them.

    It is blatantly clear Boris’s plan of action, to wind everyone up to fever pitch. To turn that key in the clockwork mouse till it spins out of control. Your plan to send parties over the edge and for them to call for an election to get you out. You know they can’t call an election until we put Brexit to bed. It is clear to all you are fuelling this fire to distract us from your other issues that are being investigated.

    The public want Brexit sorted but sorted in a respectful manner, get a grip. Your the leader so lead by example, lead with respect, lead with some dignity and integrity. Look them up in the dictionary if your unsure of their meaning!!!

    The government standards have dropped to an all time low. The only way is up, so put your venom to one side and deal with the jobs in hand. I suggest you get it resolved sooner rather than later as I fear when the courts resume at the beginning of October you will have more than one case being thrown back in your arena.



    • Well said Dee, summed our generation to a tee, we would never have dreamt of stepping out of line. Don’t know who brought up these politicians but they certainly have no morals.


  13. What is worse than having the Department of Work and Pensions headed up by Therese Coffey? Having the Department of Work and Pensions headed up by Therese Coffey and having her as your MP. I totally despair!


  14. I feel she is so privileged ,the rest of us are mere serfs under her feet,and she does.nt wish to address the issue of womens pension rights where the goal posts have been changed for 1950,s women.


  15. I paid my National Insurance ,the same rate as men,with the proposed leaving age of 60The Privalage of running a house ,cleaning it,bringing up 2 cnildrenwhile my nusband worked offshore. Having a low paid job when qualified as a Hotel and catering manager.Joined a private pension fund in 2 of my jobs in Aberdeen where Iwas supposed to get a pension at 60, One gave me 10 pound, the other 16/annum !Cashed them in. I feel bitterly shortchanged and never had loads of money to squirrel away.


  16. Women have been so short changed they have been raped by the government,. They have to fall silent as to the fact they flounder without the money they have earned.


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