In Union News: Britain’s biggest public sector union Unison supports BackTo60

From Left to right: Unison’s national pensions officer, Alan Fox; Jackie Jones, Labour MEP for Wales; Sian Stockham, senior vice president Unison and Gloria Mills, national secretary, equalities,Unison.

At the TUC I was commissioned to write an article for Union News, the website that reports on all trade union action, about Unison’s decision to back the 1950s born women for the full restitution of their pension from the age of 60.

Unison were keen enough to support the BackTo60 campaign to come to Downing Street to hand in a letter to Boris Johnson, supporting their case which has been backed by a Parliamentary motion, started by Anna McMorrin, Labour MP for Cardiff, North and now signed by 190 MPs from all parties.

Next week Unison will be backing the campaign at a fringe meeting supporting the cause of the 3.8 million women at the Labour Party conference on Tuesday in the Metropole Hotel, Brighton.

You can read my article on the Union News website here.

6 thoughts on “In Union News: Britain’s biggest public sector union Unison supports BackTo60

  1. Hi David please advise if I read this right.
    I saw today Lib Dems are saying if they get into power they will put right the 50’s women’s plight on pensions. They say they agree with waspi and think it right every women should have £15k in compensation.
    I have calculated £15k over the 6 extra years were all having to work equates to £40 odd pound a week. That means women would still have to work until they reach 66.
    The women born in the 50’s are entitled to their pension and should get compensation as well as not instead of.
    Many women have had to use savings, sell homes to exist. Like it or not ageism is out there companies are not as forth coming offering jobs to a 63 year old as they are to a 20 year old.
    Court re opens the 1st October and hopefully our review will be finalised with a positive outcome. The 50’s women do not want something for nothing, we want what we paid into from the date we were supposed to get it. We don’t want compensation only we want our pensions. Were tired, we’ve had enough of being treated unfairly. This has pushed us to our limits we now want to enjoy our retirement which we’ve worked hard for.

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  2. I am one of the 1950’s women having to wait for the additional six years until I claim my state pension. I have paid my NI contributions all my working life. At times I have made additional payments to cover gaps to ensure I would get my full pension at pension age. This has all been driven by advice from DWP. Over the years the goalposts have been moved with the number of contribution years been reduced down and with the introduction of recognised credits such as claiming child benefit. The result is I have now overpaid my contributions by years and unable to claim the pension I paid towards. I had also looked forward to my bus pass but that is also denied as it is linked to the government retirement age. I am an ordinary working mum who cared for an Alzheimer’s father in law, had two children and worked to support my family. I have always strived to support myself financially and look after those around me. I have never asked anyone for help. Now I have reached 60+ I could sit and cry at all the past struggles with no recognition, and at the government’s meanness to pay the pension I was encouraged by DWP to overpay.

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  3. It seems to me that so many people can see the injustice here-no payments to the NI fund, no notification of the huge increase in age- including Unison and numerous MPs, so, logically and hopefully, the court decision will reflect this.
    Also, why do Scotland, Wales, London and pockets over England get bus pass at 60 while the rest of England has to be 66? No equality anywhere.

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  4. That is really great but it would be really good if Unison also tackled the Public Sector pensions which have been changed over years as the doctors judges and fire brigade unions have done because I paid into a private pension for 21 years and it is such a poor payout ….. average contributions were 6% but because there were so many changes it’s really poor no gold plated public sector pensions for us 😫

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