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  1. I have just been reading some of the old comments about 1950’s women’s pensions and I am still amazed at how many men think it is right on the basis of equality that we should have to work longer. I would agree with him if it wasn’t for the fact that all of our lives we were told by men that despite doing the same jobs as them we got paid less.
    All of our working lives were told by men that it was because we could retire at 60 maybe all of the men who benefited from us doing the same jobs as them and getting paid less would like to give back all the extra money they earned and give it to the women who have been cheated out of what the should rightly have. We have been discriminated against since we started work and are still being discriminated against today


    • The underlying problem of this argument is that MEN are responsible for the pay divide. No, the people who were responsible was the top management, not the man who sat next to you number crunching etc. Another reason, never mentioned was that many women would not join a trade union, or should I say most outside of government jobs. If women had joined unions in larger numbers I suspect the issue of unequal pay and pensions etc would have been dealt with years ago.
      Also consider the fact that society was totally different socially and economically and to be honest I thought it strange that women retired at 60 and men at 65 and when they discussed the equal pay act it was obvious that pensions needed to be either levied up or down, and more obvious that here was a chance for any government to level it up because of an ageing population and governments had done a Maxwell on state pension funds.
      The 60-65 position became untenable, take for instance in the predominately working class town I lived, many working class men did not reach 65 or if they reached the state pension age lived at best two years. Of course things have improved, well here is a fact in certain parts of the country, men have a greater life expectancy in ALBANIA, yes Albania than in the UK, they do not live long enough to pick up a pension.
      Do not blame MEN, blame governments and business, the man sweeping the streets influence on government’s policy is zero and that applies to most men. If you have a criticism levy it at the structures of society rather than men.


  2. what amazes me about this rubbish about men women equality the reality of it all is that we 50’s women have been severely punished for being born in the 50’s; let’s get realistic and pay back what they owe us this utter rubbish how we are living longer my husband died in `2017 aged 60 where is his state pension! two friends died last year one aged 63 the other 57 where are their state pensions. The government are too eager to support other countries but they need to look closer to home charity begins at home. I do hope we get what we are entitled to sooner than later I am fighting all the way, lets hope its before feb 2021.


  3. so i’m still wondering if this was an accidental page set up or just a general one for posting anything? 😉
    But my situation has just got a damn site more desperate. 14 years ago (anniversary was 6th January) after numerous attempts on my life I was forced out of my home and lost everything. Shortly after identity stolen. Been left homeless and destitute ever since. Basically been kept as a slave to pedos/ parents ever since. I can’t leave because a) I have no papers, no means i.e. no money and can’t legally earn any as I have no papers and b) I get locked up in mental prison for life if I do manage to find a way to leave or talk about any of the things I’m not allowed to talk about….
    Now the situation here has got a lot more desperate as my Dad is now very ill. He could literally die at any time. There is no way my mother can afford to keep the house with the loss of his pension. I have nowhere else to escape to. I’m even banned from leaving the country and I’m not allowed to earn/ live in my ‘own’ country, just ‘survive’. So my guess is they will institutionalise me for life/ implement the outstanding threat. Unless I top myself. Came to the conclusion long time ago that is the only option they have left me to ‘escape’ this horrible existence. Not allowed to ‘live’ on the streets…presumably as that would give me access to those who can ‘legally’ break the law….
    Often see articles in MSM where homeless people are denied hotel rooms as they have no papers. In other cases they are ‘allowed’ hotel rooms but the hoteliers are not prosecuted?
    How do homeless people get off the streets? When multiple forms of state sanctioned photo ID and utility bills are required to do anything these days….
    Why will no journalist cover that story?


  4. Hi David any update on when our appeal will be, I don’t have Facebook or any form of social media so I haven’t heard anything and it has been quiet on this forum. My husband just let me see the ladies invading Caxton House and it was great to see but shocks that they had to 🤨


  5. Good morning to everyone, I just want to say to all Back to 60 women and their families that I hope you all keep well through this health crisis at the moment. I know many of you have health issues and many of them are serious. Please keep safe and hopefully we’ll all get through this. I could be cynical and say what a way for governments to get rid of their elderly as we are all such a burden to health services 🤨. Anyway I pray we are all going to come out the other end safely.
    Maria 🤞🙏


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