Back to Work: Restarting investigations

Back to Work even if Westminster is closed – except for virtual contacts

This is just a note to my readers that after an absence of nearly three months I am now back in rather a different England that I left in January.

I have been extremely lucky as the trip I took with my disabled wife sailing round the whole of South America was about the safest place to be at the time – as the ship kept ahead of the spread of COFID 19 until the every end.

Then a very wise captain decided not admit any new passengers or crew when we docked at Fort Lauderdale and only allow passengers to disembark – not even go ashore and return – protecting the ship from the virus.

We then sailed straight for Southampton and were able to dock without facing the terrible fate some cruise liners had to endure where passengers had caught the disease. Cunard deserve a lot of praise for this. I will put up a blog with lots of pictures of what we saw in South America at a later date – as an antidote to today’s gloomy situation.

But now having had to painfully adapt to the new situation and look after and protect my wife from this invisible scourge I am back to investigating from home again.

I have a lot to catch up. I am planning fresh articles on developments on the BackTo60 campaign and the continuing plight of #50sWomen now hit by the fall out from the coronavirus. While I was away their victory at the Court of Appeal to challenge the findings of the judicial review on all grounds was an amazing achievement.

I am also back working for Byline Times which is doing a series of investigations in to the NHS and the coronavirus and I will keep an eye out for any other issues in Whitehall that are being buried by the current crisis.

I also have a number of more long term and complicated investigations – nearly all raised by people who contacted me directly and are taking many months to sort out. You will know who you are but I ask you for some patience as it will take time to get round to them.

In the meantime it will soon be back to business as usual.

20 thoughts on “Back to Work: Restarting investigations

  1. David it’s lovely to have you back safe and well. It sadly is not the best of times to be anywhere.

    2020 is by far a year none of us will ever forget, our hearts go out to all who have lost friends family or loved ones. It’s a time of deep concern, stress and fear as this enemy in war none of us can see none of us can stop.

    All we can do is follow the instructions and stay at home where we can.

    I appreciate many 50’s women myself included are working in front line services. Many of these women were in the initial list given by government as at risk. However the list changed and letters were sent to those at severe risk to shield for 12 weeks.

    I know how I feel in a position of having to go into front line work when I’ve already been told by my Doctor if I was to get the virus because of underlying conditions it would give me less chance of fighting it. My employer offers no work at home option.

    I cannot get a letter from hospital as needing to shield so I go out each day scared to death. I know I’m not on my own….

    It feels sometimes that not only the 50’s born women are not even a consideration. It feels sometimes like we have no value at all. We’re there to care, were there to support, were there to do our duty but sadly were there to be ignored when we are in need.

    I’m a person of great positivity but this brings me to despair. I try to rally others out there in the front line but below the surface I feel lost.

    I wish every one of you all the best through this testing time. Keep safe and well and one day we will reflect on this. Governments need remember lives and living our lives are more important than point scoring, selfishness and greed.



  2. So good to know you and your wife are safe and back home .Look after each other .Thankyou so much for your support of Backto60 group its amazing how much you achieve for us especially now as we stuggle to keep going !! Good luck with your on going investigations and future ones ahead .
    Kind regards
    Carol Whitby


  3. Was great to share your trip with you! Your photos were amazing!! I have missed your blogs as have sooooo many of others! Welcome home… and stay safe!!


  4. Welcome back and stay safe. I am one of the lucky 1950’s ladies who can work from home as my Office is in ICU and that’s not a very safe place at the moment.


  5. Looking forward to hear more about your trip. Just glad you all stayed safe as many not so fortunate. It’s a strange time for everyone and it affects everything in our day to day living. Born in 1954 I fear I am still angry at the injustice. A letter was issued to the nation re this crazy virus. I was annoyed, not only that everyone was notified when it’s on tv, radio, in the newspapers, on f/b etc so, therefore money could have been saved for essential protective equipment. Also, coming from the PM’s office, it is a concern that these letters have not been contaminated at this time and end up spreading the cv. I am disappointed Boris has the virus and hope he recovers soon and all the others affected too. Just a pity they never informed us 50s women. I shall close as you don’t need this on your return from what must have been not only an interesting but exciting, fun trip too.


  6. Welcome back…… Look after yourself and your wife firstly.
    Thank you for helping with the back to 50 campaign and reporting on it…. If they retired some of us older people it would create work for the young…? 🤔
    Crazy times


  7. I know you had a brilliant time because you were my virtual holiday guide 😉
    Hope you and Margaret settle back in, scary times.
    Really missed your down to earth reporting especially the backto60 support you give to all who are a struggling. Thank you


  8. Glad you have taken well earnt break. I work in soton at cruise terminal. Been thinking about all of us backto60 folk today, so timely. Cannot believe this latest debacle which has thrown us yet again, just hope it reinforces our case


  9. Being in your 60’s still working in front line services, classed as vulnerable but not vulnerable enough to shield or furlough is worse than dire. It’s like Russian roulette, you do your work to the best of your ability. Helping and supporting others, inside you feel so desperate to get home and feel safe.

    I’ve never suffered with anxiety, depression or feelings of despair but sadly this has just put the lid on it for me. The stress of family and friends also working in the front line adds daily to the worry.

    The pressure on every one is immense and to all those very brave support workers, carers NHS staff of all age groups you are truly amazing. Clapping for you is not enough you are true angels of hope and we can never ever thank you enough.

    To all those 50’s born women who have returned to Frontline services in the NHS etc you are without a shadow of doubt truly remarkable.

    I hope Rishi Sunak learns a valuable lesson from all this. Women of the 50’s are women of strength but moreover women of compassion. They’ve been hit hard, they’ve done what was asked of them over and above. So don’t write us off, give us the choice to work or retire with some sense of worth. The follow on from this disaster is sadly the loss of many many people. The economy will rebuild but lives cannot.

    I hope Rishi helps to rebuild the Country and job losses by helping young and old. The older generation given the option to retire if they so wish and have some quality years, the young to take up their positions.



  10. Good to have you back, safe and well David. Thanks yet again for your support in the quest for justice for #50swomen who, yet again, have appear to have been dismissed by the government.


  11. Welcome back and I’m glad both you and your wife are safe. Thanks for your continuing support of 1950’s women. This caring government changed the WHO’s vulnerable people list (over 60’s) to their own version – over 70’s. Nothing to do with 1950’s women and their State Pension. Let’s take a moment to remember another 1950’s woman, a home carer in Scotland, who died still caring for others at the age of 64, due to retire next year. The GMB Union issued a statement on behalf of her family. What a heroine!
    I’m self-employed and can’t work from home. HMRC have contacted me and said they’ll be in touch at the end of May (!) to let me know how to apply for the Grant.
    The current situation makes a mockery of Boris’ “I can’t magic up the money” for 1950’s women.
    He’s certainly ‘magic-ed up’ money from somewhere, probably from our NI Contributions.


  12. Keep up the good work David.
    Can you give me your opinion on Exaro and your previous colleague Mark Watts reporting on the Child Abuse commission?


  13. Nice to hear your back safe and sound. Thank you for all your hard work, keep safe looking forward to reading your blogs.


  14. Lovely to have you back . Lovely your wife and you had a great trip and were safe from this terrible Covid 19 wishing continued health and look forward to real reporting


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