A new campaign: A People’s Tribunal to get rid of ALL discrimination against girls and women.

BackTo60 yesterday launched a new campaign to get the United Kingdom to implement something they should done 34 years ago – pass laws to both empower and eliminate all discrimination against women.

For 1986 is the year Margaret Thatcher decided to sign up to the UN Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women ( acronym CEDAW) but failed to put through Parliament any laws to back it up.

This should not be a Left versus Right issue – since Thatcherites and Corbynites and anybody in between- should agree. Unless they still hold the nineteenth century view that half the nation are inferior and should not have equal rights with men.

BackTo60 decided to launch this because next week’s Court of Appeal hearing on the government’s denial to pay back the 3.8 million women born in the 1950s their pensions from 60 to 66 – also involve the UN Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women – because there was no level playing field for women to get their pension in the first place.

This enormously broadens BackTo 60’s campaign since it involves campaigning for the rights of half the population.

The mechanism they have chosen to bring this to public attention is a People’s Tribunal – these date back to the 1960s when the Bertrand Russell Foundation – held an inquiry into the US role in the Vietnam War.

This new tribunal is expected to consist of three independent ( probably retired) judges and led by the advocate John Cooper QC. a human rights and criminal law barrister, who is regarded by the Times as one of the 100 most influential lawyers in the country, and was on the tribunal that investigated atrocities in Iran.

Two other key members are Professor Jackie Jones,a former MEP for Wales and Professor of Feminist Studies at the University of West England , a leading advocate and expert on CEDAW and Hannah Manzur, a former EU  Gender Policy Advisor at the European Parliament,. Here is the full statement:

John Cooper said the issue should not be controversial – ” it is like motherhood and apple pie”.

He said the tribunal should have three main goals – independence, transparency and authenticity.

” There are three main areas to investigate: Why CEDAW has never put into UK law; whether there was any good reason for not doing so, and most importantly, to make recommendations on what should happen next.”

He added that he was already having support for the idea from a number of leading figures.

Jackie Jones said on the launch: ” Enough is Enough. We have waited nearly 40 years for this. It high time this is written into law and it is really important that girls now at school should be able to reach their full potential.”

Hannah Manzur said :

“We are delighted to announce the establishment of the CEDAW People’s Tribunal which will act as a powerful tool in both pushing for progress on gender equality and shining a light on the Government’s failure to uphold its binding promise to take proactive and comprehensive steps to eliminate gender discrimination.

” Forty years after this groundbreaking international convention was signed by the Government, women and girls still face overwhelming barriers to achieving their full potential due to persistent inequality and discrimination.

“This Tribunal will collect an authoritative body of evidence and expertise which will be reviewed and deliberated on by a panel of independent judges.

” We will be working to assess the gap between the Government’s commitment to CEDAW and its record on gender equality, including its failure to transpose CEDAW into domestic law and appoint a UK CEDAW representative. It’s time for us to hold the Government to account on its duty to eliminate discrimination against women and make gender equality a reality for women and girls across the UK.”

The only thing I have to add is that I shall be backing this campaign with the same vigour I have showed in reporting and investigating the BackTo60 campaign for full restitution for the 3.8m women who lost out on the raising of the pension age.

21 thoughts on “A new campaign: A People’s Tribunal to get rid of ALL discrimination against girls and women.

  1. Thankyou David once again for supporting our cause and your brilliant reports. we need to get the message home to the government that WOMENS LIVES MATTER . any thing that helps us is a good thing we have been discriminated against for far too long and its well over due for change. Women contribute to this country’s coffers as men do some of us have paid in for up to 50 yrs and more just to be robbed of our pensions and a better quality of later life an entitlement not a Benefit…got my fingers and every thing crossed that can be for the appeal nx week. Many thanks to everyone that as given there time and help in our fight for our rights and restitution of our PENSIONS.


  2. This is groundbreaking news! WELL DONE to all involved in setting up this much needed Women’s Bill of Rights (CEDAW) Thank you from the bottom of my heart 💓

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  3. I will make a short reply, is this going to cost money for the employer?
    Well, we know who really pulls the strings of the muppets running this country. It be like the Abolition of Slavery, it will come about when its profitable to do so.


  4. Hi David,
    Thank You for the work you have put in to support 50s women. Lets hope that we have a great outcome. Will women born in the 1960s be able to get restitution as well as the pension age has gone up to 66 and a few months. ( My pension age is July 2027 born November 1960).
    Pension age in France has been put up two years and the people are saying to the goverment NO.
    Thank you,


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  5. We were told when leaving school at 15 years of age you will get a pension at 60.. No word from DWP mine changed twice with no word it’s just not right to treat woman like this we have paid in you pay out government t thanks very much!!!!! Paid 49 year INS we deserve better!!!!!!

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  6. We paid in I have paid 49 years NI left school at 15 told will get a pension at 60.. For government to change it twice with not one word of these changes… Woman should not be treated this way we want justice ASAP thanks.

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  7. In my view the only reason why Govts have not transposed CEDAW into domestic law is financial. Which hopefully will not be seen as a good reason! In that way Govts could continue to get away with treating women as second class citizens who are expected to bear the financial brunt of each and every crisis, with no impact assessments carried out on how Govt policies would affect women and girls


  8. It beggars belief that this even needs to be done. That we have to justify our equality in the 21st century in a so called civilised society is a disgrace to all governments past and present.
    Thank you to all involved forcing this issue.

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  9. Thank you for bringing this matter to the attention of everyone even if it has been buried for 40 years. I hope and pray that discrimination against women (particularly those born after 1953) will be admitted at the JRAppeal. And full restitution paid to those affected. CEDAW recommendations should be ratified into UK Law without further delay. Many thanks to David Hencke and colleagues.

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  10. It is sad in 2020 the Uk is not only still sexist but racist. While i support rights for all.. it be only when we start a revolution to become a republic will this discrimination re age sex color stop in the uk. Lets start plan for this March every Monday .. shops trains buses the nation.. like they di France Spain etc.. time to push this..

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  11. Does CEDAW cover other EU discriminations against women, like not receiving my late husband’s Dutch state pension as I no longer live and contribute in the Netherlands?


  12. Great news that B260 amplifying its remit to include this very important issue.

    I cannot help -a tear for all the women & girls who have been treated as 2nd class citizens and not having this support for last 34 years…3.8m living and passed-on women would never have had this pensions theft by Major had it been implemented on time

    Contrast the above ‘foot-dragging’ with that of 4.65m men whose “stop gap” NIC autocredits were not only implemented immediately under Thatcher but continued on for a further 35 years – effectively financed by the womens’ substantial losses.

    Women discriminated against yet again.

    One also has to ask: what is the point of the APPG committee on Womens’ Equalities – why weren’t they addressing this issue that would have resolved most if their agenda items – but then I suppose
    no committee meetings=no member expenses🤔

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  13. I look forward to hearing the court case being live streamed on Tuesday 21st July, in fact I can’t wait. Thank you to all who have worked hard and supported us throughout, it has been very much appreciated. Fingers crossed for a positive outcome.


  14. I’d like to say a big thank you to David and all of the Back to 60 team for their tireless efforts on our behalf. Regardless of the outcome of our appeal you have all fought extremely hard for us. I hope the judges have not already been warned by the government and the DWP that they have to order against us as we have all suffered an injustice till now. Good luck for the appeal as we’ll all be waiting to see if our justice system is fair.


  15. Covid 19 has shown who looks after everyone, it’s always women. Teaching the children, working, cooking ironing, washing, cleaning etc, etc. Yes, sometimes it’s been enlightened men but women still do not have equal rights in any sphere of life. That is totally and fundamentally wrong. All based on a sex organ.!!! All of it is a blatant tragedy in a civilised society.


  16. women have to have own national insurance to qualify for state pension and yet if you lose your job or no income of your own you cannot claim anything, your partner is expected to support you until you reach state pension age, this is discrimination and degrading. and your pride and dignity is lost.


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