UPDATED: CEDAW IN LAW goes to Downing Street to petition Boris Johnson to introduce a REAL Women’s Rights Bill


Today a group of women from the CEDAW People’s Tribunal led by its president, former judge Dr Jocelynne Scutt went to Downing Street to petition the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson to introduce a comprehensive women’s rights bill.

This is the latest move in a campaign to persuade the government to implement the UN Convention to End All forms of Discrimination Against Women ratified by Margaret Thatcher as long ago as 1986.

It would pave the way for proper gender sensitive legislation and transform the rights of women still fighting for equal pay, equal treatment and better protection from, domestic violence, rape and abuse.

Above is a video now on You Tube of the event. I came along to report it for this blog

Dr Scutt was accompanied by four of the many legal assistants who helped the campaign. They are Katie Capstick, Pietra Asprou, Clara Guitau and Sara Vincezotti.

The event was organised by the steering committee involving Ann Fenner, Kris Gibson, Michaela Hawkins, Louise Matthews, Davina Lloyd and Joanne Welch.

One intriguing insight. The handing over of the petition was delayed a little as Boris Johnson, who was in residence, had to dash outside from No 10 to No 9 Downing Street. He was in the middle of the virtual G7 summit at the time with Afghanistan on his mind. No doubt once he got to see the petition it would remind him that there were also issues like women’s rights in the UK which are not going to go away either.

The next step shortly will be the publication of the report from the People’s Tribunal. There is also a radio interview with me, Joanna Welch and Davina Lloyd tonight who both organised the tribunal with the amazing help of human rights lawyers from Garden Court Chambers.

Ian Rothwell special programme on Salford City Radio

Special programme on BackTo60 and CEDAW; Interviews with Dr Davina Lloyd, chair of the CEDAW Tribunal Steering Committee; Joanne Welsh and myself talking about how the moves in Scotland and Wales are complementing the work of CEDAW. Press on the button below to hear the entire programme ( one hour)

Enjoy the programme and thanks to Ian Rothwell and Salford City Radio for allowing me to put it on my blog.

11 thoughts on “UPDATED: CEDAW IN LAW goes to Downing Street to petition Boris Johnson to introduce a REAL Women’s Rights Bill

  1. This is brilliant news if Doris oops Boris takes it on board and doesn’t sweep it under the carpet as per usual its shocking that we are in the 20th century modern times that Women still have to fight for their rights where has men do not have to fight at all. adding 6 years on to a woman’s pension should be a crime when in all fairness men’s retirement age should have been brought down to 60 if they have been discriminated against women retiring at 60 not women having to wait an extra 6yrs and let me tell you it is a long six year wait I am nearly there now but still waiting… its long overdue that womens rights need to improve if Boris is serious about levelling up and making life equal for all in the UK but will be HOT AIR as that is all he spouts these days. Many thanks for all the hard work and support Cedaw and back to 60 and to you David for your continuous support many thanks.

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  2. A strange date to deliver a report asking for more rights for UK women. The world and his wife are worried about Afghan citizens, and specifically Afghan women and girls, who are at risk of losing everything they gained in the last 20 years. Yet not one word, not one, about the plight of these women.

    Let’s hope none of the international Press knows about this strange behaviour of women in the UK at such a critical time. It would be an international embarrassment.


    • Equal Rights that we should have always had – not ‘more’ rights?
      The focus of CEDAW is UK women – that doesn’t mean all of those directly involved in and supporting CEDAW, both male and female, haven’t supported or expressed concern for Afghan women?
      Everyone should put everything on hold whilst we await catastrophic world events to resolve, subside?

      The world and ‘his wife’?

      The only ‘strange’ and embarrassing behaviour I see here is from you.

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    • I agree. Totally the wrong time to be complaining about being a woman in one of the most equal and tolerant countries in the world.


    • You are entitled to your opinion, but really at this present time to bring afghan into this is unfair. This is all about the women in this country, not the rest of the world. We cannot be responsible for other countries. Women and girls in this country are not protected as they should be. We have to put our own house in order first, CEDAW has been worked on for over 30 years and still not made it in law in this country. Even though uk governments have been working on it. The timing of this was not planned all of this has taken a considerable amount of time to get this far. So I say well done to the legal team who have been working on this.

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  3. I really appreciate your help all of you, i have been married for 32 years to the same man happily but, because he is 9 years younger than myself, i cannot claim any benefits such as unemployment benefit or sickness in my own right, even though i i worked for 39 years!!
    Where is this dam ‘ independence’

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  4. This is long overdue and not an embarrassment this is cruelty what this government has done to 1950s women make no mistake leaving them in hardship and distress for 6 years stealing their earned dues paying national insurance all there working lives not to mention some women took the suicide root out of misery So any 1950s in this position will know what this is about
    All women and girls should have human rights no matter what nationality.
    Thank you to CEDAW and all concerned for your support and for standing in our corner we will fight to the end for our rights to be equal to men.

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  5. David

    Why are all the Cedaw PT YouTube videos private ? Not much point in having a people’s tribunal if none of the people can see what was said.


    • You’re right there Mark. When David first broke the news of the Peoples Tribunal hearings on his blog I clicked on the Link only to find I couldn’t access the Videos. Bloody pointless then!!


  6. Unfortunately . This is a farce, 1 tried to post evidence of treason by the government on this ‘Movements’ site. Can’t post anything, or is it just me?
    2. In 2001 the queen was deposed due to a treasonous response to Barons, making all governments since then imposters! Please find newspaper article in archives The telegraph 24th march 2001 by Caroline Davies. Heading ‘ Peers partition Queen on Europe. This is the article I wanted to post on CEDAW’s Fb page. It’s shocking and has been hidden from us all until now.
    Join us on Telegram to learn more.


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