The dodgy background behind child abuse at Kincora and Richmond

This post is worth reading for those following the Kincora and Richmond child sexual abuse scandals after the release of Cabinet papers showing that the Thatcher Cabinet discussed and rejected a full scale inquiry into Kincora in 1983. This post is from Chris Fay, who has tirelessly campaigned for justice for kids abused at Elm Guest House. I am not certain about the claim of a Cabinet committee meeting on August 24 1982 to discuss Elm Guest House raid. But the post shows up what a murky world existed at both Kincora and Richmond and also suggests a link between them which I am becomingly increasingly interested in exploring. Chris Fay should be taken seriously because of his involvement in the case at the time of the first raid.


Those who have followed events at the Elm Guest House in Barnes, until it was closed down in a “police” raid in 1982, will know there has always been some dispute over the nature of the raid that took place. Carol Kazir (and her legal team) always insisted that this raid was carried out under the Prevention of Terrorism Act 1976. The police and government have always insisted it was under vice law legislation. All I can say is, Carol gave me the “notice to detained persons” issued under the Act, to stop her talking to a lawyer. This I gave to the coroner at Carol Kazir’s inquest in the summer of 1990.

Why has this always been so important and what did it matter which law was used to conduct the raid? Well, without benefit of counsel, Special Branch were the first to question her. They were not interested…

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