Transcript of the Goodman’s call to Coulson after being charged with Phone Hacking in 2006

Read in full by clicking the link on Peter Jukes site the secretly taped conversation between Andy Coulson and hacker Clive Goodman two months before Goodman was jailed. The link is RSS 305 at the bottom of his post. It shows his concerns that at this stage the hacking investigation could easily be widened because of what the police have got from Glenn Mulcaire and a rather animated conversation on whether phone calls can be traced.

The Criminal Media Nexus

Linked below is a transcript of the tape, played today in court today , between News of the World’s Royal Reporter Clive Goodman, and his editor Andy Coulson, around the 6th of November 2006.  Goodman and private investigator Glenn Mulcaire. had been arrested in August and charged with hacking the voicemails of Royal aides a few weeks previously. They would both plead guilty at the end of  November 2006, and were sentenced in January 2007. Coulson resigned from his editorship of News of the World the same day

NB: Tom probably refers to Tom Crone, in house News International lawyer: Henri is Goodman’s solictior, and  Kelsey the barrister instructed by him. 

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