Phone Hacking Trial: Brooks told witness it was easy to hack phones of the famous, court hears – Martin Hickman

Rebekah Brooks appears to be amazed how easy it is hack phones of the famous because they don’t have pin codes – but then why should they because they wouldn’t anticipate that their phones would be hacked.
Also note at the end of this report Rebekah’s unexplained request for a discreet meeting with her former lover Andy Coulson in 2011 just before he quit as David Cameron’s director of communications. The reference to not meeting at the Goring Hotel gives a great insight- it is a favourite with lobbyists, right wing journalists and some senior civil servants. They would be spotted.

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Eimear CookDay 21 (Part 2): Rebekah Brooks told the wife of a professional golfer how easy it was to hack the phones of famous people, the Old Bailey was told today.  Eimear Cook said that Mrs Brooks had warned her of the ease with which voicemails could be eavesdropped over lunch at the house of mutual friends.

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