Phone Hacking Trial: Brooks explained how to hack phones at PM’s birthday party, jury is told – Martin Hickman

This extraordinary evidence suggests that Rebekah Brooks was happy to discuss the technique of phone hacking while sitting at a Chequers party to celebrate the PM’s birthday in October 2010. The context appears to be whether his director of communications Andy Coulson – a former lover of Rebekah’s -could survive as David Cameron’s director of communications following the first revelations about the News of the World. A few months later Coulson resigned.

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Rebekah and Charlie BrooksDay 22: Rebekah Brooks explained how to hack a mobile phone at a birthday party for the Prime Minister at a country house, the Old Bailey heard today.  A close friend of David Cameron’s, Dom Loehnis, testified that Mrs Brooks had chatted about intercepting voicemails while he sat next to her during the celebration at the Prime Minister’s rural residence, Chequers, in October 2010.

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3 thoughts on “Phone Hacking Trial: Brooks explained how to hack phones at PM’s birthday party, jury is told – Martin Hickman

  1. I think you’re turning quite a small swallow into quite a big summer here. The party had 60 guests spread over three tables. According to the evidence, the reference to hacking was about two minute’s worth of a private conversation between Mrs. Brooks, and guest next to her at the table. You are implying that she was talking at length with the attention of all the guests, inc. Cameron.


    • Hi I take your point, I can see a danger of over-egging this so have modified the text. Ot would depend how near she would be to Cameron at the tables – but it would be amazing if she was not overheard by other guests at the dining tables unless she was whispering!


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