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The old Exaro News is dead but not buried


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The British companies, Exaronews Ltd and Exaro Holdings Ltd were both dissolved by June 21 this year ending the existence of Exaro News as an entity in the UK.

However the website was put up for auction and is now owned by a Brit living in North America.

As a result the news site has been relaunched under new management outside UK jurisdiction. The current site is running with a standard newsfeed.

The good news for readers of this blog is that almost the entire archive of Exaro from 2011 to 2016 has been put back on the internet by the new owner. If you want to find any of the articles written by me go to https://www.exaronews.com/  and look under UK News. Scroll down to  news archive, click on it and then click on my name to retrieve any story  I have written in the past five years.

This is the only place you can find the archive of Exaro News as the site has been excluded from the Wayback Machine and is no longer available.

At the same time my blogs which are normally cross posted on https://www.byline.com/  are now  -using new machine technology –  automatically appearing on the exaronews site. Those wanting to read the full blog rather than excepts  from exaro are redirected back to byline.com  or to my site.

The first blog covered by this  ( and put up yesterday) is the Crown Prosecution Service  statement which says without comment that ” Nick” is now facing  multiple charges of perverting the course of justice for all the allegations he made against prominent politicians and senior military officers in an alleged Westminster paedophile ring. So until the trial is over the old  archived stories should be treated with caution.

The new arrangement  should enhance the capacity of this blog to reach many more readers particularly in North America . Since some of the issues raised – such as the raising of the pension age particularly for women , child sexual abuse, politics,  Whitehall waste and various health and social security scandals- are international.

In the case of the 50s women  who have to wait up to six years for a pension this is  an issue across Europe and is also to be raised at the United Nations.


13 thoughts on “Exaro News back from the dead

    • Good to see the plug for Lobster … it was my time writing for Lobster many years ago that helped inspire Exaro as a possible outlet for holding power to account. Though Exaro Mark 1 only managed five years of digging away at power’s pretensions, perhaps Exaro Mark 2 will last longer. I can’t yet endorse Exaro Mark 2 because it has to prove itself as a provider of evidenced investigations without ideological bias but I keep an open mind and (see below) wish it well in the meantime.


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  2. Seriously David, thank goodness someone in your position is willing and more than able, to feed such interesting, intelligent and knowledgeable information out into the public domain.
    So much cynicism and doubt with issues relating to ‘fake news,’ that the average person doe not have much faith in the media at present.
    What with ‘social media’ causing mayhem and confusion it is nice that there is someone like you has consistent integrity.
    Long may this last David.!

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  3. Apparently, if anyone supports this positive development, we are subjected to abuse from an individual who claims to be the spokesperson for Simon Just, of Kendal. Mr Just informs us that he is not the person who many mistake as the author of a web blog that says victims of sexual abuse are fantasists. So, who is the author of Real Troll Exposure, and the twittter account majorleak?


  4. An interesting development. If the intention is to hold power to account as the original Exaro was created to do and be an evidence-based investigative outlet, then I wish it well. It is bitter-sweet because, as Founder of the original Exaro (but never involved in editorial), it is like seeing one’s child ripped from one because of circumstances that were not in one’s control (truly a lesson in capitalism!) but I am very pleased to see the Archive accessible by the general public and that the operation is supported by many of the original Exaro team who I hope get a new opportunity to ply their trade. Again, best of luck!


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