Exclusive: Amber Rudd faces new challenge over maladministration of the raising of pension age from 50s Women

amber rudd

Amber Rudd- the new work and pensions secretary and MP for Hastings


Two supporters of the BackTo60 campaign have got professional legal support to challenge the government for maladministration over the failure to notify them over the raising of the pension age.

The fresh challenge is in addition to the hearing next Friday at the High court to decide whether BackTo60 can challenge the government through a judicial review.

Pensions Litigation lawyer Mr Ivan Walker (Principal of Walkers Solicitors based in Kent) has agreed to advise Fran Martin and Ros Pain-Tolin  who, are two of the lead cases of 1950s Women. They have got to the final stage of presenting their case to the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

Mr Walker recently represented the members of the Lloyds Bank pension schemes in a landmark High Court claim regarding sex discrimination in the system for contracting out of the State Earnings-related Pension Scheme.

The move is significant because professional legal advice is essential in bringing such a  case. The women are launching a crowd funding appeal  to help finance the move.

The link is here. Go onto the crowdfunder site here:


Search live projects and put in 50swomen and then you will get to the site. For some reason this direct link does not work


Both women have faced enormous and heart rending struggles to cope since the government pushed back the right to claim a pension from 60 to 65 and it is going up to 66 by 2020. Their struggle is typical of many others who have commented on this blog and have been left with virtually nothing to live on.

Fran Martin told me :

“I received a letter in 2013 from DWP – which indicated that I had a 6 yr hike added to my SP age – This was received 2 years before my 60th birthday in 2015. I was totally shocked and still am.

“I have gone from an optimistic cheerful forward thinking person to a virtual recluse with all the incumbent stresses and strains that this places on other family members. Health has deteriorated too, with high blood pressure, diabetes and anxiety being I feel part and parcel of the result of being misled at what is a vulnerable time in anyone’s life..”

Sleepless nights have become the new norm and even whilst now prescribed sleeping tablets I can still be wide awake at 4 or 5am with worry for a very bleak future if even that exists, I’m not convinced it does.”

She became redundant in 2015 and then saw her plans for a happy retirement ruined.

” I had purchased a retirement cottage in 2008 in Aberdeenshire completely unaware of any state pension Legislation. and which DWP treated as capital – Forced in Dec 2015 to put the cottage up for sale – but with no work and no one coming into Aberdeen to rent, to date the cottage is still on the market. and have costs for the upkeep of same and the flat that I live in Aberdeen.

” I am ineligible for any benefits as the DWP class the cottage as capital. I was also forced to draw down a small private pension in 2015 at the worst possible times for annuities, and use this and small savings to eek out a bleak existence – Dependant to on a mother in her mid 80’s which quite frankly I never thought I would have to be and obviously places stress and worry on her too.”

Ros told me: “I always expected my State Pension to be at 60 in 2015. I never received a letter. ICE  ( who handle pension complaints)say that one was ‘probably’ sent in Feb 2012, but they did not keep any ‘case specific’ records so cannot confirm.”

“I only have a small works pension that I had taken early. I also a degenerative back condition which causes me pain most days and I  suffer from Asthma.

I really don’t know how I would manage at all, if I didn’t have my husband and his Pension to rely on as well. He is now 70 with his own health issues. My Mother almost 95 has also given financial support over the last few years.”

Both women are determined to fight the system so Amber Rudd in her new role  as work and pensions secretary better look out as a storm is gathering not only from them but from millions of other people who feel they have been robbed of their state pension when they should have had it.









35 thoughts on “Exclusive: Amber Rudd faces new challenge over maladministration of the raising of pension age from 50s Women

  1. last night I was do upset by life and money I tried to commit suicide obviously it did not work but I will keep trying I have terminal bone cancer and had to give up work and I struggle on £109 Employment support £63.00 private pension and £77.00 PIP my husband has to look after me and he gets carers of £64.00 we have after 3 years we haveused our savings I should have received my pension 5 years ago and it has spoilt what little time I now have left suicide seems a weak way out but not so if you feel a burden likevi do let’s hope we win for all the 1950’s women xx


    • Hazel I am so sorry to read your post and how this is making life
      So hard for you with your diagnosis.
      This government have a lot to answer for,tragic how people’s lives are turned up side down.
      Can you please call your palliative nurse and tell her how you really are telling
      Please don’t struggle always someone you can share things with.
      God bless x


    • Hazel, You are a true heroine for sharing that online. Thank you very much indeed. You are not a burden you are ill. I think a lot of us feel the same without bone cancer darling. Its the feeling of worthlessness that compounds the older you get anyway but for our generation it has finished us off. I sincerely wish you well and I will try to remember every day that there are so many of us feeling the same every day and every night. So at least you know that you are not the only one feeling utterly desperate.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    • Hazel, you must ask for a review of your illness with the DWP, its hard but there are people who can help. You must do it for you darling. xxxxx


  2. I wish them luck ..this is BY FAR THE WORST Government EVER!! THEY SIMPLY DO NOT CARE about the WASPI women!! Hope they ALL get their well deserved pensions BACK dated as well!! SHAME on Mrs. MAY and her motley crew of ROBBERS!! Karma will get them all soon enough!!


    • KARMA will be January 12th 2020 for the Tories. The people will rise against them and all of the elite, this is astrology. Read Fay’s Astrology on wordpress, You don’t have to believe, just read it. Hardship for all of the poor and downtrodden will change for the younger generations and the elite will be bought down. However, for us older people its all maybe too late but at least we will are all contributing to that time now. Stand up and be counted. Fight back by blogging online, its the only voice we have. Ps. We will win our pensions back and this will cause a tsunami of justice for all of the country………This all sounds stupid if you don’t believe in astrology (I did’nt once) but it will happen. Saturn/Pluto conjunction 12 Jan 2020. Interestingly, looking at the charts of my generation (1956) this 22 degree of Capricorn falls at our midpoint of our generational Pluto square Saturn, that is why we did not get our pensions from the state(Capricorn=Tories) This will also benefit men who also will lose up to a years pension. But at least 1950’s men got higher wages all their lives and access to pensions etc and did not have to give their life up to bring up families and then do caring in their old age. We have lost in every way all our lives(majority of us anyway). Thank you John for being on our side.


  3. I maintain that this is discriminatory. I have a letter from 2012 that informed me of an accelerated change in pensions for my generation of women. This was the first notice I received. I had for several years planned to retire at 58 due to health issues (lifetime of Crohn’s disease that was managed so I could work as a secondary school teacher) and in 2012 was 57. I had envisaged that I could manage for 2 years until 60. Instead I will have managed for 8 years. This is entirely due to my husband’s work pension. I have been the first generation of women in my family to work full time and have children. I have contributed to the country as a tax payer and when retired have cared for grandchildren and an ailing mother. Our worth to the country deserves better treatment. The accelerated phasing in of the pension has been unjust and unfair. No government would have dared treat men in this way.


  4. Dear David Hencke, The Tories are talking of a 2nd early election, as early as next year 2019, according to national Momentum. The bookies have high odds of Labour winning. Might you care to promote in your blog my Grey Swans 8 policy aims into election Labour Manifest please? WASPI and BackTo60 members are welcome to also become Grey Swans members, as in no way does Grey Swans get in the way of court cases for compensation, as I am only about the monthly state pension money payment. My aims include an END BALANCE of NI Fund into State Pension Trust Fund.

    Of the 100 key marginals, 62 are small towns and small towns are majority Grey Vote that begins from age 50 upwards. Help Grey Swans become the Momentum of the Grey Vote for Labour by getting Grey Swans 8 demands into election Labour Manifesto now. High rumours from Tories, according to national Momentum, of 2nd early general election, maybe as soon as next year 2019. Grey Swans informs that each and every supporting statement for pension reform has been a lie about working class pensioners and the state pension.

    Based on what Jeremy Corbyn said in parliament in 1993 and done by his brand of Labour in the past, when ruling UK parliament government:

    1. State Pension Payment age 60 for men and women.

    2. £250 per week state pension for all pensioner ages the same, regardless of National Insurance record / SERPs opt out to reduce the money, paid equally to UK citizens resident in UK or worldwide.

    3. £500 Winter Fuel Allowance per household from age 60 men and women.

    4. £23,000 income tax allowance from age 50 men and women (return of lost Granny Tax taken by the rich in 2013 at age 65 from men and 60 from women).

    5. End National Insurance Fund.

    6. Put end balance of NI Fund into State Pension Trust Fund, with proper pension contract including 5% annual increase, and admin by Commission of working class pensioners reliant on the state pension (especially women).

    7. Start 10 per cent tax on share dividends and ring fence that money into State Pension Trust Fund.

    8. Age 50 all works contract payment, without penalty of reduced money.
    There is no enforced retirement age from work already in law. Those who can work longer by personal choice / health, the boss cannot sack just because of age / receiving pension payment.


  5. I too think it’s disgusting and violates a person’s rights to a comfortable future life is hard you work all your life to build a future not only for yourself but for your family if you don’t have much income to rely on and too old to work because no one will employ a person who is too old or shall I say past Thier prime living in poverty means it’s hard to be able to leave anything behind for your loved ones or even afford your own funeral every one over 60 should not have to worry about them things and should have a right to receive what they are entitled to when they reach a certain age that age was 60 for women and I think it’s a violation to change it which will bring hardship, worry , sorrow and distress to that person


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  7. I had to retire at 58 because of ill-health. I was a volunteer TA at the time, because no-one would employ me: by that time I was using a walking stick and my ATOS wad causing a lot of pain. I have NEVER received a letter from DWP about my pension changed; I found out when I requested a Pensions Forecast. My husband (also disabled) survive on two smalloccupational pensions (because they were taken so early), PIP (we don’t see this, it pays for our Motability car that carries our wheelchairs) and my Carer’s Allowance (I’m carer for my hubby), that will stop when I reach 65 next June. So there will be an 8 month gap between that finishing and my SP starting, when I should get Carer’s Premium added to my SP! Day to day, life’s a struggle, but we’re fortunate to be ‘just about managing’. My SP would make so much difference though.


  8. I have felt similar feeling as i was not told about myself not being told that I wouldn’t get my pension in 2018. In 2002 i moved to a new home had a pension forcast done which told me i would retire at 60 and that i have got 30 points enough to get my stated pension in 2009 i became ill with rheumatoid arthritis which a aurtum immune disease my blood is attacting my immune system i am now classed as disabile unable to work i have to fight for every help stuggled to get DLA ESA i have be degraded in 2014 i lost lost all my benefits which left me wanting to take my life with family and friends they pulled me through going back to right the wrong some one had made after i found out a few years later that I couldn’t get my pension until 65 I couldn’t believe it i felt that i had been betrayed by this government that when I started working my tax and national insurance would give me a pension at 60 i would like to know how can this happen its like fraud they broke there contract to me, i am now 60 i have no idea if i will reach 67 now as the age keeps rising am fed up with these decisions to stop me getting there


  9. I also expected to retire at 60,as yet I have received no notification from any government department about state pension age increase,
    Has anyone been officially informed?


  10. Yeah me too I’m fed up with DWP I’m 63 in I’ll health with rheumatoid arthritis Raynaud’s phenomenon carpental tunnel syndrome tinnitus osteoarthritis and still suffer with a bad back from 2 bulging discs and 3trapped nerves I got in 2012 also the bottom of my neck is eroded with arthritis and my rheumatology doctor told me a bad fall or a car accident any bad bang could snap my neck with all this I’ve got depression Iv had to fight to keep my benefits too and I thought when I reached 60 3 yrs ago I would be better off and not have to worry to struggle with money and it would help to make life easier for me it shouldn’t be like this it’s bad enough to be in pain 24/7 for the last 20 yrs without being robbed of my pension and making my life more harder with worrying about the future there is too much red tape in this government I PRAY SOMETHINGS DONE AND WE GET WHAT SHOULD AND IS RIGHTFULLY OURS BY BIRTHRIGHT .


  11. Because I have a private pension which does not cover my rent council tax and utility bills I am entitled to nothing ,zero no JSA or ESA I was refused p.i.p.even though I have serious health conditions ,I feel worthless and don’t know how I will last to March 2021 when I will get my pension at age 66 , because I am not on any benefit I get no help with dental or opticians costs or claim back fares for hospital appointments ,I was having essential treatment on the dental students programme at Bristol dental hospital but lost my place because I didn’t have the £7.50 bus fare to attend ,it is shameful that I worked for 45 years and am entitled to nothing


  12. I wish them well. My plans for my life beyond 60 have changed enormously, and because of this I had to combine work life with home life to the point that is has become unmanageable. The stress of work has been compounded by built up off resentment and bitterness at the though that I have been seriously let down by the people that are supposed to be looking after my interests. I am currently on antidepressnts and have been since October 2015, living on a small works pension and my hard earned savings is quickly dwindling away.


  13. Lots of us on our own with no one only ourselves if divorced we face discrimination in work losing our jobs to young mainly Eu people it’s an endless struggle and if in bad health no money to live in at all . No warning no help no benefits I just lost my job at 63 really don’t know how I can live .


  14. To move the goalposts AND not inform people is abbhorent. And surely UNLAWFUL. THIS has caused destitution in an age group that is vulnerable anyway I hope with all my heart this can have a successful outcome because I am one of those women


  15. Appalling, a stealth action carried out by successive governments. Had this been carried out by private practice, the judiciary would have had plenty of input ! We hear mps quoting ‘We have helped thousands of people into employment’ as though it’s a great thing that they are doing. That’s a bit like me ‘helping’ my kids into their own homes by packing their cases and showing them the door, whether penniless or not.


  16. Ladies we need to keep our chins up !We wil get there if we all stick together .This gov will not get away with this .I have every faith in Michael Mansfield and his team .If any one can bring justice to this mess they can .A very big thank you and to everybody for getting us this far .


    • Thank you so much.These stories I have read are horrendous.People who have worked all their life on the scap heap.People ill through working.They should be looked after not put to one side.Westminster and the people in it should remember we voted them in and we can vote them out .


  17. I had to fight the delightful government 2 years ago to keep my husbands PIP. He is dying from MS but more urgently from 2 types of dementia.Every single morning the first thing I think about is how to live without him and without any money whilst watching him losing his grip on reality, always being there for him, worrying about every single thing, I’m too old now to keep doing this. I feel I have aged 20 years in the last 2 years. You cannot spend money on glasses, teeth, face cream, tights, shoes, new clothes etc, etc etc…… when you are faced with no money, the DWP (Capita) said after much arguing on my part that in the interest of “NATURAL JUSTICE” he could have a review with a DWP nurse which he passed and kept his PIP. (This will be up for review again next August if he is still alive)! Just cannot wait for that to happen. There are so many people in this same boat. What is natural justice? is that what happened last Friday?????? what about all the women and men who die before they receive their natural justice pensions? where does that money go? I am seriously depressed and my lovely doctor offered me pills, which I refused because I told her I would save them up.! I did say though that if she had a gun and 2 bullets, 1 for me and 1 for husband, I would take that ! LOL. I’m thinking of writing to Theresa May and asking for that prescription, think of all the money we could save the extremely uncaring government. I feel like “Housewife 1956”, never had a chance at life, then ‘she’ walked into Downing Street on my 60th birthday! No wonder I feel so doomed, low pay, children to bring up, parents and in laws to look after, then no bloody pension. Living in rented, scared every single day that I will end up on the streets, like so many women my age. Where is our NATURAL JUSTICE??????? Even if we get our pensions back in a lump sum, we cannot get back the years of sheer terror of worrying about being in the gutter whilst always towing the life in life. My last thought is that without OUR money in the system the economy is also suffering, that’s how stupid they are in government.


  18. It is very interesting to me that Amber is an anagram of Bream and surname Rudd. Is there something doubly fishy going on here God.?


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  20. I’m also a 50s women. Was expected to leave work at 60. The summer before I was 60 I asked to take a step down as had Health issues I thought this was accepted but then was Practically bullied in to resigning making way for a younger person to take over my job. They thought I was retiring at 60 anyway. I’m suffering with my asthma. Aching hands. Anxiety which I have never suffered from. All because off the way I’ve been treated. All our savings have gone and my husband keeps me for £3.00 a week instead off my Sp £159.00. To be treated like this after working all my life paying my dues is so demoralizing. This government needs to take their blinkers off. Most have juggled jobs round our Husbands work. Child rearing supporting our elders fostering and Supporting Community.


  21. I sympathise and understand completely with the cause of all the women caught up in this scandal of delayed pensions, brought about by the coalition government and kept in place by the current government.
    I’m also struggling to keep a roof over my head. At the age of 64 1/2 I still have another year to wait. My husband died at the age of 57, tragically a .month after his birthday. It will be 10 years that I have been a widow and on my own. I too have a local government pension but which is only half the amount that I need to have to pay my bills. I work from home but the money isn’t regular and it is always a situation of borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.
    Government ministers and Agencies do not have a clue of how our lives have been terrifyingly impacted by this mercenary policy.


  22. The Government forced extra years to pension re riot for women have caused hardship, poverty and suffering on the 50’sborn women and I am one. I relate to these stories of ill health and hardship brought on by losing a job and having health issues making finding another job virtually impossible then forced to suffer the indignity of Jobseekers £73.10 per week and the threat of sanctions which leads to possession orders on the home and debts. After 46 years of working and providing for ones selfand family it is demoralising and torture. Physical and mental stress which is unbearable at times. The Government need to right the wrong they have done to us immediately.


  23. Would like say thank-you to these woman for all there hard worry.
    I am also 63 next month never received any notice of change in pension age.
    Due to disabilities I’m on esa,and every year I’m worrying myself into an early grave, waiting for the dreaded fit to work assessment.
    Which I now find at my age totally degrading and embarrassing.
    The last one I attended I did mention the fact that I should be retired
    Shrug of the shoulders was the response……..
    From Jane wilkinson. Supporter of the back to 60 campaign.


  24. Please see Yolanda Howden. Covered in bleeding sores from stress of debt. Stolen pension. I was so shocked it kept me awake all last night.


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